Tech Tip of the Week ~ 09/22/21


In some of my workshops, I talk about calling on ALL of your students to answer questions, not just the “faithful four”.  Flippity is an online tool that you can use to create a random name picker.  However, it goes much further than that.  You can then choose different functions of flippity for the names of your students.  For instance, create name cards with fun fonts and make them look like scrabble tabs, a license plate, or a periodic table.

You can also create a word scramble with any words you put in the list, a matching game, etc.  Check out the options by going to and creating a list of items to use in a word cloud.

tech tip Flippity 092215 Tech Tip of the Week ~ 09/22/21

Now, click on the Spreadsheet-Based Activities tab and you can see how easy it is to create reviews for your students from a Google spreadsheet.  Click on the Flippity Flashcards card and see how easy it is to turn flashcards into a list with audio, a matching game, and a Q & A practice.  Just share the flashcard with your students via a link that Flippity creates.  See the bottom share icon to retrieve the link, QR code, or email it and allow your students to review and study.

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