Tech Tip ~ 10 Tips for Teachers When Using YouTube

10 Tips for Teachers When Using YouTube:

One of my favorite edtech gurus, Russell Stannard, shared 10 tips on using YouTube in the classroom to make things easier and quicker.  His video on these tips is found below.

  1. Click space bar to stop video so that you can take time for explanation or discussion. This is usually quicker than using your mouse to find the Pause button.
  2. Transcripts=click on the three dots . . . next to the word SAVE under video, then open transcript and this will show the transcript of the video.
  3. Moving around in video=click on a transcript line to jump to that place in the video, then hit space bar to play that portion of the video.
  4. To go back to the start of the video, simply click on 0 on your keyboard.
  5. The T button. To watch the video in full size, click on the “t” on the keyboard.  It toggles back and forth.
  6. Control the speed of the video—click on the Settings icon on bottom of video 10 Tips for Teachers When Using YouTube 1 041621 Tech Tip ~ 10 Tips for Teachers When Using YouTubeand set the playback speed to a slower speed or faster.  (slower is less than 1, faster is more than 1).
  7. Loop the video (video starts again automatically after it ends) To do this right click on the video, and choose “Loop”. This works well for short videos with lots of information.
  8. Watch later. Find a video you like, but want to watch it later, click on SAVE under the video and click in the box that says, “Watch later”.  You can find the Watch Later list on your menu on the left hand side of your Channel’s home page.
  9. History—click on the History link on your left menu to find videos that were watched most recently. This is a good tool to use when you watched a good video a few weeks back and wanted to use it now.  List can be deleted or any one video can be cleared as well on the menu to the right of the History Videos list.
  10. Liking Videos=When you watch a video that you like, click on the thumbs up icon below the video and then you can go back to your channel to your left menu, click on Liked video and you will see the list of videos that you have liked.

Here is the original video from Russell Stannard in which I found this information:

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