Staff Directory

Executive Leadership: 352.589.2250
DeAnna Thomascreate new email, Executive Director, x1815
Melissa Stephancreate new email, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, x1868
Seth Knightcreate new email, Assistant Director, x1868
Kimberly Fraziercreate new email, Career and Technical Education Program Manager, x1852
Art Seidnercreate new email, Program Manager, Adult Education, x1852
Megan Batemancreate new email, Senior Executive Assistant to Art Seidner and Kimberly Frazier, x1852
Lana Paynecreate new email, Senior Executive Specialist to DeAnna Thomas & Public Records Custodian, x1815; 2001 Kurt Street, Eustis, FL, 32726; Fax 352.357.4776
Bernice Toscanocreate new email, Senior Executive Assistant to Melissa Stephan and Seth Knight, x1868

Admissions: 352.589.2250
Kelli Colbornecreate new email, Dean of Student Services, x1887
Alyssa Carnegiecreate new email, Enrollment Specialist, x1800
Lyndi Donaldsoncreate new email, Career Advisor, x1820
Rebekah Feelycreate new email, Enrollment Specialist, x1821
Sherie Lindamoodcreate new email, Student Success Counselor, x1824
Courtney Robbinscreate new email, Enrollment Specialist, x1821
Pam Teegardincreate new email, Career Advisor, x1823

Career and Technology Specialist: 352.589.2250
Sonya Rosenglickcreate new email, Career and Technology Specialist, x1855

Corporate and Community Education:
Laurie N. Bryantcreate new email, Corporate and Community Training Coordinator, x1828

Financial Aid: 352.589.2250
Ila Knightcreate new email, Financial Aid Manager, x1834
Katherine Coycreate new email, Financial Aid Specialist, x1830
Kimonde Knoxcreate new email, Financial Aid Specialist, x1831

Business Office: 352.589.2250
Lorraine Fostercreate new email, Assistant Director of Finance, x1814
Elizabeth Garciacreate new email, Fiscal Assistant, x1818
Lucinda Hannacreate new email, Accounting Specialist, x1829
Mai Yangcreate new email, Accounting Specialist, x1827

Students with Disabilities: 352.589.2250
Kimberly Fraziercreate new email, Students with Disabilities Coordinator, x1852

Faculty/Staff: 352.589.2250

Adult Education:
Kathy Robertscreate new email, Instructor – Adult Education Department, x1878
Anthony Segretocreate new email, Instructor, Adult Education Department, x1854

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (Lake County Animal Shelter):
Danielle Burtcreate new email, Veterinary Assisting, 352.253.1838

Architecture & Construction:
Steve Baggcreate new email, Instructor – Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning/Refrigeration (HVAC/R), x1872

Business Management and Administration:
Samantha Hayescreate new email, Instructor – Accounting/Administrative Office Specialist, x1826

Emergency Medical Services:
Eric Harpercreate new email, EMS Programs Coordinator, x1880
Alissa Toscanocreate new email, Records Specialist, x1879
Keith Blanchardcreate new email, Instructor – EMT/Paramedic (South Lake)

Health Science Education:
Beth Thorntoncreate new email, Health Science Coordinator, x1843
Kathy Chestercreate new email, Executive Secretary of Health Science, x1841
Rebecca Brookscreate new email, Instructor – Practical Nursing, x1847
Christopher Daviscreate new email, Instructor – Phlebotomy
Debra Hamptoncreate new email, Instructor – Patient Care Technician, x1875
Annamaria Lintoncreate new email, Instructor – Practical Nursing, x1848
Candace McLendoncreate new email, Instructor – Pharmacy Tech, x1865
Stephanie Singletoncreate new email, Instructor – Medical Assisting, x1870
Catherine Smithcreate new email, Instructor – Practical Nursing, x1875
Anne Willeycreate new email, Instructor – Simulation, x1860

Hospitality and Tourism:
Nicole Austincreate new email, Instructor – Culinary Arts, x1866
Stanley (Chip) Coopercreate new email, Instructor – Culinary Arts, x1866
Jessica Herringcreate new email, Industrial Assistant, x1867
Ken Koenigcreate new email, Department Chairperson – Culinary Arts, x1866
Paula Lachcreate new email, Instructor – Baking and Pastry Arts

Human Services:
Charity Correaopens in a new windowcreate new email, Instructor – Cosmetology, x1825
Bonnie Holcombcreate new email, Instructor – Cosmetology, x1838
Tonia Whalencreate new email, Cosmetology Department Chairperson, x1839

Information Technology:
Bruce Bottscreate new email, Enterprise Desktop & Mobile Support Technology, x1884

Law, Public Safety, and Security (Public Safety Campus): 352.742.6463
Donald Adamscreate new email, Fire Fighter Academy Director/EMS Programs Director, x1925
Mike Bond, LCSO, x1924
Russell Darstopens in a new windowcreate new email, Career Advisor, x1909
Tammy Ryancreate new email, Senior Executive Assistant, x1910

John Dahlercreate new email, Instructor – Welding Technology, x1864
Aaron Johnsoncreate new email, Instructor – Welding Technology, x1864
David Felkercreate new email, Instructor – CNC Production Specialist, x1871
Robert Sherwoodcreate new email, Instructor – Welding Technology, x1864

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics:
David Beliveaucreate new email, Instructor – Automotive Collision Technology Technician, x1873
Andre Gardincreate new email, Instructor – Automotive Collision Technology Technician, x1874
Evelio Loraopens in a new windowcreate new email, Instructor – Auto Service Technology, x1862
Mark McKinneycreate new email, Instructor – Auto Service Technology, x1862
Randy Yatescreate new email, Instructor – Diesel Systems Technician, x1863