Friday Update 5/19/17

In the Weeks Ahead at Lake Technical College

  • National Technical Honor Society Induction Ceremony, May 25, 2 pm at IPS
  • Memorial Day Holiday, May 29
  • Fire Fighter Graduation, May 31 at Tavares Middle School
  • June 13, Graduation Day – Florida High School Diploma at 10 am, CTE Graduates at 2 pm, Lake Sumter State College
  • National SkillsUSA Conference, June 19-23, Louisville, KY

Umatilla Elementary School students visited Lake Tech to see how science, math, reading and technology connect with their future careers. It was fun to have the 5th graders on our campus!


The Lake Technical College Board of Directors toured the Center for Advanced Manufacturing construction project on Monday after the board meeting.


Accounting Operations / Administrative Office Specialist –  The students are excited to complete the final weeks of the year. In addition to working on our program requirements, we also took time to learn about Customer Service from our SkillsUSA State Silver medalist Lynette Gibbs. Lynnette’s presentation on this important topic covered “What Customer Service Means to Me.” The presentation was very engaging and the students learned a lot that will help them in their field.

We would like to congratulate Clifford Aubuchon, Tiffany Hancock, and Lynnette Gibbs on the completion of their program and wish them continued success for the years that lie ahead.






EMS Programs – The EMT students will begin clinical rotation in June. The purpose of clinical experience education is to provide students with opportunities to reinforce knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired in the classroom and laboratory settings. During this cognitive and psychomotor transition from simplistic tasks to those that are more complex, the student will develop a valuable and purposeful way of care modalities to be used when treating patients as a provider.

The Paramedic students are gearing up to begin the Field Internship Team Leader portion of the program. The student must complete a total of 299 hours of internship. The primary purpose of the field internship is the experience of the student managing the Paramedic level decision-making associated with prehospital patients. During the Field Internship the student should be able to integrate all cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains to function as an entry-level paramedic. The student should a limited amount of instruction from the preceptor.

Paramedic student review cardiac dysrhythmias and patient care with instructor David Jackson.




Phlebotomy – Eighteen students completed the Phlebotomy program on May 17. The students attended class two nights per week. Lots of work – but fun too?


Practical Nursing – Eustis Campus – The Practical Nursing students teamed up to give their Human Growth and Development presentations this past week. The presentations given included the developmental stages from baby to adolescent, healthy nutrition, and developmental challenges, just to name a few. One of the props was used to show ways to make fun foods to entice toddlers.


Practical Nursing – Sumterville Campus – The students celebrated Nurse’s Week at the Sumterville Campus.






Florida Law Enforcement Academy – Last week, class 15-17-2000-01, took their written exam for Chapter 6 – Calls for Service. Everyone passed the exam and the class average was a 97.8%. The Day Law class completed the PowerPoints and scenarios for Chapter 7 – Criminal Investigations.

On Tuesday, the class took a tour of the Leesburg Police Department, where they were introduced to many different department members. The officers went over numerous special units, including K-9, S.W.A.T., Motor Unit, Patrol, and CID. The class also got to experience  some the tools and equipment used by the officers. Tuesday afternoon, the students were honored to be asked to witness the Lake County Officer Memorial ceremony, honoring the brave individuals who sacrificed so much for their community. Recruiters from Tavares Police Department came to the classroom to speak to the students about joining the TPD team.

Sergeant Brown, from Astatula Police Department had the students participate in different scenarios, including Grand Theft and Burglary, to complete the lessons for Chapter 7. Corporal Parker, from Lake County Sheriff’s Office, began Chapter 8 – Crime Scene to Courtroom through PowerPoint and scenarios. Physical Fitness this week was conducted by Detention Deputy Givens, from Lake County Sheriff’s Office.


This week, the Day Law class completed the Chapter 7 – Criminal Investigations written exam. The class completed the lessons on Chapter 8 – Crime Scene to Courtroom through PowerPoint presentations, taught by Corporal Parker, Corporal Hart, and Sergeant Stone, all from Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Class 15-17-2000-01 began Defensive Tactics this week, where the students went over the basic techniques to include transport positions, take-downs, strikes, and more. Defensive Tactics this week was instructed by Chief Hoagland from Astatula Police Department, Detention Deputy Givens from Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Sergeant Bond from Lake County Sheriff’s Office, and Captain McMasters from Clermont Police Department. All of this work took place in the newly renovated DT Room. A special thanks to Jack Miller for coordinating that project.


Auto Service Technology – Students spent this week learning how to replace worn out sway bar bushings and then inspecting all the suspension components for wear. In addition, students practiced with a spark tester to determine if there was spark present in all the cylinders in order to figure out the condition of the engine. Students also learned to clean and inspect a small engine carburetor. 


ESOL – The ESOL students enjoyed taking a tour of the RED Bus and learning about what it does and how it works. It was a great experience for all.


Adult Basic Education – Students in Kathy Roberts’ and Kathy Girard’s classroom practiced math using a giant board game on the floor.


National Adult Education Honor Society Induction Ceremony – This week, an exciting ceremony took place for National Adult Education Honor Society (NAEHS) nominees.  ABE/GED/ESOL students were chosen by their instructors on the basis of the student’s dependability, cooperative attitude, and work ethic. 

Being chosen is quite an honor and benefits the student in many ways.  Students receive a membership certificate, lapel pin, two letters of recommendation (one for employment and one for further education), and GED students will be recognized at graduation.  Eighty students were inducted this time and many friends and family members were there to help celebrate.  Mrs. Marvina Hooper was our guest speaker.  She had the group laughing and motivated to continue with their goals and to share their gratitude with those who have helped them along the way. 

Graduation – Caps, gowns, and tassels can be picked up beginning the week of June 5 in the Admissions Office.  Please bring the receipt or your Student ID badge when picking up.

Around Campus – Megan Bateman and Jack Miller bond over the installation of the new picnic table in the Courtyard.






Auto Collision instructor David Beliveau surprised Auto Service Technology instructor Mark McKinney with happiness at the last faculty/staff meeting! In keeping with the idea of “Fill the Bucket of Others,” David gave Mark some microwave pork rinds and an electronic fly swatter for those pesky mosquitoes that show up in his office each year.


A journalist from Akers Media interviewed Lake Tech instructors for a July edition of Style Magazine.


  •  The United Way of Lake & Sumter Counties held their Board Retreat at Lake Tech on Thursday. Breakfast and lunch were prepared by the Culinary Department. As part of the retreat, a presentation was made by DeAnna Thomas about the “Corrections Connection”, a project sponsored by the United Way. Inmates in the Lake County Jail are afforded the opportunity to study and prepare for the GED® Test as well as earn scholarships for further education at Lake Tech or Lake Sumter State College. DeAnna Thomas shared information with the Board members about the project and the successful outcomes – 20 inmates have passed the GED® Test and earned their Florida High School Diploma since January. Sharon Stone, Education Coordinator for the Lake County Jail and Patrick Dennis who teaches at the jail participated in the presentation as well.
  • Diane Culpepper will be attending the quarterly Workforce Taskforce on May 23.



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