Friday Update 4/28/17

In the Weeks Ahead at Lake Technical College

  • Administrative Office Professionals Day Brunch, May 2, 9 – 11 an
  • Leesburg High School students to tour Lake Tech, May 2 10:30 am
  • Career Fair, May 3, 9 – 11 am
  • March Student of the Month Luncheon, May 3, 11:30 am
  • Night Law Graduation, May 4, 6 pm at IPS
  • Mt. Dora Middle School Tour, May 9, 1 pm


Another State SkillsUSA is in the Books!

Thirty Lake Tech competitors. Sixteen medalists. Five going to National Competition. All had a great experience!!! 

  • Cassandra Labour – Gold – First  Aid/CPR
  • Stephanie Spoon – Silver – First Aid/CPR
  • Francisco Murillo – Silver – Medical Assisting
  • Becky Rodriguez – Bronze – Medical Assisting
  • Stephanie Ruiz-Perez – Silver – Job Interviewing
  • Lynette Gibbs – Silver – Customer Service
  • Kareem Rahim – Gold – HVAC
  • Christopher Herring – Silver – HVAC
  • James Cefalo – Gold – Diesel
  • Hayden Niblack – Silver – Diesel
  • Michelle Evey – Silver – Cosmetology
  • Brianna Rose /Model – Caitlin Hartog – Bronze – Nails
  • Amy Dunkel /Model – Kourtney Archer – Bronze – Esthetics
  • Whitney Blanchette /Model-Emily Parks – Gold -Esthetics

Click this link to see pictures from the SkillsUSA State Director. 



Weekly Progress in Pictures



Accounting Operations / Administrative Office Specialist – On behalf of the students in the Accounting and Administrative Office programs, we would like to say thank you for supporting us and the other SkillsUSA team members through countless fundraisers! We would especially like to congratulate Lynnette Gibbs for bringing home the Silver Medal for Customer Service. All of the competitors did a great job and everyone at Lake Tech is very proud of their dedication and hard work.

Practical Nursing – Eustis – The Practical Nursing students spent the week learning about the cardiac and respiratory systems. Their instructor this week was Carol Hawk who is has years of experience with these two systems.


Medical AssistingThe Medical Assisting students competing in SkillsUSA practiced power posing before their events. Seems like it made a difference – look at the smiles and the medals!    


Advanced Specialized Fire Fighter ClassThe spring 2017 structural collapse class brought in fire fighters from around the region.  This class allows the experienced fire fighter to practice in the event of a building collapse.


Diesel Technology (Medium and Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Technician)
James Cefalo and Hayden Niblack competed in the Skills USA State Competition this week and got the opportunity to go to Freightliner of Ocala and had the chance for some training using their laptop and software on some brand new trucks.


Automotive Service TechnologyThe pictures show two of our students practicing how to use a multimeter to take current, voltage and resistance measurements. They also learned how to take the multimeters apart to replace the batteries and fuses whenever they go out. In addition, they had the chance to set up parallel and series circuits and learn about the differences between them and how to diagnose different faults using a multimeter.


ADULT EDUCATION – As a combined reading, math, and health lesson, Adult Basic Education (ABE) students completed a nutrition label activity.  Using foods from the teachers’ refrigerator and cabinet, students answered questions on serving size, servings per container, and nutritional (and not so much) elements in the foods we eat.  Lots of discussions of diabetes, cholesterol, fat intake, and healthy lifestyles followed.

 In ABE reading this week, students wrapped up the body systems with an overview on endocrine and reproductive systems. In the next two weeks, we will delve more deeply into genetics, Punnett squares, and cancer/diseases. Students have gained much insight into how their own bodies work and how we can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In the GED Integrated/HVAC program, students are busy taking GED and TABE prep tests. One student has already signed up for his Reasoning Through Language Arts GED test with Social Studies to follow. In the HVAC classroom, students are working together to problem solve and to mentor new students.  A question on electricity this week had five students collaborating in order to solve it. One veteran student took point and assisted the others at the board~ A true pay it forward moment!


The Boot Camp winner was John Price of Commercial Foods & Culinary Arts. He took home a Chromebook!







The Upcoming Career Fair is scheduled for May 3. Over 30 exhibitors will be on campus to talk to students. If you know of others who wish to attend, please contact Sonya Rosenglick.  In addition, Mary Vanderwater from CareerSource Central Florida will host three seminars during the Career Fair.

  • 9am Key to a Successful Job Search
  • 10am Know Yourself and be Confident for the Interview
  • 11am What NOT to say in an Interview

To prepare for the Career Fair, Ms. Rosenglick has one more seminar planned for students:

  1. RESUME CREATING, Tuesday, May 2, 10 am – 4 pm in the Career Success Center (sign up in CSC)

In addition, have your students check out these great videos which will help them prepare for Wednesday’s event.

A Guide to Networking for a Fast Job Search

Career Fair Recruiter Tips

How to Prepare for a Job Fair

How to Approach a Recruiter

  • Exit Interviews are being held in the Career Success Center every Monday from 1-3 pm and 4 – 6 pm; Wednesdays, 9 – 11 am and Thursdays, 9-11 am. All students need to go through the Exit Process.
  • Graduation Two graduation ceremonies will be held this year on June 13 at Lake Sumter State College. At 10 am, students who have earned their Florida High School diploma will received their recognition. At 2 pm, students earning their career certificates will walk across the state.

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