Friday Update 12/2/16

In the Weeks Ahead at Lake Technical College

  • Lake Tech Food Drive to Support Lake Cares Food Pantry, December
  • Lake Tech Mannequin Challenge – Coming Soon
  • Christmas Wreath Making class, December 13 (register in Admissions)
  • Law Enforcement Graduation, December 14 at 6 pm
  • National Technical Honor Society Induction Ceremony, December 15, 2 pm
  • Corrections Graduation, December 15 at 6 pm
  • Nursing Assisting Assistant Graduation, December 17 at 10 am



Accounting Operations / Administrative Office Specialist – The Accounting and Administrative Office Specialist students had fun this week preparing for the Winter in Wonderland Door Contest. Students worked together to organized and plan the project to streamline the activities.

Also this week, Nathalie Brutus gave a wonderful presentation to our class on Forensic Accounting. This presentation gave insight to our students the possibilities of their future in Accounting.

We would like to congratulate Gerrod Dixon, Joseph Purcell, and Belinda Severn on the completion of their program and wish them continued success for the years that lie ahead.

acct adm1 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 acct adm2 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 acct adm3 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 acct adm4 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 acct adm5 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16


EMS Programs – The Paramedic students are busy with cardiology scenarios. Students are given simulated real life experiences which encourages the students’ critical thinking. Many of the simulated experiences are played out using the EMS Program’s new high fidelity mannequin, Apollo. The scenarios for Apollo are based on real-time events with patient care and Apollo responds appropriately to the treatment given by the students.

ems1 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ems2 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16

Practical Nursing – A new full-time, day-time Practical Nursing program opened on the Lake Sumter State College campus in Sumter County November 30, 2017.   Instructor Jennifer Trotter welcomed the new students. In addition, Diane Culpepper, Melissa Stephan, Kathy Perfumo were on hand to say hello as well as Dr. Sidor and Dr. Jones from Lake Sumter State College.

PN sumter 1 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 PN sumter 2 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16


Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts – Baking is in the air!

cul 1 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 cul 2 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 cul 3 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16


Computer Systems & Information Technology (CSIT) / Cybersecurity – Students in the CSIT program worked on benchmarking video cards. This project required teamwork and Mojo donuts!

csit1 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 csit2 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 csit3 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 csit5 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 csit6 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 csit7 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 csit8 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 csit9 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16csit10 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 csit11 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16


Fire Fighter – The students from the Fire Fighter and Fire Fighter/EMT combo finished their program on November 17. Charter Board member and Tavares Fire Chief Richard Keith was the guest speaker. A special congratulations to Aaron Flowers, Lana Payne’s son, who successfully completed.

ff3 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff4 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff5 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff6 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff7 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff8 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff1 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff2 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16  

Fire Academy Special Operations

The Structural Collapse Operations class finished in November. Firefighters from around the region attended this advanced specialized class in order to keep their skills honed.

ff spc 1 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff spc 2 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff spc 3 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff spc 4 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff spc 5 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff spc 6 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff spc 7 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff spc 8 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff spc 9 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff spc 10 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff spc 11 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff spc 12 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff spc 13 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff spc 14 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff spc 15 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ff spc 16 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16  


Welding Technology – Students in Instructor Bob Sherwood’s Welding Class created a bowling snowman for the Mt. Dora Lawn Bowling Club. They provided a simple pencil sketch and the students created a masterpiece. The bowling snowman will be displayed during the holidays, so next time you are in Mt. Dora, stop by and take a look! The students and Mr. Sherwood were commended on their professionalism during the creation of the project.


For the first time, Lake Technical College participated in the Central Florida Auto Dealers Show at the Orange County Convention Center. Many students, faculty, and staff attended and assisted with the booth display. In addition, there were many cars at the show that sported the Lake Tech colors. Must be a great combination!

car show3 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 car show4 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 car show5 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 car show 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 car show2 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16  

Auto Serve Technology – This week, students were working on different projects from tire balancing, preventative maintenance and inspections to exhaust pipe cutting and welding.

ast3 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ast4 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ast1 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ast2 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16  

Auto Collision Repair and Refinishing – The Auto Collision program was the recipient of $1000 from the Collision Foundation. These funds will be used for tools and supplies for the students.

The Auto Collision students created the decoration for the door contests. Although it was too big for the door it worked very well right next to the door! Students. Created a wood grained mantel from an old bumper and then created a brick fireplace and made the flames.

autocolli 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16


ESOL – Mr. Art Seidner came to speak to our day and evening ESOL classes about the programs at Lake Tech. He spoke to us about GED, the TABE test, and many of the programs available on campus. Our students were very interested in the information he provided, and it got them thinking, planning, and dreaming!

esol2 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 esol3 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 esol4 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 esol1 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16

ADULT BASIC EDUCATION and GED – In the past few weeks, six students from Mrs. Hooper’s afternoon ABE class completed their requirements. They moved up to the next level ABE class and they are officially on their way towards building skills in reading, math, and language!

During the recent election the reading class discussed the presidential Electoral College. Students completed an activity which allowed them to use technology skills to search for the results of the 2008, 2012, and 2016 election results based on electoral votes. Using a US map, they had to fill in each state with its electoral votes and color code: red=Republican and blue=Democrat.  Then, using their maps as a visual, students compared the results of the 2008, 2012, and 2016 results: which states stayed the same, which were ‘swing states.”  Lastly, we acted as political analysts and discussed the changes in states over the past 8 years that could have resulted in the changes in color codes within the country.

We dipped into the critical thinking land and participated in some spatial and visual activities. Using toothpicks, codes, and patterns, students worked together to solve various challenges and riddles.  It was easy for some and very demanding for others.  As these skills are highly tested on SAT and GED, it was a great opportunity to allow students to see where they stand on the visual and spatial realm.

