Friday Update 9/1/17

In the Weeks Ahead at Lake Technical College

  • Senator Baxley to tour Lake Tech, September 6, 11 am -1 pm
  • Constitution Day, September 18
  • Business Partner/Advisory Member Fall Reception, September 25, 6pm
  • COE Team on Campus, September 25-28


Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating Technology 1 & 2 – This year’s class is the largest class to date and all students are working hard. In addition, an evening program was opened to accommodate working students. Mr. Terry Flood is the instructor for this class. The students in the program who don’t yet have a GED or high school diploma are able to integrate the academic curriculum into the technical curriculum so when they graduate, they will definitely be “job ready!”


Accounting Operations / Administrative Office Specialist – This week the Accounting Operations and Administrative Office Specialist students participated in four presentations on key job searching components. Instructor Hayes taught the importance of a well written follow up letter, letter of acceptance, and resignation letter. Ms. Rosenglick gave students an introduction to the professional social media website, LinkedIn, and how to use social media to your benefit as it pertains to your career. 

As Floridians, we know how devastating hurricanes can be. With the floods in Texas causing major damage from hurricane Harvey, Lake Technical College has asked its students to remember those in need of everyday products that we take for granted. The students in the Accounting Operations/Administrative Office Specialist programs were kind enough to donate diapers, toilet paper, cat and dog food, hand sanitizer, sanitary napkins, and baby formula. We are confident these donated items will help give some relief in a terrible situation, and serve as a reminder that when we take time to think of others, we can accomplish great things.

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Paramedic – Congratulations to the 2017 Paramedic Program graduates. The 1,100 hour program completed August 16, 2017. Over 150 family and friends gathered for the graduation ceremony which took place on August 16, 2017, at the Eustis Community Center. Twenty-one students walked to receive their Certificate of Completion.

Congratulation to these Lake Technical College Paramedic Graduates: Blake Allen, Brandan Bass, Kyle Bateman, Tash Bonilla, John Davis, Skyler Dias, Christopher Didier, Jerry Donaldson Jr., James Fattizzi, Janel Floyd, Casey Forney, Shawn Kelleher, Bailey Knoch, Brecon Murtie, Christian Pitts, Clay Rich, Evan Spence, Erick Stott, Jonathan Sydenstricker, Gregory Todd, James Van Dyke

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In With the New! Welcome new EMT students. The evening EMT program began August 14, 2017. We are looking forward to an exciting year with this class of 13 students!

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Medical Assisting – Abigail Cato, the first dual enrolled Medical Assisting practicum student, finished 200 hours of Practicum. As students move through the program, they move their “key” forward through each course. Once they complete the entire program, they get to take home the key.

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Taking your key home is fantastic, having your practicum site offer you a job on the last day ….priceless!!! Congratulations Abigail!


Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality – Just another day in the Lake Tech culinary kitchen!


Cosmetology – This week, Dr. Crenshaw happened by as the students were in the middle of a make-up activity.  They invited him to help determine skin tone and what makeup was correct or incorrect on the models.  The students decided they would demonstrate on Dr. Crenshaw on determining skin tone……


Diesel Systems Technology – This week, students started taking engines apart on their own and were applying the skills that were taught the previous week. As part of the curriculum, students have to identify all engine components and find any faults in the engines. 


Automotive Service Technology – Students have been busy working on engine tear downs, from a small one cylinder engine to a four cylinder engine. In the process, they learn the different parts and pieces that make an engine, the names of those parts, and become familiar with hand tools and their proper use. The pictures show the students putting their skills to work.


GED – This week in the GED class, students participated in many mini-lessons.  They studied math short-cuts on ratio/proportion and the percent box method; and also determined when to use affect or effect in a sentence and how to unpack a writing prompt.  Students used algebra skills to solve math problems – if a rooster plus a rooster is worth 30 points, and a rooster minus a duck equals 10 points, and a duck plus a cat is worth 45 points…how much is a cat worth?  Students were also chosen at random to answer questions using the Random Name Picker/Spinner as shown to us in last week’s “Sonya’s Tech Tip.”

One of the GED students, Nigel, was called to help in Texas for disaster relief, through his disaster response team at his church.  We heard back from him and he is okay so far and has helped a lot of people.  The entire class anxiously awaits his safe return.







Afternoon Adult Basic Education – If you see any of these students on campus this week, be sure and ask them what an antecedent is! It’s been all about pronouns this week, and the students have done a wonderful job! We’ve been working steadily on reading, covering specific skills and strategies, and it’s been wonderful to see the enthusiasm and the progress our students are making.

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ESOL – In Advanced English, the students have been delving deeper into the future this week—future verb tenses, that is! Students have also had plenty of opportunities for writing, reading, and speaking, including playing charades, which they loved. In Beginning English, the students have been progressing steadily with present tenses, writing, and fun conversational activities. We also have lessons weekly for everyone on Civics, Life Skills, and Job Skills, which provide important information to all.



Lake tech students and staff send food, water, and other items to Texas.



  • Laurie Bryant, Mark Crenshaw and Diane Culpepper will represent Lake Tech at a manufacturing apprenticeship meeting on Friday, September 8 at Metal Essence in Longwood.
  • Diane Culpepper will be the guest speaker at the Golden Triangle Lake County Rotary Club on September 12.
  • On September 20, Morgan Black and Kim Frazier will represent Lake Tech at Lake Receptions’ 4th Annual Business Expo.
  • Laurie Bryant has been selected as a member of the Leadership Lake class this year.
  • On September 26, Lake Tech will participate in the Lake and Sumter County Healthcare Connection meeting sponsored by CareerSource to determine solutions for the healthcare talent pipeline.
  • A focus group to determine the need for an Industrial Machinery Maintenance Technician training program will be held on October 3 at Lake Tech.


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