Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21


Veterinary Assisting
This week the Veterinary Assisting students practiced their collaboration and teamwork skills as they created ornaments to represent their industry to be placed on the LTC display at the festival of trees. Some of the students also created PowerPoint games to quiz their classmates on the dog and cat chapter material. They had a blast!
Vet Assisting 1 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 Vet Assisting 2 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 Vet Assisting 3 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 Vet Assisting 8 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 Vet Assisting 5 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 Vet Assisting 6 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 Vet Assisting 7 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21



Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning/Refrigeration (HVAC/R)
This week the Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning/Refrigeration (HVAC/R) students were working on electrical and brazing skills. Wednesday was fun day as they decorated the door and made ornaments as they related to HVAC. Congratulations to Gregory for being selected as HVAC student of the month. It was an honor to have Mr. Bragg join Ms. Thomas for the presentation. In addition to being our student of the month he and one other student were honored at our Veteran’s day event.

The Integrated Education & Training P3 HVAC students are scheduling their first GED subject tests and are quickly gaining skills in gas laws and electric circuits. Students demonstrated the forces exerted by the states of matter. Getting their bodies moving in the correct directions enabled them to kinesthetically show their understanding of the effects of temperature and pressure on solids, liquids, and vapors.
HVAC 1 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 HVAC 2 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 HVAC 3 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 HVAC 6 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 HVAC 4 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 HVAC 5 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21



Accounting Operations
Administrative Office Specialist
This week in the Accounting Operations and Administrative Office Specialist programs, the students continued learning advanced Microsoft Office skills, accounting procedures, and proper business communication. In addition, Rafael, an Administrative Office Specialist student, gave an outstanding presentation on Business Managers, the different types of personalities and traits managers may have, and how to deal with those various characteristics effectively. Furthermore, the students welcomed Jeffery Albright from Thrivent Financial. Mr. Albright delivered an exceptional presentation on Credit Management. This seminar provided students’ vital advice for improving and controlling their credit and how their credit score not only affects them personally but will affect potential employment options in the future.
AOS 1 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 AOS 2 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21



Practical Nursing
The newest Practical Nursing students are in their first course of practical nursing curriculum. This course includes learning all of the key components in anatomy and deep diving into the skeletal system. They are building a great foundation of skills.

The part-time Practical Nursing students have been practicing their medication passes and administering medication properly to patients. They are always surprised to learn how important math skills are as they related to medication.
Practical Nursing 3 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 Practical Nursing 1 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 Practical Nursing 2 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21



CNC Production Specialist
The CNC Production Specialist students took a field trip to one of our business partner’s jobsite, GWS Tool Group in Tavares to check out the tooling they make and to learn about all of the job opportunities they have. The students were impressed with the workplace and saw the skills they are learning applied in real time!
CNC 2 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 CNC 1 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 CNC 3 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21



Correctional Officer (BRTP)
Florida Law Enforcement Academy
This week the Correctional Officer (BRTP) students worked on their mandatory firearms training. Firearms and defensive tactics are the two longest blocks in the Correctional Officer curriculum. These students are almost complete and ready for certification.

The Florida Law Enforcement Academy day and evening recruits spent time volunteering at Leesburg Bikefest and shadowing officers in real-life scenarios on the job! This is a very busy event and exposes recruits to many situations they will encounter once certified and working on the road. During class time this week the day recruits worked on the shotgun portion of their firearms training. This includes familiarization and qualifying.
Corrections 1 111721 e1636992344691 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 Corrections 2 111721 e1636992368189 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 Corrections 3 111721 e1636992394826 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 Corrections 5 111721 e1636992422881 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 Corrections Law 4 111721 e1636992448719 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21



Diesel Systems Technician
This week the Diesel Systems Technician students learned all about the coolant system in a semi-truck. They explored how coolant flows thru the engine and radiator and what the common problems and failures are of the system. They learned that trucks use three different methods to turn coolant fans on and off – air, electric, and hydraulic. They also finished the custom rear bumper on the class Hummer project. The students built every piece of the bumper by hand.
Diesel 2 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 Diesel 1 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21



Adult Basic Education/GED® Prep/ESOL
This week in Adult Education students shared their background knowledge of the Declaration of Independence. Following the review they watched several historical clips and narratives of the writing and implications of this document. Students were able to link the contents of the Declaration to prior lessons on Bill of Rights and US Constitution. Events in England and France at the time of the Revolutionary War were also stressed as part of the driving force behind the contents in the Declaration.

The ESOL students enjoyed decorating their door together for fall and they also enjoyed the gift of boba tea from one of the classmates!
Adult Ed 1 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 ESOL 2 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 ESOL 1 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 ESOL 2 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 ESOL 3 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21 ESOL 4 111721 Academic Affairs ~ 11/17/21


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