Friday Update 1-13-17

In the Weeks Ahead at Lake Technical College

  • Smoking Cessation Class, January 17, 4:30 pm
  • Del-Air Heating and AC to tour, January 18
  • Creating a Winning Resume Seminar, January 19 in Career Success Center
  • Fire East Trade Show, Daytona Beach, January 18-22
  • Board of Directors Workshop, Strategic Planning, January 31, 11:30 am


Evergreen Construction was awarded the contract for the Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM). The construction trailer has been moved on site, fences and signs erected, and the work is beginning!

construction 1 330x330 Friday Update 1 13 17 construction 2 330x330 Friday Update 1 13 17

Manufacturing Fact:  According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, manufacturing is growing at a rate of 4.1% in Florida as compared to 0.4% in the nation.

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HVAC-R – Lake Technical College was recently awarded the Florida’s Integrated Career and Academic Preparation System (FICAPS) grant which allows for the integration of the Air Conditioning & Heating program (HVAC-R) with the academic skills found in the GED preparation program. HVAC instructor Steve Bagg and GED instructor Colleen Avelli have teamed up for this adventure! All Adult Ed and CTE instructors are going to want to participate in this opportunity as it truly provides the opportunity for seamlessly integrating academics into the technical setting.

The Lake Technical College model allows Ms. Avelli to spend the afternoon each day in the HVAC classroom with the goal of helping students attain their GED while integrating the material of the GED test (not a simple task) into the material of the HVAC-R program.

Instructors Steve Bagg and Colleen Avelli have had a blast teaming together….Steve has already learned more than he ever thought he wanted to about GED, TABE, Schoology, and calendar items; while Colleen has learned about BTU, Ohms Law, circuits, pitch, ductwork, coolants, and the proper grease to use. Students are assimilating to having a female instructor and it has been a great opportunity for teachers to gain appreciation of what goes on in other programs on campus.  FICAPS is a great pathway for students to earn their CTE certificate, industry certification and a GED simultaneously!


Accounting Operations / Administrative Office Specialist – The Accounting and Administrative Office Specialist program welcomed eight new future graduates. It was a busy week as we discussed program goals and information about Lake Technical College. The senior students made several informative presentations to the entire class. John Keith, an Accounting Operations student, presented information on the topic of “job interviewing” which included proper steps and procedures to give an impactful interview. Jacqueline Villegas presented o the topic of “QR codes.” Ms. Villegas explained the importance of technology and walked her classmates through the generating of QR codes.


Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) – Saturday, January 7th was Mock Trauma Day for the EMT students. This day is the highlight of the Trauma Module. Students participated in team relays and competed in timed events such as splinting, patient packaging, and bandaging. Students also participated in simulated trauma scenarios in which they assess, treat, stabilize, and move the “patient(s)” who have been involved in anything from falls to vehicle accidents.



Practical Nursing – The new full-time, day-time Practical Nursing program operating on the Lake Sumter State College campus in Sumter County resumed classes this week. This is a “fast-track” programs as all of the student currently hold a certified nursing assistant license.

The full-time, day-time Practical Nursing program operating on the main campus will be graduating on January 27. Their capping and pinning ceremony will be held on 7 pm. The students are currently in their practicum experiences. Several students have already been offered jobs.


Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts – Students created a showpiece this week! Pate EnCroute, which is often associated with special occasions requires skill and patience to prepare.

showpiece 17 330x330 Friday Update 1 13 17 showpiece 17@2 330x330 Friday Update 1 13 17 showpiece 17@3 330x330 Friday Update 1 13 17 


Cosmetology – The senior students in the Cosmetology program were given a fun assignment this week. Students were told to create a doo-whop up-style. In addition, they used ribbons and other adornments to embellish their hair designs.

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Computer Systems & Information Technology (CSIT) / Cybersecurity – Lots of interesting topics in the CSIT classroom. A group of students spent the day benchmark testing of video graphics cards. Jacob Bates was the first of this year’s students to earn his PC Pro certification, a certification that shows potential employers that the prospect has demonstrated hands on knowledge on the subject. Matthew Gray is the first of this year’s class to earn his CompTIA A+ certification which is a certification that is recognized worldwide.


Public Safety Telecommunication (911 Dispatcher) – The first online class of PST kicked off on January 9. In response to the Lake County Sheriff Office and Lake EMS, additional access for students interested in this training was requested. Students will take their coursework online, exams will be proctored in the on campus assessment center, and 24 hours of field experience will be delivered face-to-face.

Fire Academy Special Operations – The first class in the 2017 spring semester is Rose Rescue Operations. This course is the basis for all other US&R and is a prerequisite for the series as well. The course will run from January 23-27. Seats are filling quickly, so if you are planning to attend, please contact Tammy at 352.743.6463 as soon as possible.

fire academy 330x330 Friday Update 1 13 17  

Florida Law Enforcement Academy

Last week began the Firearms block at the range. The first week was spent in the classroom and this week the students will begin shooting.


