Academic Affairs 08/23/19


Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, & Heating 1 & 2 (HVAC)
P3 (students working on their GED competencies) and HVAC students went over reading strategies to help them navigate the curriculum at hand. With tips and strategies given by HVAC instructor Mr. Bagg and Adult Education instructor Mrs. Avelli, students were able to gain insights on how to read the needed chapter materials and best glean information needed for success in the trade and GED components. Both new and returning students offered questions and suggestions on how to attack the book material and apply this into lab practicality and real-world career situations. The need to strengthen reading comprehension and study/note taking is an invaluable tool set for all students.

In addition, we had three students earn industry certifications. One student completed the OSHA 10 certification and two students completed their EPA section 608 certifications earning their Universal Certification.
HVAC1 082319 Academic Affairs 08/23/19 



Accounting Operations
Administrative Office Specialist
The Accounting Operations students have begun to clean out and set up our Lake Tech Bookstore Kiosk. We have updated all instructions and have our first team to operate the kiosk. We will be selling school supplies, as well as, several Lake Tech promotional items. This project will help those in Accounting Operations and Administrative Office Specialist programs get familiar with a POS system and become familiar with inventory, paperwork, and duties of running a business. We look forward to having our business up and ready to start selling to consumers on Monday, August 26th. Be sure and stop by and encourage those who are running it and purchase the supplies you need.
AOS1 082319 Academic Affairs 08/23/19



Patient Care Technician
The Patient Care Tech students had fun learning how to wear their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) this week. PPE is a vital component of infection control systems and often includes gloves, gowns, and masks.
PCT1 082319 Academic Affairs 08/23/19


Hospitality and Tourism

Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality
Baking and Pastry Arts
Student Gary Lanzendorf is back this year with a mission! Would you like to guess what program he is enrolling in next??
Culinary1 082319 Academic Affairs 08/23/19 Culinary4 082319 Academic Affairs 08/23/19 Culinary2 082319 Academic Affairs 08/23/19 Culinary5 082319 Academic Affairs 08/23/19 Culinary3 082319 Academic Affairs 08/23/19



Enterprise Desktop and Mobile Support Technology
The Student Help Desk is up and running this year and has been very active, so the returning students have been getting good experience responding to tickets, using troubleshooting skills to either fix the issue, or recognize if the problem needs to be escalated to Mr. Zehner.



CNC Production Specialist
This week students got their hands on the manual mill to make a drill gage. This is basic machining on a part that requires chasing the dials on the X, Y and Z axis.  While machining, the students get to listen to and feel the cutter as it cuts across the material.  This project will give them a sense of what’s going on with the cutter when they machine a part on a CNC machine. It also gives them experience in machining a part to specified dimensions and part inspection using their own measuring devices in their student kits.

New students are sketching, modeling parts and assemblies in SolidWorks and diving into their Tooling U online courses.  Return students are working on SolidWorks practice exams in preparation for their CSWA certification.
CNC1 082319 Academic Affairs 08/23/19 CNC2 082319 Academic Affairs 08/23/19 CNC3 082319 Academic Affairs 08/23/19



Diesel Systems Technician
The students have had a great start to the new school year! They have all made it through the safety portion of the program and are now starting to get their hands dirty. Most of them have already disassembled, inspected, measured and reassembled their first diesel engine. In addition to working in the shop, they attended a “Creating a Winning Resume” seminar presented by Sonya Rosenglick, Career & Technology Specialist.
Diesel2 082319 Academic Affairs 08/23/19 Diesel1 082319 Academic Affairs 08/23/19



Adult Basic Education (GED prep and ABE)
Adult Education students have been getting to know each other in group activities and interviews. Many have found others who are interested in the same things and in the same career field!

ABE students wrapped up a unit on figurative language as seen in text/poetry/media/songs.  We also dug into author’s purpose and persuasive texts, with focus on the dreaded Part A and B questions on the reading TABE test. Students preparing for CTE entry worked diligently on foundational math skills and compound/complex sentences and are making great improvements in strategies and test taking skills.  ABE and GED students have been working in groups on math skills, such as, fractions, percentages, decimals, geometry, graphing, absolute value, and more.  One of our GED students passed his first GED subject test and is moving on to the second one next week.

We have our first high school graduate of the term, congratulations to Umberto, who passed his last GED subject area test on August 20th!
Adult Ed2 082319 Academic Affairs 08/23/19 Adult Ed1 Eddie E 082319 1 Academic Affairs 08/23/19



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