I chose Lake Tech because of the fantastic things that I heard while attending high school.

success story 330x330 I chose Lake Tech because of the fantastic things that I heard while attending high school.NAME: Tore Giannone

PROGRAM: Lake Tech Program Commercial Foods & Culinary Arts


Current Employer & Job Title: Brookdale Senior Living Solutions, Manager Dining Room

Why did you choose Lake Tech?

I chose Lake Tech for my schooling because of the fantastic things that I heard while attending High School. There were students that, at the time, were dual enrolling at Lake Tech.

How was Lake Tech different that other schools you may have attended?

Right from the start, the office staff at Lake Tech showed that they really cared about getting me into the school. Unlike select other colleges in the area, Lake Tech made it very clear that they cared about me as a student, rather than a number and dollar signs.

How did your Lake Tech program prepare you for your career?

Lake Tech prepared me for my career by providing me with the hands-on experience and offering me education from actual experts in the field. Through the year I was there, I learned enough technical experience to not only get me into the field I was aiming for, as I was provided with the knowledge to excel and make it into management as well.

Describe your best experience while a student at Lake Tech.

Truth be told, I had an abundance of great experiences at Lake Tech. A notable one was when myself and a peer of mine decided to try our hand at the Instagram-Famous “Mirror-Glazed Cake.” Through trial and error, we made a fantastic looking cake that we put on display in the Student Center. From students and teachers alike, we got praised for it. I was also a Student Ambassador under the direction of Kim Frazier, which in and of itself was a fantastic experience.

Do you have plans to continue your education? and/or What are your future goals in your career?

I do plan to continue my education by earning my Bachelor of Food Service Management. A future career goal of mine is to rise to a Director-Level position so that I can oversee all aspects of food service.

What is one thing that future students should know about Lake Tech?

If you are on the fence about going to Lake Tech, just make the jump and go! You won’t regret it. There is a mixture of all age groups, so nobody feels left out or alone. Going to Lake Tech was one of the best decisions of my adult life.

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