Auto Service Technology – Two new students were welcomed in the AST program this week. The returning students came back ready to work and began disassembling a few engines in order to become familiar with the parts and pieces and their function. This project also provided the students with an opportunity to use the tools and materials involved in an engine teardown and reassembly. In the pictures below, one of the students is disassembling a cylinder head for inspection, measurement and cleaning before putting it back together.

ast 1 330x330 Friday Update 1 13 17 ast 2 330x330 Friday Update 1 13 17

Auto Collision Repair and Refinishing – Instructors David Beliveau from Auto Collision and Korrina Green from the Pharmacy Technician programs visited the evening GED class to provide information to the students about their programs. Mr. Beliveau began by explaining his program and what it will take to become an auto collision technician. He also told the students about the field, the pay, and the future job growth in the field. Mr. Beliveau suggested that if the students were right-brained, the Auto Collision program might be for them because it is a creative field. Mrs. Green then explained what it would take to become a pharmacy technician and about the jobs, pay, and future of this industry as well. She told the class that unlike auto collision technicians, pharmacy technicians are often more left-brained individuals. The evening GED students asked questions and will take a tour of the labs later this year.

The students who started at the new semester wasted no time learning how to weld. According to our local industry partners, knowing how to weld is a skill they would like the graduates of the Auto Collision program to have. Vehicle frame or bumper damage from a collision is common and severely bent or warped parts may require that an automotive technician cuts them out and welds in new pieces.

auto body 1 330x330 Friday Update 1 13 17 auto body 2 330x330 Friday Update 1 13 17


ADULT BASIC EDUCATION and GED – Oh the fun we had and the stuff we learned this week!  Adult Ed was brimming with energy as students returned to the classroom to see the newly designed layout of furniture and space!  There is plenty of space for collaborative, hands-on learning, quiet spaces tucked away where needed, and, yes, still ample computer space for when online tools are needed. It was amazing to see students grouping together to work on the same topic and be able to work at tables with their instructors, ask questions and figure out solutions. In addition, the adult education classroom now has a career center. Here, they can find books and materials to explore their career and employment interests.

This week, the whole class got a crash course in staring the semester off on the right foot! Throughout the week, Mrs. Girard and Roberts gave 20 minute sessions on organizing tips, note-taking skills, self-evaluation, and overcoming obstacles. Dr. Lindamood culminated the week with an insightful overview to how positive thinking and surrounding oneself with positive role models sets the tone for one’s success.  Students came out of the week with concrete examples of how organization and note-taking can help them- not only in academics, but in all aspects of life. The tool of self-reflection showed many students the need to look at, “What positive thing(s) happened today?”

On the reading and GED front, students engaged in their first science experiment of the term. In reading, they delved into Candy Science which took them into the wonderful world of science inquiry method…remember science fair and the tri-fold boards, and of course, the beloved APA format research paper?  Students got their first taste of how to begin this journey!  We also ventured into states of matter and linked this to the commonly used water cycle…yes, they made fun of Mrs. Avelli’s drawings. So much brain power was used, as students collaborated and used knowledge they learned (this week and prior), to answer GED science type extended responses based on the water cycle and states of matter. Students not only had to collaborate on the question, type in an answer (just like GED), but then had to read aloud their responses and decide which group best answered the question to received full credit points. This pushed them to limits they did not know they could yet do…especially with it being the first full week of class.  Hang on, students, Mrs. Netherton and Avelli have a helicopter lab challenge for you…let’s see which group/class comes out on top!

adult ed 3 330x330 Friday Update 1 13 17 adult ed 4 330x330 Friday Update 1 13 17 adult ed 1 330x330 Friday Update 1 13 17 adult ed 2 330x330 Friday Update 1 13 17


Career Success Center Room 208A – The Career Success Center

Upcoming Workshops and Seminars:

Professional Skills in the Workplace
Tuesday, January 17:  10 am in the Board Room for students

Learn what skills prospective employers are looking for when they interview you.  You might be surprised.  Get tips on how you can chart your own course to success.

Presenter:  Nancy Muenzmay, Business Opportunity Center

Creating A Winning Resume
Thursday, January 19:  11:30 – noon AND 4:15-5:00 pm (two sessions) in the CSC

Learn current trends in what to include and not to include in your resume’.  Best practices on delivering your resume’ will be discussed.  Bring in your lunch for the 11:30 am session.

Presenter:  Sonya Rosenglick


Diane Culpepper and DeAnna Thomas attended the Florida Career & Adult Pathway Symposium on January 10 and 11. The symposium provided an opportunity for career and technical as well as adult education administrators from all levels (secondary, technical college, state college) to discuss pathways for students as they move from one stage in their education to the next.

In addition, the Department of Economic Opportunity shared some interesting data regarding Florida. Did you know there are currently 244,381 jobs available (as posted online) in Florida? That one of out every ten jobs is created in Florida? That if Florida was its own nation, we would be the 16th largest nation in the world?

career pathway 1 330x330 Friday Update 1 13 17 career pathway 2 330x330 Friday Update 1 13 17

Diane Culpepper will attend the ICARM and FARM Reveal Event in Osceola County on January 17 at 5 pm. ICARM is the International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research which will develop innovative manufacturable processes, materials and equipment for advanced seniors and other future high-tech products. For more information,

Elise Veremakis will be representing Lake Tech at the Career Literacy Day Expo at Spring Creek Charter School on January 26 from 11-2 pm.

Kim Frazier will be in Sumter County on January 26 sharing the Lake Tech story with the Sumter County high school students.


A newly formed Lake Technical College Staff Alumni Association has begun. Former GED instructor Trudy Johnson is the President of the Association. Their goal is to raise $50,000 for 50 student scholarships during this 50th Anniversary Year Celebration. If you are interested in donating (you don’t have to be an alumni), please make your check payable to Lake Technical College and give the check to Lana. All donations are tax deductible and support students 100 percent!

The annual Homecoming Breakfast for the Staff Alumni Association will be held on February 2 at 8:30 am in the Tech Dining room. All former Lake Technical College staff are invited to attend.


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