Mentor Recognition 01/10/20

sherie lindamood 011020 Mentor Recognition 01/10/20From the Lake County School’s FaceBook page:

“It’s National Mentoring Month and we’re celebrating by highlighting our mentors all over the district. First up is Dr. Sherie Lindamood, Student Success Counselor at Lake Technical College.

Dr. Sherie Lindamood is a mentor to hundreds of Lake Tech students each year. Whether she is holding study groups, tutoring, talking and listening, or finding outside resources to assist in removing barriers for students, she is always available. All students have her personal cell number and Sherie has been known to meet with students during the early morning, late evening, and even weekends in order to provide mentorship and support. One thing all the students on campus know for sure, they can stop by Sherie’s office anytime for a piece of chocolate!”

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