All the ABE students worked together for part one of a math/reading word problem as well as a math literacy workshop. Clue words signifying when to +/-/x/÷ were discussed and then several question were given for students to indicate which operation(s) to use and then they solved the problems.  Students worked out problems in front of the class to instruct each other on the mechanics of the math problem. It was powerful to see students teach each other and mentor one another as they muddled through some of the word problem scenarios.  Parts 2 & 3 will be held on the next two Wednesdays.

In reading, students delved into political cartoons and engaged in various visual aid problems that they will see on TABE and GED. All students agreed they liked these questions over the long reading passages; and the integration of math, science, and social studies into their reading test makes real world sense.

In the GED class, students have been hard at work trying to complete their official practice tests so they can take the real GED tests before the holidays.  Thirteen (13) students have completed the GED so far this year, and twelve (12) more have completed the official practice tests and are in the process of taking all the subject area tests right now.  Almost all of the students want to participate in the GED graduation in June and most are going to go on with their education at Lake Tech or a state college!

ged4 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ged5 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ged6 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ged7 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ged8 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ged9 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ged10 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ged1 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ged2 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 ged3 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16


Each week or so, an employee will be randomly selected so we can shine the light on him or her! This week, Chuck Srock was chosen. Chuck is the faculty member teaching the nursing program in Clermont at Lake Sumter State College. He took a few minutes to answer these questions.

What is your favorite part about working for Lake Tech?

I really enjoy the students and the staff. It is really stimulating to teach students that are actually here to learn. Many of those I’ve educated in the hospital are taking a class because it is a requirement and not really engaged. The students here really want to learn and that makes a difference. As for staff, the people are exceptional and go above and beyond to be helpful, student-centered and accommodating to help. This adds to make a very collegial atmosphere and a joy coming to work.

Do you have any hobbies or pets?

I love to travel. Recently, we spent a month in Europe visiting Greece, Hungary, Italy, Denmark and Norway. I really enjoy cruises and have taken 6 cruises on various lines. My interests are wide and varied. We have gone river rafting and skiing and I really enjoy all sports. I want to try zip-lining and I may get the opportunity in December.

Where did you work before you came to Lake Tech?

I graduated from nursing school in 1977. This will mark my 40th year of being a nurse. I enjoy critical patients and worked in ED, Trauma, SICU, Open-Heart and other critical areas from New Jersey to California. Most immediately, I worked at Florida Hospital Waterman for over 10 years and decided to retire in March 2016, which I was looking forward to. I was offered the Job at Lake Tech and put retirement on hold. In addition to nursing school, I completed and BA, MBA and a doctoral program in Business Administration and taught at Stockton University in the School of Business. I left that post in 2005 to move to the Villages and become one of the Village people.

What is your ideal vacation destination?

My ideal vacation destination is to fly to Egypt, taking the overnight train to Aswan and the Nile cruise back to Cairo. We actually have planned that trip and cancelled it because of the turmoil in the Middle East. Friends of ours took the Nile cruise and people were shooting at them from the banks. We’ve decided to wait!


Career Success Center Room 208A – The Career Success Center

Professional Skills Seminar

For Students:
What Local Employers Look for in an Employee
11:30 and 12 noon Wednesday, December 7
Career Success Center (1/2 hour sessions)

Thursday, December 8 at 10am in the EMT Classroom
Mary Vandewater from Career Source Central presents: Exploring Employer Expectations

Tuesday, December 13 at 2pm-3pm
Nancy Muenzmay from the Business Opportunity Center presents: Business Start-Up: How to Start up Your Own Business
Career Success Center

For Instructors:
Office Mix in the Career Success Center
Tuesday, December 6, 4:20-5:00 pm

Please sign up by contacting Ms. Rosenglick via phone, email, or sign up on CSC door. 589-2250, ext. 1855

Florida Department of Education – The Florida Department of Education unveiled a new website to help Floridians make critical education decisions by enabling them to access school and district-level data and will better inform families about the state’s college and career ready standards and the quality of learning taking place in their students’ classrooms.

The website is live at

Thanks in large part to its business-friendly climate, companies from around the nation have moved their headquarters to Florida; more than 1.1 million private sector jobs have been created; and the state’s unemployment rate has continually dropped. Another benefit to the Florida Students Achieve website is that it can be a helpful tool for anyone interested in moving to Florida.


Diane Culpepper and Jack Miller attended the Jingle Mingle sponsored by the Manufacturing Association of Central Florida (MACF). Pictured with Jack and Diane are Sherry Reeves, Executive Director of MACF and Debra Bowers, Vice President of Skybolt in Leesburg.

MACF 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16

Diane Culpepper attended the quarterly Workforce Taskforce sponsored by the Lake County Economic Development department. The meeting was held at Montverde Academy and featured presentations about Florida Shines and Florida Ready to Work.

Charter Board member Mickey Gauldin received his award at the annual Martin Car Club Awards Dinner on December 3. Mickey races his red Miata (painted Lake Tech colors by our Auto Collision students). The car club meets once a month at the Public Safety campus range. Diane Culpepper attended the award ceremony and cheered Mickey on!

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A newly formed Lake Technical College Staff Alumni Association has begun. Former GED instructor Trudy Johnson is the President of the Association. Their goal is to raise $50,000 for 50 student scholarships during this 50th Anniversary Year Celebration. If you are interested in donating (you don’t have to be an alumni), please make your check payable to Lake Technical College and give the check to Lana. All donations are tax deductible and support students 100 percent!

Recently, this group held their Fall Social.

staff alum2 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 staff alum3 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16 staff alum1 150x150 Friday Update 12/2/16


sonya Friday Update 12/2/16

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