Academic Affairs 09/20/19


Accounting Operations
Administrative Office Specialist
This was a busy week for the Accounting Operations and the Administrative Office Specialist class. All students are focused and productively moving through their programs. We would like to congratulate Courtney Robbins, Kayleigh Tussey, AJ Jackson, Laquinta Jones, Ariel Smallwood, and Jordan Smith on the completion of their first course.

Students from both programs attended the SkillsUSA meeting which introduced them to the great opportunities that are offered through SkillsUSA. Many of the students are excited for the upcoming events and challenges Skills has to offer.

Ysamar Cervantes, an Accounting Operations student, completed her second course  by giving a wonderful presentation on College Accounting. This was very helpful and gave wonderful insight with tips and tricks to our new Accounting students.



Patient Care Technician
Students from the Patient Care Technician program practiced moving a patient with little mobility.
patient care tech 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19

Practical Nursing (Part-Time Class)
This weekend was Head-to-Toe Assessments. The students learned a lot and had fun doing so!
Practical Nursing 2 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 Practical Nursing 4 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 Practical Nursing 6 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 Practical Nursing 1 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19



Facials Specialty
The new Facials Specialty students received their kits this week and as you can tell, are very ready to get started in this career. Did you know that in Florida, skincare specialists (also called estheticians) are formally licensed as facial specialists by the board of cosmetology? A facial specialist learns a variety of skincare treatments, waxing, microdermabrasion, and make-up application, along with both simple or complex facials. Facial Specialists work in licensed salons as well as in dermatology and plastic surgeon offices.
Facials 2 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 Facials 1 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 Facials 3 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19



Welding Technology
This week, instructor Bob Sherwood taught the new welding students how to read a tape measure. This is a critical skill and has to become second nature to a welder. They shouldn’t have to even think when they look at a tape measurement, so Mr. Sherwood was focusing on measuring techniques, working with them, and then memorizing them!
Welding2 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 Welding1 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners are making an official proclamation for Manufacturing Month. Diane Culpepper will attend the meeting on September 24 at 9 am to accept the proclamation.

Lake County Manufacturing & Construction Forum 2019, sponsored in part by Lake Technical College, will be held on October 16 from 8-11 am in Tavares.
Manufacturing and Construction Forum 101619 Academic Affairs 09/20/19



Fire Academy, Special Operations program
The Truck Company Ops class was well attended by fire fighters from around the region. These advanced specialized classes for those in the fire service are offered throughout the year and fill up quickly.
Fire 4 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 Fire 2 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 Fire 3 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 Fire 5 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 Fire 6 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 Fire 7 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 Fire 9 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19Fire 1 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 Fire 8 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19



Automotive Service Technology
For two students, their final assessment prior to graduation was the completion of the electrical course. Congrats to both who were successful!
Auto Service1 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 Auto Service2 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19

New students have begun to learn the disassembly of various vehicles in order to learn the parts that make up a car and the different tools used in the automotive industry. The pictures show the students removing a transmission.
Auto Service3 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19  Auto Service4 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19

Diesel Systems Technician
This week the students continued to learn about all the subcomponents on diesel engines. They were taught how to bench test an intercooler, how to remove and replace freeze plugs and how to remove and replace camshaft bearings.

Other students were working on customer vehicles, troubleshooting electrical issues and repairing suspension components.



Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
~Helen Keller

Thailand. Brazil. Ecuador. Japan. Peru. Our students have arrived from many places in the world on a quest to learn English. Our classroom is abuzz with people from many fascinating and diverse cultures. There is much to learn together and from each other.

With that being said, we have welcomed our students to another semester of rigorous learning and discovery and friendship and fun! We look forward to watching their progress and to helping them grow!

Here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to. Our advanced students have reviewed verb tenses and are sorting out the complicated, but commonly used, present perfect verb tense. We are also practicing formulating questions and when to use gerunds or infinitives in our sentences. We make time daily for both natural and scripted conversations, reading, writing, and listening. Our students are using Schoology for online practice both at school and at home.

Our beginning students have been working on present verb tenses, parts of speech, vocabulary, and pronunciation. We incorporate videos and daily discussions into our learning activities. Our student are also utilizing the Oxford Picture Dictionary weekly in both the classroom and online.

Our students also receive weekly whole group instruction in Job Skills/Career Development and Civics. We’re discussing how to have a good interview with a potential employer and how to give pertinent answers. We have also recently enjoyed a visit from Sonya Rosenglick from Lake Tech’s Career Success Center. In Civics, our students have learned all about the flag and have begun to study the U.S. Government.

As you can see, we’re off to a busy start, and look forward to a great semester!

Adult Basic Education (GED prep and ABE)
It’s been a busy September in ABE! In Math, we’re tackling long division and have been practicing cross multiply and divide exercises as a way to score our own papers. We’ve also done a lot of exercises to help recall multiplication facts quickly and accurately.

In just a short amount of time in Language Arts, we covered parts of speech, sentence formations, parallel structure, misplaced modifiers, prepositional phrases, and active and passive sentences. We’re now reviewing and practicing the eight comma rules. Our students have Schoology exercises that they can do at home or at school to shore up the skills we cover each week in class.

This week Taylor D. has advanced from our classroom to the next phase of working toward her GED. Way to go, Taylor!!

Read & Feed Book Drive
The GED students are collecting books for the Read and Feed Book drive which as an organization aims to bridge the reading gap by providing children with the resources they not have access to at home. Donations of books are appreciated! Drop off your donations in Admissions this week.
Adult Ed2 092019 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 Adult Ed1 09201 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 Adult Ed309201 Academic Affairs 09/20/19 

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