Friday Update 4/24/15

In the Weeks Ahead at Lake Technical College

  • SkillsUSA State Competition, Lakeland, April 26–29
  • PT Challenge at the Institute of Public Safety, April 27, at 11 am
  • Lake Technical College Career Fair, May 1
  • Dinner with the Teacher, May 7, at 6 pm

Academic Affairs

Business Management & Administration

Accounting Operations / Administrative Office Specialist – During April, businesses across the country take the time to recognize the many support professionals who do so much to keep the offices and everyone on time, on task and looking good. The same is true at Lake Tech. We have 25 staff members who support us all! So last Wednesday our Administrative Office Specialist class hosted an event for Lake Tech’s support professionals. Wednesday was also Earth Day, so our class planned a celebration that combined both!

Our Administrative Office class has been preparing for this special day for several weeks. In the first picture we see Nickolas Hobbs, Kassandra White, and Ana Delgado preparing “dirt pie” for the celebration. The second picture shows Austin Via, Kassandra White, Nickolas Hobbs, and Callie Messer organizing the luncheon. We also see Callie Messer, Ashely Negron, and Mara Whipp setting up decorations. The AOS committee members, responsible for this wonderful event, included Carynn Silva, Nickolas Hobbs, Austin Via, Ashely Negron, Ana Delgado, and Kassandra White. Great job!

On Thursday, we hosted Ms. Ana Marie Morgan-Loubriel, CEO/President of the United Way, and Mike Gray, United Way’s VITA project leader. Ms. Morgan-Loubriel talked about the many activities of the United Way in both Lake and Sumter counties. Many students signed up to be volunteers. Ms. Morgan-Loubriel and Mr. Gray presented gifts to our VITA volunteers. Our VITA volunteers include Callie Messer, Nick Hobbs, Alexis Ramos, Johanna Sanchez, Brandi Baker, Maralee Whipp, Debra Blair, Austin Via, Brandi Mullens, Jordon Steele, and Jacob Johnson. Thanks for all your work!

VITA Thanks 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15AOS Committee 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15AOS SetUp 1 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15AOS SetUp 2 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15AOS setUp 3 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15

Health Sciences

Pharmacy Tech & Medical Assisting – The new Pharm Tech and Medical Assisting students learned first aid this week!

pharm tech 1 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15pharm tech 2 e1430139637729 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15

Hospitality & Tourism

Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts – It was Sushi Week in Culinary! Check out the beautiful work.

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Center for Advanced Manufacturing – The inside demolition is complete for the new Center for Advanced Manufacturing. A very special thanks to Bob Zehner and Mark Prescott who were the demo crew! Check out Bob’s gloves – before and after!

manufacturing 11 e1430139853308 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15manufacturing 21 e1430139840361 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15manufacturing demo 1 gloves 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15

Adult Education

GED Prep – GED/Adult Education students celebrated both Earth Day and Arbor Day this week. Have you thought about how you’re everyday life effects the planet you live on? The students learned about the earth’s resources, and how each person uses up those resources in ways that can damage the ecology. Online interactives assisted each student to figure out his or her own “ecological footprint.” One of the instructors, who will remain nameless, was found to have a footprint of seven and one half earths. This means that if everyone lived like him (nameless), everyone would have used up seven and one half earth’s worth of resources.

Sitting in a classroom can sometimes get monotonous, and people could nod off. So, on Arbor Day, most everyone stepped outside to get some exercise. Students planted a redbud tree in one of the Lake Tech garden alcoves located just outside the classroom. Mrs. Netherton provided instruction on the proper way to plant, fertilize, and water the tree. The class contributed to making an eco-friendly, healthy, and beautiful environment. However small the effort, it should help to offset the losses in the earth’s resources.

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Student Affairs

The Career Success Center is open on Mondays (11 am until 6:30 pm), Wednesdays and Fridays (8:30 am until 4 pm). Services offered include developing and refining resumes, cover letters, and portfolios, interviewing techniques, job search assistance, and much more. Please share this information with students and graduates. The Career Success Center is located in Room A-208.

The Lake Tech Financial Aid Office has a Facebook page! Tell your students and those interested in financial aid as well as scholarships to Like Lake Tech Financial Aid Office.

Dr. Sherie Lindamood is serving as the Student Success Counselor this year. Please invite her to speak to your classes about stress management, study skills, and test taking strategies. She will be spending Tuesdays at the Institute of Public Safety so students on that campus will have the opportunity to utilize her services.

Teach the Director

Dr. Diane Culpepper visited the Automotive Collsion Repair and Refinishing program this week and learned to airbrush and place graphics on a car hood.

teach DC 4 e1430141385965 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15teach DC 5 e1430141282683 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15teach DC 6 e1430141298133 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15teach DC 7 e1430141309186 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15teach DC 9 e1430141333192 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15teach DC 10 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15teach DC 1 e1430141349623 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15teach DC 2 e1430141359879 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15teach DC 3 e1430141370306 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15

In the Community

  • Relay for Life – Thanks to the great generosity of our students and staff, we raised $1,160.58 for the American Cancer Socity and Relay for Life. A special thanks to the key faculty players who devoted time, donated resources, and cheered others on during this project – Linda Sheets, Rachel Weaver, and Chuck Durante. Thanks to Mr. Durante’s students who created fliers, spread the word throughout the campus and raised money for the cause. The nursing students went out of their way to make bracelets to sell at various events around campus and made personal donations. The Eustis Relay for Life event was held at Ferran Park on Friday night from 7 pm until Saturday morning.

relay for life 3 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15relay for life 4 e1430140297679 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15relay for life 5 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15relay for life 6 e1430140312420 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15relay for life 7 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15relay for life 8 e1430140334532 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15relay for life 9 e1430140346901 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15relay for life 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15relay for life 2 e1430140363874 150x150 Friday Update 4/24/15

  • Lake Tech instructors have been invited to a Career Day at Mt. Dora Middle on May 14. Layne Hendrickson will represent EMS/Health Care and James Brucker will represent the Transportation cluster during the session. If anyone else is interested in attending, please contact Kim Frazier.

Tech Tips

sonya Friday Update 4/24/15

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Legislative Update

The Division of Career and Adult Education’s 2015 Legislative Bill Tracking spreadsheet can be found at in a new window. The document will be updated regularly throughout the 2015 legislative session. There are tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet for Tier 1 (Priority) and Tier 2 bills.

Lake Tech Funnies!

Wow, Chip, Spa Day really helped! You don’t look a day over….

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