Lake Technical College’s 2018-19 school wide commencement ceremony will be FridayJune 14, 2019, at Lake-Sumter State College, Leesburg. Students earning their Florida High School Diploma (GED) will graduate at 10:00 am. All students earning their Career and Technical Education Certificate will be honored at 2:00 pm. Students interested in participating must notify their program instructor by the last week of May for the June ceremony. In addition, individual ceremonies for some of the programs are held throughout the year.

Graduation cap and gown for website Graduation


Career and Technical Education students are eligible for graduation once the following criteria are met:

  1. Completion of all Occupational Completion Points and/or courses.
  2. Completion of all competencies as stated in the Master Plan of Instruction.
  3. Completion of state-mandated exit requirements for TABE, if applicable.
  4. Completion of the required clock hours, if applicable.

For more information on graduation, please contact Sonya Rosenglick at ext. 1855,

2018-19 School Year Graduation Pictures. Look at some of the pictures from the 2019 graduation ceremonies. LakeTechPics.Info.