Tech Tip of the Week ~ 10/27/21

Finding Video Clips to Include in your Lessons

We all know that it is a good practice to hook your adult students in to the topic that you are about to introduce.  Adults need to know that the topic is relevant.  A great way to create a hook and to generate interest in the topic is to show a video clip.  ClassHook is a great online tool that allows you to find and use a clip.

www.Classhook.comopens in a new window

Simply create an account and search for clips by topic or by movie (Free and paid account)

When you find one you like, Add it to your Playlist

Copy and Paste the link in to your PPT, Canvas, etc.

The Basic account (FREE) allows you to:

  • Watch up to 20 clips per month
  • Play videos without ads
  • Search and access all clips
  • Create playlists

Here is the link to get you started: in a new window

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