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First Day of School Pictures

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Accounting Operations / Administrative Office Specialist – The Accounting Operations and Administrative Office Specialist programs would like to welcome all the new and returning students. The new school year is off to a great start. The returning students are working on their advanced course work and our new students jumped right into learning new Microsoft skills. All the students are excited about their new adventure and are excited about being at Lake Tech

As an ice-breaker and a way to help the new students feel part of the program, instructor Ms. Hayes and the students played several Minute to Win It games. Check out the class video (opens in new window)opens in a new window

EMT – On Thursday, August 9, the EMT class graduated. Ms. Stephan presided over the graduation which was held in the Student Center.

Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality – The new Culinary students practiced new terminology and techniques to include dicing (small medium, and large), julienne, chiffonade, and tourne.  Have you ever said to yourself, “What is a tourne?” This term refers to a method of cutting and peeling root vegetables into oblong, seven-sided football-like shapes. This classic French technique helps vegetables like carrots, turnips, and potatoes to cook evenly.


Baking and Pastry Arts – The new Baking and Pastry Arts program opened with 12 students and new instructor Chef Sarah. Students were baking on the first night of class. The students will learn how to make pies, pound cakes, quiche, custards, cookies, cream-based dessert sauces, breads, coffee cakes, Danish pastries, tarts, mousses, soufflés, and much more!


Enterprise Desktop and Mobile Support Technology / Applied Cybersecurity – Instructor Trevor Scharich indicated this first week in his two programs was a big success. The new and returning students got right to work and indicated they liked the new class structure, the organization, the easy-to-follow layout of course materials, and the quiet “library” like atmosphere of the classroom space. Pictured are some students testing network cables they were making.

Tech Tidbit from the Association of Career and Technical Education Sector Sheet: The Information Technology sector accounts for more than $1 trillion in US revenue, includes almost 384,000 businesses as well as many self-employed individuals, and pays a wage more than two times the national average. Occupations in IT programs require academic, technical, and employability skills and are found in a broad range of industries including health care, finance, and media.

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Fire Fighter/EMT Combined – Chief Ron Williams hosted an orientation for the students and their families on Thursday, August 9. Over 150 people were in attendance and after the meeting, pizza was served. Even LakeTech Lola made an appearance.

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Florida Law Enforcement Academy – On July 11, the Day Law Enforcement students graduated. Many were all ready “patched” by various agencies across the county. On July 12, they took their state exam and are now ready to work.  The next day class started on July 23 and the evening class started August 6.

Automotive Service Technology – It was an amazing first week in the AST program.  We welcomed a total of 30 students—some were returning from last year and some were brand new. The returning students couldn’t be happier to be back and the new students can’t wait to be done with their safety courses in order to get out in the shop and start getting their hands dirty. The pictures show one of our returning students already working on perfecting his wheel alignment skills and the other shows some of our new students already training on how to lift a car safely. In addition, they are learning lift point identification and the different types of car frames. 


GED – Adult Education students enjoyed creatively presenting information about Lake Tech’s Career Programs to their peers, using skits and drawings. Students were to provide information to identify the name of the career, description, length of program, tuition, employment opportunities, and salary range. Facts presented were found on Lake Tech Career Flyers, located in the main lobby display. The presentations were quite memorable, as many of our students turned on the drama!

Students identified which careers interest them and added their names to our Program Shadow board, under their career choice. We plan to provide the opportunity for each student to spend a little time in the classroom of their choice to get a feel for the amazing training available!

We also celebrated our first BIG SUCCESS! Micheal Mathis satisfied his last TABE requirement and is now on his way to GED Fast Track.


Bienvenidos. Velkommen. Failte. Yokoso. – In other words, Welcome, from our ESOL classes at Lake Tech! Our new school year has gotten off to an exciting and productive start with students, who come from 14 countries, including Japan, Ukraine, India, and Peru, just to name a few! We also have a new teacher who has joined us this year. Her name is Francesca Collingon, and she has taught and lived in various places around the world, including Denmark, South Korea, and Iran. We’re excited to have her with us and to learn and grow from her teaching experiences.

Speaking of learning, there is so much to learn about English, American Culture, and about each other. Our students are already speaking, writing, reading, and practicing pronunciation in English, and making new friends in the process. We are looking forward to an awesome semester!


Afternoon Adult Basic Education (ABE) – Our ABE class has gotten off to a great start this year! We’re already worked our way through types of nouns, antecedents and pronouns, and are heading into the grammatical realm of verbs next week. Our students have already benefitted from a lot of Language Arts and Reading practice, and they are focused and ready for success!

WE LOVE Our Custodial Team! – The Lake Tech Custodial Team worked very hard all summer preparing the campus for the new school year. They spent over 2,240 hours cleaning the facilities, 18 bathrooms, countless window sills and ledges, and approximately 255,548 square feet of floor stripping and waxing, carpet cleaning, and dust mopping.

Since the Adult Ed and EMT classes were running all summer and the nursing students returned July 9, all the regular cleaning of those classrooms, the common areas and student services still had to be maintained and cleaned.

Thanks for all you do for us!

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In the Community

On Tuesday, Beth Thornton represented Lake Tech at the Healthcare Education Fair sponsored by CareerSource Central Florida. People interested in the in-demand careers in the healthcare industry like, EMT, Medical Assisting, Nursing Assistant, Paramedic, Phlebotomist, Pharmacy Technician, and Practical Nursing were able to learn more and could find out if they qualified for a scholarship.

On Tuesday, Laurie Bryant attended the iBuild monthly meeting. This is a group of construction industry people and educators who meet once a month to discuss and plan for additional construction education in Orange, Seminole, and Lake Counties.

On Thursday, Laurie Bryant attended the Commercial Contractors luncheon and was able to present information about the short courses offered at Lake Tech.


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