Friday Update 5/18/12

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  • National Technical Honor Society Induction, May 24 at 2:30 pm
  • Virtual Bookstore to Go Live this Summer

Academic Affairs

Arts, Communication, & AV Technology
Last week, Digital Design instructor Kerrie Johnson attended the High School Digital Design joint advisory committee for East Ridge and Lake Minneola High Schools. In addition, she hosted the Digital Design instructor for Wildwood Middle and High School at Lake Tech who was interested in seeing our program and sharing ideas.

Health Science
Lots of EMS graduates this month!

On May 3, 2012, 17 EMT students graduated the EMT program. The graduation was well attended by family and friends of the students. Special thanks to Mrs. Melissa Stephan for validating the Certificates of Completions.

Congratulations to: Ryan Casteel, Prince Curry III, Chad Gattis, Gerald Hood, Sam McNair, Sierra McVeigh, Matthew Payne, Brian Pollock, Tyler Ramsey, Jerica Register, Scott Russell, Kristen Staehler, Austin Sullivan, Ashlee Thornburg, Charity Warren, Kyle Warren, Sean Wright

clip image002 Friday Update 5/18/12

Congratulations to the Sumter paramedic students for their successful completion of the first ever Sumter County Paramedic Programs. The Alpha class completed May 4, 2012, and the Bravo class completed May 11, 2012.

Over 120 family and friends gathered for the graduation ceremony which took place on May 11, 2012, at the Wildwood Community Center. Twenty-one students walked to receive their Certificate of Completion. Part-time paramedic instructors Joe Grantham and Rob Hanson were very entertaining as they served as guest speakers. Both did a terrific job reliving moments within the classes. Thank you to Mrs. Melissa Stephan for validating the Certificates of Completion for the paramedic graduates.

Congratulations to the following paramedic graduates: Damon Allen, Joseph Belanger, Anthony Dawkins, Jeremy Feil, Jordan Harger, Willie Haugabrook Jr., Brian Hoogewind, Harold Jacques, Jonathan Kegan, Aaron Ketcham, Matthew Longest, Brady Merritt, Rick Pitts, Mark St. Pierre, Justin Thalgott, Victor Virgilio III, Lee Warrick, Robert Wozniack, Nicholas Zancanata

ems Friday Update 5/18/12clip image003 Friday Update 5/18/12

Congratulations to all the students!!

The Day Practical Nursing students will be graduating very soon. The Evening Full Time Practical Nursing students will become the senior class. Both classes celebrated together with pizza and then spent the afternoon sharing stories and enjoying each other’s company.

Hospitality & Tourism
The First Annual High School Culinary Arts Cook-Off was held at Lake Technical Center on May 7. A special thanks to our Chefs who assisted in so many ways. The high school students were amazing as they had three hours to prepare and serve appetizers, soup or salad, a main dish with a vegetable, and dessert to the judges and to their family and friends.

Chef Koenig was able to congratulate the students and their parents and share with them the opportunities at Lake Tech for Dual Enrollment and articulation into the Adult Culinary program. You can watch some of the competition on Comcast’s Channel 22’s “Back of the House” program.

First High School Culinary Competition 106 Friday Update 5/18/12First High School Culinary Competition 100 Friday Update 5/18/12First High School Culinary Competition 099 Friday Update 5/18/12First High School Culinary Competition 098 Friday Update 5/18/12First High School Culinary Competition 097 Friday Update 5/18/12First High School Culinary Competition 096 Friday Update 5/18/12

Law, Public Safety & Security
Ron Williams and his staff are offering “Pre-Employment Testing” at the Lake Tech Fire Academy. This testing is for those certified Fire Fighters who might want to be considered for potential openings at The Villages, Tavares, Clermont and Mt. Dora Fire Departments. The employment testing consists of a written test and a physical ability test. 

firefighterdoor Friday Update 5/18/12

We are rapidly approaching the graduation of both the Day and Night Law Academies. Day Law is currently in the DUI block of instruction and within their last two weeks of class. Night Law is finishing the Firearms block and doing quite well; they are in their last week of class. The Corrections students are progressing nicely; they started the Defensive Tactics block this week and began to realize that a little sweat, determination, and lots of ibuprofen goes a long way at the Academy.

