Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21


Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning/Refrigeration (HVAC/R)

This week the Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning/Refrigeration (HVAC/R) students have been working on joining copper via flaring and brazing including pressure testing and electrical circuit training learning series and parallel circuits. They did a GREAT job!
HVAC4 091521 copper pic2 scaled e1631554723985 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 HVAC1 091521 circuit training scaled e1631554748395 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 HVAC2 091521 circuit traning 2 scaled e1631554764275 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 HVAC3 091521 copper pic scaled e1631554818167 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21



Accounting Operations and Administrative Office Specialist

The new Accounting Operations and Administrative Office Specialists students are hard at work finishing their first OCP. The students have recently completed their introduction training to Microsoft Office and now working on their employability skills.

Ember Simpkins, an Administrative Office Specialist student, gave an outstanding presentation on White Collar Crimes this week. This was a fun and engaging presentation geared for students looking to enhance their accounting knowledge and possibly go into the field of forensic accounting.
Acct AOS 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21



Medical Assisting

The Medical Assisting students have been working hard practicing and perfecting their application of EKG leads for an accurate reading. The advanced students also spent some time showing the new students previous projects they have completed and sharing their knowledge. Keep up the good work MA students!
Medical Assisting2 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Medical Assisting1 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21



This week the Paramedic students kept busy reviewing cardiology with Mr. Carsten. It looks like they may have noticed a pattern!
Paramedic1 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21


Patient Care Technician

This week students in the Patient Care Technician program were practicing patient care skills and learning how to take care of post-surgical patients. These students are well on their way to becoming top-notch healthcare professionals!
Patient Care Tech1 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Patient Care Tech2 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Patient Care Tech3 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21


Practical Nursing

The cardiovascular system is a large component of the Practical Nursing curriculum. Last week Ms. Brooks worked with the Practical Nursing students to deepen their understanding of how the blood flows through the heart. These students are hands on learners that love to visually see how the body works. Way to go Ms. Brooks and PN students!
Practical Nursing2 091521 e1631552563337 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Practical Nursing1 091521 e1631552545514 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Practical Nursing3 091521 e1631552593489 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21


Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality and Baking & Pastry Arts

This week the Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality students worked on a VIP luncheon which included delicious chicken cordon blue! They also worked on regular lunch service by prepping lemons for tea and assembly line prepping. Check out the strawberry lemon cake made by the Baking & Pastry Arts students! Yummy!
Culinary1 3 091521 scaled e1631553192131 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Culinary1 2 091521 scaled e1631553172119 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Culinary2 2 091521 scaled Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Culinary1 5 091521 scaled e1631553135982 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Culinary1 1 091521 scaled e1631553155900 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Culinary2 1 091521 scaled e1631553436216 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Culinary1 4 091521 scaled e1631553219153 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Culinary2 3 091521 scaled e1631553416728 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Culinary2 4 091521 scaled e1631553394416 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Culinary2 5 091521 scaled Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21



Cosmetology, Facials Specialty and Nails Specialty

It was a busy and productive week in Cosmetology!

This week new students began scalp treatments and manicures. They are beginning to learn the ways of the Cosmo department and that multi-tasking is essential!

Returning students have been perfecting skills as well as learning cap highlighting and new foiling/bayalaging techniques. They have enjoyed getting back into the swing of things and taking new clients. They have been especially helpful with the new students, showing them duties and where things belong along with giving them encouragement!

The Facials Specialty students have learned waxing and tinting of the brows and can’t wait to jump into analyzing the skin and their basic facial demo next week.

