Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20


Accounting Operations
Administrative Office Specialist
This was a productive week for our Business programs. The Accounting Operations program had numerous OCP completers, and many others are preparing to graduate next week.

In addition to the busy course work, the students presented their program presentations. Tristan Flowers and Rickie Powell gave a very informative presentation on Financial Statements. Ariel Smallwood gave an excellent presentation on how to recognize and avoid business schemes. Shelby VanDenBogaert enlightened us on the role and responsibilities of Forensic Accounting. Amaya Hall familiarized us with Luca Pacioli, the father of accounting. Jose Luna gave a riveting presentation on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Dalton Morrison informed us of the requirement to become a certified public accountant. And Courtney Robbins gave an entertaining presentation on nonverbal communication.



Emergency Medical Technician
Congratulations to The Eustis Paramedic class who will be graduating on Dec. 21st. In the Clermont class, the Paramedic students are finishing up the cardiology module which is a very difficult and defining point in their program. The Firefighter/EMT Combo students have started the EMT portion of the program and the EMT-ATD students have started clinicals.
EMS2 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 EMS1 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20


Patient Care Technician
The Patient Care Technician students, who were part of the Rapid Credentialing program, will be completing this week. Jobs are in high demand so they are excited about beginning their work in this new profession. From learning how to assist with oxygen therapy, taking care of casts and pins, conducting patient assessments, and phlebotomy, they are well-rounded technicians who are ready for work!
Patient Care Technican 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20



Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality
Baking & Pastry Arts

Pictures are always worth 1000 words!
Culinary4 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 Culinary1 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 Culinary2 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 Culinary3 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 Baking1 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 Culinary7 121120 e1608218324127 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 Culinary6 121120 e1608218344833 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 Culinary5 121120 e1608218360379 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20

The Florida Association of Career and Technical Educators selected William McCray, 2020 graduate of the Lake Technical College Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality program, as the Outstanding Postsecondary Student in the state of Florida. William is now the Executive Chef at a local restaurant! He is pictured with Rachel Beckwith, another Lake Technical College Culinary graduate who has begun working at the same restaurant.
FACTE 121120 William and Rachel with mask Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20



Facials Specialty
Nails Specialty
Look what the Cosmo students can do – even from home! This student completed three shampoos and nine styles, all in one night!

CLICK HERE to see the Cosmetology student video!opens in a new window



The Manufacturing Association of Central Florida (MACF) held their annual Jingle Mingle at JSI in Apopka. JSI provides design, manufacturing, information technology, and project management solutions for both commercial and military customers. CNC Instructor Dave Felker along with Melissa Stephan and Diane Culpepper attended. One highlight of the evening was seeing employee Donnie Flowers who was one of the first CNC graduates from Lake Technical College – several years ago!

The picture shows the leadership of JSI and of MACF.
Manufacturing1 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20


Congratulations to Zachary Teaster from the CNC Production Specialist program and Austin Huitt from the Welding program! They are recipients of the Henry Graeber MACF Memorial Scholarship offered through the Manufacturers Association of Central Florida.
macf1 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 macf2 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20



Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician – Combined
Sheriff Grinnell and the Lake County Sheriff’s Charities, Inc. presented a full scholarship to Simon Gracey so he can enter the Firefighter/EMT Combo program at the Institute of Public Safety in February.
fire6 simon 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20

On November 19, 30 new firefighters graduated at the Eustis Community Center. Chief Kevin Carroll from the Groveland Fire Department was the guest speaker. Special recognition awards were presented to Tymber Ross, Andrew Devitt, and Zana Mosely.
fire1 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 fire2 121120 e1608149878700 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20  fire4 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 fire3 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 fire5 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20



Automotive Service Technology
The Automotive Service Technology student in the pictures is completing a job sheet which requires him to remove and replace shock absorbers. In the process, the student also completed a visual inspection of the rest of the suspension components as well as the brakes which is all part of a preventive maintenance check.
AST3 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 AST1 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 AST2 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20


Automotive Collision Technology Technician
The program had a famous visitor this week. Elaine Larsen and her team from Elaine Larsen from Larsen Motorsports (, stopped by to film graduate Nicole Turner. Nicole was awarded a scholarship from Larsen Motorsports and she now works for Lockheed Martin. In the picture, Nicole is the student facing forward and Elaine is the person on the right.
Auto Collision1 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20


Diesel Systems Technician
This was a great week for the Diesel program. We spent a few hours decorating the Diesel Jeep for the Tavares Christmas Parade and threw out candy and wristbands at the parade.
Diesel2 121120 e1608150540100 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 Diesel5 121120 scaled Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 Diesel3 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 Diesel4 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20Diesel6 121120 scaled Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20

On Tuesday, we received our new pneumatic and hydraulic trainer and have been hard at work figuring out all the cool stuff it can do! This trainer is going to help the students understand all the basic principles of pneumatic and hydraulics and and set up the system and test the pressures and flow times.
Diesel1 121120 scaled Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20

The EDA grant for the new diesel facility in partnership with the City of Tavares is being submitted on Friday. The funds from this grant will provide a new building and the opportunity to teach emerging technologies in diesel technology, emergency vehicle certifications and clean energy. Fingers crossed!!