Transportation and Logistics
Instructor Randy Yates and his students from the Medium and Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Technician (Diesel) program spent the last couple of weeks at the Institute of Public Safety. During their time on that campus, the students were able to pull five diesel engines and transmissions from school buses that were donated to the Fire Fighter program. Although the hot sun was brutal last week, the students gained experience from this project that they would not have had otherwise. For the next few weeks, the students will be able to troubleshoot and repair the engines for additional practice. Thanks to Ron Williams and all the folks over at IPS.

5 Friday Update 5/18/126 Friday Update 5/18/124 Friday Update 5/18/123 Friday Update 5/18/122 Friday Update 5/18/121 Friday Update 5/18/12

Instructor Randy Yates, as part of this year’s professional development plan, created an alumni Facebook page for the past graduates of his program. He plans to use this social networking site to post job opportunities for current and past graduates and develop another way for them to network with each other. If you are interested in doing something similar, see Randy for details!

Auto Collision graduate Cornelius Graham applied for and won $5,000 worth of tools from the Collision Foundation. Cornelius graduated earlier in the year and is working in Lake County in his field. He returned to receive his award and thank those that assisted him!

autopbody3 Friday Update 5/18/12autobody2 Friday Update 5/18/12autobody Friday Update 5/18/12

Adult Education
This week was an incredible week of post-testing success. Our ESOL classes throughout the county demonstrated that they are truly “getting it done.” Lots of LCPs earned, which means students are learning – and we have the proof.

Our GED program is ready for some more students. Many of the current students are ready to take their GED test and others are earning the scores they need to be successful in their CTE programs. Congratulations to Instructors Coleen Avelli, Gloria Balogh and Pam Netherton!

We all know there are a thousand things going on at Lake Tech right now. Did you also know that we are still right in the middle of our strategic Career Pathways grant initiative? A lot has to be done by June 30th, so if it looks like we are all running around in a million different directions, we are, but we actually know where we are going!

Did you know that we have an ESOL class at Cooper Memorial Library, which is both a county library and the library for the LSCC and UCF South Lake County extension sites? That’s right, we are there. The class is awesome, and we have a fantastic instructor, Margarita Montes, who came to us after retiring as a full-time ESOL Instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College near San Francisco, CA. As a show of appreciation, and in honor of Mother’s Day in the Latino Community (May 10th), her students gave her this:

2012 05 11 08 59 50 439 Friday Update 5/18/12

On Wednesday, May 2, 2012, the Leesburg Probation and Parole office hosted a Re-Entry workshop facilitated by Lake Technical Center for offenders who are seeking postsecondary education certificates. The primary goal of the workshop was to provide guidance and information concerning postsecondary certification programs. Over 30 offenders attended the workshop and were able to obtain information for GED classes and other postsecondary education certificates. Most offenders were not aware that Lake Tech offers financial aid to those who qualify. Due to the large number of offender’s interested in attending the workshop several small workshops were available thoughout the morning.

clip image001 Friday Update 5/18/12

Student Affairs

Lake Tech will be presenting scholarships this week to area high school students during their Award’s Ceremonies which are held at East Ridge, Tavares, and Mt. Dora High Schools on May 22 and at Leesburg and Umatilla High Schools on May 24.

Staff Development

In preparation for professional development for next year, Lana sent a survey to the faculty to help determine which of the Marzano elements you feel you need additional assistance with in order to use them effectively. Please complete the survey if you have not already done so.

CHOICES Planner Webinarsopens in a new window The CHOICES Team will be offering two more webinars this month on CHOICES Planner. CHOICES Planner is the career planning program that the Florida Department of Education provides free of charge to all middle, high and postsecondary schools, as well as other organizations that need a career planning tool.

The “Introduction to CHOICES Planner” webinar is for users who are new to CHOICES Planner or who have not accessed the program in some time and need a refresher. The “CHOICES Planner – Professional Tools” webinar covers the various features found in this part of CHOICES. You will need a professional account to participate in this webinar to fully benefit from the training. If you do not have a professional account or do not remember your log-in information, contact the CHOICES Team prior to the day of the training for assistance.

Wednesday, May 23rd

  • 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM – CHOICES Planner – Professional Tools
  • 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM – Introduction to CHOICES Planner

To register for a webinar, go to suncom.webex.comopens in a new window and select Training Center and then click on the tab “Upcoming” to get the calendar list of monthly trainings. Click the link “Register” next to the specific webinar listing you want and follow instructions.

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