The Nails Specialty students have begun manicures and will start pedicures next week. Everyone is anxiously awaiting the arrival of their nail kits! They will be here next week.
Cosmo3 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Cosmo1 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Cosmo4 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Cosmo2 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21



Enterprise Desktop and Mobile Support Technology

Enterprise Desktop and Mobile Support Technology students have been excited about all of the great desserts that Culinary makes, so they wanted to share their form of dessert – what the industry calls a Raspberry PI. It isn’t as tasty as what they bring back after lunch, or even edible for that fact, but this little device can be used for many things. The students set up this device to work as an Ad Blocker for a network called a Pi Hole. Many are super excited when they finish the assignment to take it home and use it on their own home network.
Enterprise1 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Enterprise2 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21



Correctional Officer (BRTP)

Last week the Correctional Officer students completed their First Aid block. We heard all of the recruits did very well during this block of instruction. Congratulations to all!
Correctional Officer5 091521 e1631555540373 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Correctional Officer1 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Correctional Officer2 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Correctional Officer3 091521 e1631555516648 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Correctional Officer4 091521 e1631555479222 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21


Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician – Combined

In memory of the terrible tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001, the Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician students paused their studies this week to honor and respect those first responders and others who lost their lives. Let us never forget this moment in our American history.
FF EMT1 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 FF EMT2 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21


Florida Law Enforcement Academy

Over the last few weeks the Institute of Public Safety received technology upgrades including new Smart Boards. Instructor Walsh was one of the first to get to try out the new technology with the Florida Law Enforcement Academy recruits. Now we’re finding innovative ways to help her reach the top!

This week the students were also working on staying healthy and fit as they work through their required physical fitness competencies. This class is lookin’ good!
Law Enforcement1 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Law Enforcement2 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Law Enforcement3 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21


CNC Production Specialist

The CNC program is now set up to start doing NIMS Certification testing going forward. What is NIMS? The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) was formed in 1995 by the leading metalworking trade associations to develop and maintain a globally competitive American workforce. NIMS develops skills standards for the industry, certifies individual skills against the standards, and accredits training programs that meet NIMS quality requirements. NIMS operates under rigorous and highly disciplined processes as the only developer of American National Standards for the nation’s metalworking industry accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). We’re so excited our students will have this opportunity! 



Automotive Collision Technology Technician

The Automotive Collision Technology Technician students have been busy! There are 12 new students in the program. They also have 6 returning students that have been offered jobs and 1 that is participating in a co-op.  How awesome!

The students were really excited over the last few weeks at the opportunity to refinish and paint two vehicles for our friends and partner at Lake Sumter State College.

Did you know the LTC Automotive Collision Technology Technician program also hosts industry classes? This week is was on set up/measure and Chief computer alignment system.
Auto Collision1 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21


Automotive Service Technology

This week Automotive Service Technology students worked on refinishing brake rotors using an on-car brake lathe. They were happy to complete one of their many comprehensive competencies!
AST2 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 AST1 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21



Adult Basic Education/GED® Prep/ESOL

This week in Adult Education, students combined academics and work force skills with fun! We culminated the week with a discussion the tragedy of 9-11, educating students on its events, implications, and heroics with hopes that humanity may never witness or repeat such an act in the future.

The students incorporated IET using an article from an HVAC magazine which depicted a bar graph demonstrating the effects of COVID-19 on expenses and revenue. We turned this into a lesson on economics/math/science/legislation and reading comprehension.

Activities on listening, verbal and oral communication were also stressed as students were given colored paper, scissors, and pens with directions to create, draw, cut, and fold per directions given. There was a lot of laughter as many have not cut, colored, or folded paper in many years! This connected geometric shapes, reading comprehension, and visual/spatial skills.

The ESOL students took a campus tour this week as well and were so excited to see the programs Lake Tech offers. They got sneak peeks into many of the CTE programs. A special thanks to Cosmo, HVAC, Auto Collision, and Enterprise who welcomed student’s questions and invited us all into their classrooms. Watch out, Cosmo, ESOL students are already planning appointments to have their hair and nails done!
Adult Ed5 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Adult Ed7 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Adult Ed6 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Adult Ed4 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Adult Ed1 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Adult Ed2 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21 Adult Ed3 091521 Academic Affairs ~ 09/15/21

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