Academic Affairs 02/14/20


Accounting Operations
Administrative Office Specialist
Since it is February, the Accounting and AOS students are in full tax mode volunteering with United Way’s VITA program.

The students visited the Career Success Center to attend the “First Time Home Buyers” seminar. This seminar was terrific for all students; the presenters discussed credit, loans, grants, and options available when preparing to purchase a house. In addition, the students attended Ms. Rosenglick’s “Cover Letter” workshop. As always, Ms. Rosenglick gave an excellent presentation on the importance and expectations of a professional cover letter.

The current student leaders, Shaleea Roberson and Ariel Smallwood made a presentation to the class on “Managing a Business.” The two students were able to link managing the kiosk with operating a business. The presentation touched on subjects such as inventory, having a Plan B, and being accountable.

The students also had a chance to role-play customer service scenarios this week. This role play was to help prepare the students competing in SkillsUSA this coming week.

The week ended with a visit from Lake Sumter State College. All Accounting Operations and Administrative Office Specialist students graduating this year registered to attend LSSC. The students are excited about the wonderful articulation agreement we have with the college and the ability for them to continue their education.



Pharmacy Technician
The students in Pharmacy Tech III were busy this week learning proper aseptic technique, including hand washing and garbing to prepare to enter an IV room. The students complete multiple labs, including learning how to properly clean a laminar airflow workbench and how to properly withdraw medications from vials, powdered vials, and ampules to enter into an IV bag.
Pharmacy Technician1 021420 1 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 Pharmacy Technician2 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 Pharmacy Technician3 021420 scaled e1582038041366 Academic Affairs 02/14/20


Practical Nursing (Part-time)
Last week, we finished checking off on injections and IV flow rate drips. We practiced using compression stockings and started developing the skill for Foley insertion and removal.  We also completed our new class on “Growth and Development” and the class was assigned a skit to prepare for on different life ages.
Practical Nursing4 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 Practical Nursing3 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 Practical Nursing1 021420 e1582038344190 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 Practical Nursing2 021420 e1582038355237 Academic Affairs 02/14/20


EMT Graduation
Eight new EMTs are now ready for work, for the Paramedic program, or for the Fire Fighting program!
emt 2 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 emt 3 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 emt1 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 emt 4 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20



Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality
Baking and Pastry Arts
Students in the Culinary program were practicing for SkillsUSA competition this week. They were also learning how to make sweetened and dried edible flowers. On Wednesday, it was “Wing Day” as the students prepared chicken wings and five different homemade sauces for lunch.
Culinary3a 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 Culinary4a 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 Culinary2a 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 Culinary1 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20



CNC Production Specialist
This week, Spring Creek Charter students toured and they all had a great time with our CNC Obstacle Course where the students maneuver a straw around some pylons and return the machine to start point.  The winners received a ballpeen hammer keychain.  We also held our Vice Challenge again this week and gave prizes to the top three finishers, so we were full of activities and had a great time.
CNC5 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 CNC6 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 CNC7 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 CNC8 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 CNC9 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 CNC10 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 CNC11 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 CNC12 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 CNC1 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 CNC2 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 CNC3 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 CNC4 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20



Fire Academy, Special Operations
For the advanced firefighters who are already working, specialized classes at the Lake Tech Fire Academy prepare them for many different scenarios.
Fire Special Ops6 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 Fire Special Ops1 021420 e1582041839564 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 Fire Special Ops5 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 Fire Special Ops3 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 Fire Special Ops2 021420 e1582041713746 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 Fire Special Ops4 021420 e1582041612685 Academic Affairs 02/14/20



Automotive Service Technology
The student in the pictures is working on the removal of the evaporator housing in order to get to the heater core and evaporator as part of one of his competencies. It’s a challenging task to accomplish due to how many components have to be removed and disconnected and even more challenging  to put it all back together and having it all work.
AST2 021420 scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20 AST1 021420 scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20


Automotive Collision Technology Technician
When the Sherwin-Williams Tradeshow held in Orlando on February 6 is over, they donate all the excess paint and supplies to Lake Technical College’s Automotive Collision program. We sure appreciate Sherwin-Williams!
 Auto Collision2 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 Auto Collision1 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20



Working on social studies based passages, students paired together to break down and decipher various presidential speeches, inaugural addresses and wartime announcements.  Delving into the background of each speaker, time period, as well as the events within the US and the world, led students to a greater understanding of each text passage. The vocabulary of each speaker and time period was also addressed, as the elevated and “Queen’s English” often stumps students and causes a road block to understanding the text’s meaning.

Students have been working diligently on passages of argumentation and evidence which are highly stressed in both the GED and TABE assessments. It is hard to put aside personal opinions and focus on which side made the better claim, but students are improving, and are looking critically at the evidence to determine if it is credible, authoritative, or old, outdated, and subjective. These activities engages students’ critical thinking and strategy brain juices which encourages success in science and mathematical questions too.

Incorporation of science diagrams, graphs, and math solving has also become part of our morning routine and the hope is to break down the barrier of, “I can’t do math.”

Our career focus this week was the Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning/Refrigeration program.  Several students enjoyed the visit and learned a lot about the program.  Thank you to Mr. Bagg!
GED HVAC1 Victor 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 GED HVAC2 Victor.jpg2 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 GED HVAC 3 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20

We also had two more high school graduates.  Congratulations to Caroline and Austin!  Caroline is going to look for a job and then go to LSSC, and Austin plans to enroll in the Diesel program here at LTC.
GED Caroline1 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 GED Austin Sain2 021420 scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20


Embedded questions, reported speech, the conditional tense, count and non-count nouns. There are some of the skills that we covered in our English classes this week. In addition to this, our intermediate and advanced students continued with their PowerPoints. We all learned some amazing things about their home countries that ranged from natural land and water features, to architecture and history, and of course, food! Our students did a wonderful job putting together their presentations. They sharpened their skills in research, summarization, and technology, not to mention, reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English!
ESOL2 021420 scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20 ESOL3 021420 scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20 ESOL4 021420 scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20 ESOL10 021420 scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20 ESOL1 021420 scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20 ESOL5 021420 scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20 ESOL6 021420 scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20 ESOL9 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 ESOL8 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20 ESOL7 021420 Academic Affairs 02/14/20

The week before Valentine’s Day is a favorite for us in ESOL! It’s when our student get to write and perform their own novellas (dramatic short skits.) Our students had a great time brainstorming ideas, agreeing on a theme, creating a plot, writing dialogue for characters, and acting out their plays, much to our enjoyment! There was a lot of laughter this week, but also a lot of learning that happened within the different phases of the activity. Our students collaborated well in communicating their ideas, bringing them to the page, and then to the “stage” for all of us to enjoy!
2.14.20 ESOL b scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20 2.14.20 ESOL c scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20 2.14.20 ESOL d scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20 2.14.20 ESOL e scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20 2.14.20 ESOL f scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20 2.14.20 ESOL g scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20 2.14.20 ESOL h scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20 2.14.20 ESOL i scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20 2.14.20 ESOL j scaled Academic Affairs 02/14/20


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