Academic Affairs 04/26/19


Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, & Heating Technology 1 & 2

Students from Mr. Bagg’s HVAC program attended the first annual iBuild Invitational on Saturday, April 27. This event allowed students from all over the region to compete against each other in skilled events, participate in a job fair, and be “signed” by an employer. Aleem Rahim won the Gold medal as a high school student and Edward Wright won bronze as an adult. Edward was also signed by Del-Air Heating & Air Conditioning.
HVAC3 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 HVAC4 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 HVAC1 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 HVAC2 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19



Accounting Operations

Administrative Office Specialist

The Accounting Operations and Administrative Office Specialist programs celebrated Administrative Professionals Day by providing brunch and gifts for the Lake Tech administrative professionals. During the brunch, the Lake Tech employees had the opportunity to share what they like about working in this field and any challenges they may encounter in the workplace. This was a great learning activity for the students and was a very special event for the Lake Tech employees.
AOS1 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19



Nursing Assistant (Long Term Care)

Nursing Assistant students graduated last week. All are excited to begin their careers and several are going to use it as a stepping stone to other health care occupations.

Did you know that the Nursing Assistant is offered on the main campus during the day and evening? There is a critical shortage of nursing assistants in Lake County and in the region. The projected job growth for this profession is expected to grow faster than average and will create approximately 312,000 new positions by 2022. (US Bureau of Labor Statistics). Nursing Assisting is also a pathway to many other healthcare careers including nursing, medical assisting, pharmacy technician, and more.
Nursing Assistant1 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Nursing Assistant3 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Nursing Assistant7 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Nursing Assistant6 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Nursing Assistant9 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Nursing Assistant8 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Nursing Assistant2 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Nursing Assistant5 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Nursing Assistant4 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Nursing Assistant10 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19


Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Tech students have been busy finishing their last program competencies for the school year. We will have 20 students completing the program this year, and they will become Registered Pharmacy Technicians for the State of Florida. Many are working on preparing for their national PTCB certification exam preparation. We wish them the best of luck as they enter the workforce!

We also want to congratulate our Pharmacy Tech Student of the Month, Mary Moeller. Mary is one of our student ambassadors and does a wonderful job representing our program. She has assisted with several campus tours this month from the Middle and High Schools, and demonstrates high levels of professionalism. Congratulations Mary!
Pharmacy Technician1 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19


EMT & Paramedic

The Paramedic students completed the first semester of the program. Cardiology is their next module and there are over 200 objectives that the students must meet during the module — from anatomy and physiology and rhythm interpretation, to formulating patient treatment with electrical and drug therapy. This is an intense part of the program. Instructor Eric Harper and students are reviewing heart anatomy.
Paramedic1 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19



Professional Culinary Arts and Hospitality

Monica continues to amaze not only her Chefs, but the entire Lake Tech staff and faculty with her creations. Take a look at last week’s projects!
 Culinary5 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Culinary4 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Culilnary1 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19

Lake Tech Culinary graduate Robert Eaton stopped by last week to show the current students his new food truck. Owning and operating a food truck was his dream and now it is a reality!
Culinary Food Truck1 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19

Maria is over the top excited about the new dishwasher in her kitchen!
Culinary2 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Culinary3 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19



CNC Production Specialist

On Thursday evening we were invited to attend a local plant tour with Manufacturing Association of Central Florida. This tour allowed the students to visit a Lake County manufacturer GWS Tools, and see how the end mills that we use daily are used in a real facility. In addition, the experience allowed the students to network and be recognized by over 50 employers in the field. Jason Gajentan, Quality Manager, gave us the tour. We are proud to say that he is a Lake Tech alumni!
CNC1 042619 1 e1556566729854 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 CNC2 042619 1 Academic Affairs 04/26/19

Several students are near the end of their course so they have been very creative with project including 3-D machining.
CNC3 042619 1 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 CNC4 042619 1 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 CNC5 042619 1 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 CNC6 042619 1 Academic Affairs 04/26/19

Laurie Bryant and CNC instructor Mike Nixon will be attending the HTEC conference on May 2 at Palm Beach State College. The Haas Technical Education Center Network is an industry and education led initiative that enables manufacturing technology educators to share, collaborate, and learn about what it takes to teach the future CNC machinists, programmers, and engineers.



Fire Fighter/EMT Combo

It was Family Day at the Public Safety Campus last week. The Firefighter/EMT Combo students were able to invite their families to experience what they are learning. Lunch was served and the event provided a great opportunity for the future Firefighters to show off their skills.
Firefighter4 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Firefighter2 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19  Firefighter1 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Firefighter3 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19



Automotive Service Technology

This week, Dylan McLain Malony from the Auto Service Technology program was awarded a scholarship from the Villages Miata Club. Jim Krysiask presented the scholarship to Dylan who loves Matias. Pictured on the alignment rack behind him, is his own Mazda Miata that he was checking for worn suspension components and the alignment on it. He was surprised and happy to hear he was selected for the scholarship. 
AST1 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 AST2 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19


 Diesel Technology Technician

It is a dirty job, but someone has to do it! In the Diesel program this week, some students removed a starter from one of trucks that was donated by Maudlin International Trucking while others in the class were working on disassembling engines, 10 speed transmissions and differentials. The students also learned how to remove and inspect all the components of the air brake system and how to service a hub.
Diesel4 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Diesel2 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Diesel3 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 Diesel1 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19




This month we’ve had many students make academic gains! Congratulations to Christine, Riana, Treavor, Vicki, Timothy, Michaela, and not pictured, Matthew, Josiah, Saniya, Sean, and Rodrickus! Thanks for all your hard work, and best of luck as you continue the next part of your journey in the GED process!
ABE1 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 ABE2 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 ABE3 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 ABE4 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 ABE5 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 ABE6 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19



As always, we’ve incorporated lots of group activities into our classes this month. Just before Easter, our students participated in a fun learning project in which they practiced using imperatives, specifically in giving directions. Earlier in the week, the advanced students partnered up and had to guide one another across the courtyard. One partner’s eyes remained closed while the other told him/her where to go. It was a great trust building exercise and a fun challenge to keep your partner away from trees, tables, and the other students making their way across!
ESOL8 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 ESOL12 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 ESOL13 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19  ESOL7 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 ESOL6 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19

Later that week, we had our students form groups and split an Easter riddle or idiom into a dozen eggs, which they marked with the number of their group. Each group hid their eggs and wrote down directions for another team to find each egg. The lists were then exchanged and the Easter egg hunting began. When the students were finished, they returned to the classroom and pieced together the riddle so that they could solve it. One student said about the activity, “I’m so tired from thinking in English!” This was a great indicator that it was a success!
ESOL9 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 ESOL10 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19

In addition to these fun activities, our advanced students are really focused on punctuation and capitalization, particularly when it comes to their writing. They love dictation as a practice tool for this. Our beginners are working on the modal verbs, like should, could, would. All of our students relish any opportunity for conversation in English, and we provide a lot of time for practice throughout the day.

Speaking of which, our advanced students are in the thick of their interviews, and we will include some wonderful pictures next week of the contacts they have made. These interviews have meant so much to them, and we thank all staff who have taken the time to participate!
ESOL2 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19  ESOL1 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 ESOL3 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 ESOL4 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 ESOL5 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19

Last but not least, we celebrated Ms. Francesca’s birthday this week with a wonderful cake, balloons, flowers, and gifts!
 ESOL14 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19 ESOL15 042619 Academic Affairs 04/26/19


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