Adult Basic Education/GED® Prep
Adult Education students have had a great fall term. There has been lots to adjust to, with the COVID situation, but students are still learning, making gains, graduating, and having fun.  We have had students teaching lessons, students shadowing LTC career programs, and students graduating.  Two of our artistic students helped send holiday greetings to all, even with the FOIL math skill!  Happy Safe Holidays from Adult Education.
  Adult Ed Math Foil 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 Adult Ed Student teaching lesson Coggin 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20Adult Ed ACE2020 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 Adult Ed Career Shadow 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 Adult Ed Holiday spirit 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 Adult Ed graduate Jessica 121120 e1608151068766 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 

We’re ringing in the holiday season with lots of learning and lots of fun. Our students have been practicing the pronunciation of /ed/ in regular verbs (there are three—think the pronunciation differences for /ed/ in the following words: missed, learned, and waited.) We’ve also practiced reported speech, which is such an important job skill. It involves being able to transfer information from one source to another in English, specifically being able to repeat what you were told or asked.
ESOL1 121120 scaled Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20


National Adult Education Honor Society

This week, Lake Technical College celebrated students who were nominated into the National Adult Education Honor Society.

What is the National Adult Education Honor Society (NAEHS)? Students inducted into NAEHS are dependable in their attendance and dedicated to their goals. They work well with instructor and with their classmates. They are leaders who help others. They have a great work ethic (they work hard, stay focused, ask questions, seek help and are responsible learners).

What are the benefits? Students receive a certificate, a lapel pin of the NAEHS symbol, two letters of recommendation (one for employment and one for further education). Each student graduating with a State of Florida High School Diploma, will have special recognition at the graduation ceremony. The honor will also be indicated in the graduation program.

Dr. Diane Culpepper, Executive Director says: “Congratulations to all of our adult education students who are being recognized! We are so proud of your hard work, your dedication to your studies, and the great attitude you show each and every day. Always remember, believe in yourself, make smart goals, and then commit to fulfilling them. I wish you all the best, now and in the future.”

Students Inducted into the National Adult Education Honor Society:

Madison Addington

Rayna Anderson

Thomas Beck

Michael Jeffrey Braswell

Nicole Bright

Tony Bush

Kelsey Cecilio

Malherbe Cherry

Desera Coggin

Mark Crawford

Dina C. Cruz

Guillermina De la Torre

Kelly Emberson

Fadoua Fattaoui

Olga Georgievskaya

Ana Gimenez

Marta Giraldo

Maria Granja

Sendy Joachim

Dustin Groover

Jordan Hitz

Artis Hutchins

Jennifer Kiss

Victoria Kowalczyk

Desiree La Belle

Nathan Lacey

Stephen Lingis

Denia Lopez

Linda Morillo

Luci Oliveira De Mendonca

Kyle Provencher

Leidys Ramos

Genesis Ramossalcedo

Orlando Tanon

Ida Troche

Janice Trujillo

Gabriel Tatman

Lane Thompson

“We at the United Way of Lake and Sumter are so very proud of you and what you have accomplished, overcome, and taken action to make happen. As you embark on this next chapter of your amazing future, we support you, are rooting for you, and believe in you and your efforts! May the sacrifices now appear to have been worth it, the obstacles appear as mere molehills, and your sense of pride in what you’ve achieved be one of the most long-lasting feelings you experience. Congratulations to you and may this be just the beginning of great things to come in your journey.” Monica Wofford | CEO, United Way of Lake and Sumter

“Hello AMAZING Lake Tech Students. I commend you for your achievement! You may have gone into this program scared, hesitant, or even discouraged. Along this journey, you may have encountered obstacles and doubts when you faced difficulties. But you used courage and persistence to get it done! I am so proud to be associated with adult learners like you, and want you to know students like you are an inspiration to me! Thank you! Keep it going, finish strong, and know that this will lead to greater success for you in the end.” Gustavo Henriquez, Career Center Manager, Lake, Sumter & Seminole Counties, CareerSource Central Florida

“Congratulations on your induction into the National Adult Education Honor Society! You should be very proud of this accomplishment as your perseverance and dedication towards your education is evident in this nomination. It is amazing what you have accomplished with all of the challenges provided as a result of the pandemic. Your efforts inspire me, your family, and your fellow students. I wish you the best in your future educational endeavors.” Thom Kieft, Associate Vice-President of General Studies, Lake-Sumter State College

“You met the challenge with determination, strength and total confidence. When everyone else said it couldn’t be done, you showed the opposite to be true. We are so very proud of your dedication and your hard work. With so much excitement for you, I congratulate you on your nomination to the National Adult Honor Society! My heart and spirit is with you. I wish you much success!” Maria E. Torres, Family Engagement Specialist, Title I Department, Lake County Schools
Honor Society2 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20 Honor Society1 121120 Academic Affairs ~ 12/11/20


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