How to Become an Office Manager

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Office Manager Certification

If you are interested in becoming an office manager, you can begin your career or expand your skills in an office manager course that provides office administration certifications. An office manager runs the day-to-day operations of an office, manages administrative staff, and often supervises office communications and events. Needless to say, the office manager must be a highly motivated individual with a mind for organizational process, leadership skills, and accounting expertise.  On average, office managers in the Orlando, FL area earn between $42,936 and $76,973 annually as of 2021, so the hard work and attention to detail do pay off. 

Office Manager Course

Look for an office manager course that will provide hands-on training. We recommend starting at a technical college where you can get an affordable education with credits that transfer to a state college. Office manager is a hands-on role, so your practical knowledge of bookkeeping, administration, and office leadership are your most important credentials. Many office managers began as clerical staff and worked their way up within a company. Today, more and more companies are looking for office managers with formal education.

At Lake Technical College, we provide a comprehensive office administration education. You will gain the skills you need to manage an office effectively and efficiently. Paired with practical work experience in an office, the Administrative Office Specialist course at Lake Technical College is an excellent choice for office specialists ready to advance their careers to become office managers. Our instructors have extensive office management experience and are passionate about guiding students to take the next steps to advance their careers.

In the Administrative Office Specialist program at Lake Technical college, we teach the following practical knowledge and skills:

  • High-level office and secretarial skills
  • Administrative office procedures
  • Office etiquette and leadership skills
  • Advanced Microsoft Office skills
  • Desktop publishing, voice recognition, and QuickBooks
  • Develop an employment portfolio and various job-seeking documents

In addition, you will gain office administration certifications including Microsoft Office Specialist Master and QuickBooks Certified User.

For First Time Administrative Office Staff 

Are you seeking your first job in an office setting with a goal to work your way into management? In this case, gaining office manager education will fast track your path into management. You’ll need to demonstrate not only dedication and reliability. You also will need to show the company where you work that you have skills that go above and beyond other clerical workers, and that you are ready to use them. Let your employer know that you are pursuing your education in office administration and that you would like opportunities to put your skills to use.

For Experienced Office Staff

If you are already an experienced administrative assistant, bookkeeper, or other office personnel, taking an office manager course will allow you to gain additional specializations and broaden your employment opportunities inside or outside your current company.

 Apply to Office Manager School

In order to apply to an office manager program at an accredited school, contact the school directly to learn about their application process. You will begin by obtaining your high school diploma or GED®. Next, you will fill out the FAFSA in order to find out what grants and loans are available to fund your education. You can also speak to the school admissions office about available scholarships. At Lake Technical College, the admissions process is simple and begins by filling out an online application form.

Once you enroll in office manager school, organizing your schedule to balance work and school work will help you to succeed. Our supportive instructors will offer guidance, but this is your education and your future, so your commitment to the program will determine your success.

Office Manager Degree

If you choose to continue studying after you complete the Administrative Office Specialist program at Lake Tech, you can continue your education through an articulation agreement with Lake Sumter State College. We provide 24 transfer credits toward the Industrial Management Technology A.S. degree. Alternatively, you can apply 6 credits toward a Business Administration A.S. degree at Lake Sumter State.

Business Office Manager vs. Office Manager

What is the difference between a business manager and an office manager? In some cases, these are two terms that describe the same role in a company. However, most often an office manager supervises all of the administrative aspects of an organization, including hiring and training administrative personnel, scheduling events, and managing internal communications of the organization. Meanwhile, a business manager oversees the administrative aspects that have to do with the company’s overall operations, including financial planning, purchasing, accounting, staffing and regulating the company to achieve the overall financial goals.

Office Manager Education FAQ’s

In order to be an office manager, you can either obtain an office management degree or work your way up by demonstrating the necessary skills over time. Enrolling in an office administration course is an important way to gain the skills required to become an office manager, which include:

  • Bookkeeping or accounting skills
  • Office administration skills
  • Leadership skills to manage others and maintain a positive environment, even under pressure
  • High level skills for creating and implementing procedures
  • Ability to think critically and implement practical solutions to problems the department or business is facing

Office manager is a great job for someone who enjoys running an office or a business and also enjoys leading and developing employees. As an office manager, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the growth and careers of everyone who works in your department. You will also have the satisfaction of fulfilling one of the most important roles in every company, which is managing the logistical and administrative side of the business.

An office manager who wants to advance into other roles has great opportunities. An office manager can easily transition into specializations within their field, such as in the HR department, accounting, or moving into higher management positions within a company.

Some other titles used for office manager are business manager, business office manager, office administrator, administrative services manager and facilities manager.

An office manager is not a secretary. However, an office manager must have secretarial skills in order to manage the administrative assistants working under their supervision.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, office managers are in high demand. The demand for office managers is expected to grow by 6% between 2019 and 2029, which is faster than average for occupations in the U.S.

Depending on the size of the company, an office manager may report directly to the President and CEO of the company or to a department head, director, or chief administrative officer.

After executive and senior management jobs, office manager is one of the highest paid office jobs. Office managers are included in the category of “Administrative Services and Facilities Managers” by the U.S. Bureau of Labor. Overall, this category of professionals including office managers earned an average of $98,890 in 2020.

Meanwhile, salary reporting organizations state that the average Office Manager salary in Orlando, FL is between $42,936 and $76,973 annually as of July 2021, which makes it one of the highest paid office jobs in Orlando, Florida.

In order to become a business manager, it is recommended to complete a two-year or four-year degree in business management or business administration. If you already have demonstrated the necessary skills within other roles at your organization, obtaining a business degree might not be necessary. However, if you are looking to break into the field for the first time, attending business administration school while gaining work experience is an excellent path. Starting your business administration education at a public technical college will allow you to gain necessary skills and credits at an affordable tuition cost before making the transfer to a longer program.

Office Manager Training

Lake Technical College offers the best office manager education in the Orlando area. Our expert instructors ensure that students gain the knowledge and leadership skills necessary to excel in office management. If you are interested in becoming an office manager, begin this rewarding career today by applying online or call us at (352) 589-2250.

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