Academic Affairs 05/17/19


Administrative Office Specialist

The Administrative Office Specialist students were very productive this week as they completed Intensive Records Management and moved onto their final assignments for the program. Everyone is working diligently and excited for their upcoming completion.

We would like to congratulate Misty Wheat, Latrece Taylor, and Darci DeVries for completing the program, and we wish them the best in their future endeavors.



Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality

Culinary had its 2019 Greatest Sandwich competition on Thursday.  The students teamed up to create and produce their entries for judges and we had a tie!! Check in to our Courtyard Cafe for a chance to try them all!!
051719 Culinary6 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Culinary5 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Culinary4 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Culinary3 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Culinary2 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Culinary1 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Culinary7 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Culinary8 Academic Affairs 05/17/19



Enterprise Desktop and Mobile Support Technology/Applied Cybersecurity

Over the last couple of weeks, two of our students had the opportunity to job shadow and assist at Advent Health in Tavares. Students assisted technicians with organizing equipment and some basic networking. The arrangement with Advent Health has been a great and “eye opening” experience for our students.

Additionally, two students successfully pass the first part of their CompTIA A+ exam and one student successfully obtained is CompTIA Network+ exam!
051719 Enterprise4 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Enterprise2 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Enterprise3 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Enterprise1 Academic Affairs 05/17/19



Firefighting/EMT Combo

Students will be graduating on May 28 at 7 pm from the Firefighting/EMT Combo program. The ceremony will take place at Tavares Middle School.
051719 Firefighter4 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Firefighter3 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Firefighter2 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Firefighter8 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Firefighter7 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Firefighter6 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Firefighter5 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Firefighter1 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Firefighter Academic Affairs 05/17/19


Florida Law Enforcement Academy

Nineteen students graduated last week from Lake Tech’s Law Enforcement Academy. Many have already committed to an agency. The next class begins on July 22. The application deadline is May 23.
051719 Law2 e1558439885391 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Law3 e1558439848707 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Law4 e1558439820932 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Law5 e1558439783354 Academic Affairs 05/17/19051719 Law1 e1558439915464 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Law6 Academic Affairs 05/17/19



CNC Production Specialist

Instructor Chris McMahon worked with the students machining parts on the new Chevalier mill. The Mazak lathe is set up, tested and running now. The students made a prototype part out of aluminum for the NASA project.  Material and purchased items have come in for the school hammer project so we will be making those soon.  Both day and night students have access to the student version of SolidWorks now so they have the ability to use SolidWorks at home. The magnetic chuck came in for the surface grinder.  Hopefully we’ll have that installed next week. 

On the Mazak we are making a prototype part for NASA. We will meet with our project manager on Tuesday this coming week.
051719 CNC5 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 CNC2 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 CNC4 Academic Affairs 05/17/19  051719 CNC1 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 CNC3 e1558442266382 Academic Affairs 05/17/19  



Automotive Service Technology

The student in the picture is practicing his tire changing skills and learning how to position the wheel on the machine in order to keep from damaging the TPMS sensors that new vehicles have as standard equipment.
051719 AST1 Academic Affairs 05/17/19


Diesel Technology Technician

The Diesel program received a brand new Kohler diesel engine from PowerTech Generators this week. We are excited to implement it into the curriculum and start working on it. A big thank you to PowerTech for the donation.
051719 Diesel1 e1558443530268 Academic Affairs 05/17/19



GED Prep

So far we have 40 High School graduates on the graduation program!  There are many students who are close, with only one or two subjects left to go. Graduation is 10:00 am, June 14th at Lake Sumter State College, for our high school graduates.  You still have time….  Congratulations to all of you!
051719 Adult Ed Janiqua Williams Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Adult Ed SierraJeanMorey2 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Adult Ed Kasali Lwali2 Academic Affairs 05/17/19 051719 Adult Ed1 Academic Affairs 05/17/19

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