Friday Update 3/30/12

Plan On It… 

April 3 – Eustis Ultimate Leads Group Luncheon at Lake Tech
April 5 – March Students of Month Luncheon
April 6 – Teacher Workday
April 14-15 – Combat Fire Fighter Challenge at IPS
April 14 – Spa Day in Cosmetology

New Class Starts April 16!

Do you know anyone interested in a totally different career? Be part of the men and women building and supporting our nation’s ever evolving and expanding digital infrastructure. SyngINC, Corp, a technical training center located in Mount Dora, in partnership with Lake Tech, will offer a structured cabling installer class, starting April 16th. Learn more at the SyngINC Open House, 1166 Camp Ave, Mount Dora, Wednesday, April 4th from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. The ten week course will meet Monday and Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at a cost of $1,168. The class will be offered at SyngINC, Corp and students register at Lake Tech’s main campus.

Academic Affairs

Arts, AV & Communication
The Digital Design 2 students experienced the feeling of a real life “rush job” with the re-design of a flyer for one of our charter board members. We presented him with three final design choices, and he was very impressed at how much better the flyer became after the re-design, as well as how quickly students accomplished meeting the deadline.

Kassie Cozart, who has created so much for Lake Tech, including vinyl signs, decals, the print materials for the Fire Fighter Challenge, and several local websites, will complete her program on Thursday. She will be greatly missed! She has already been hired by Lake Magazine and has been promoted to Art Director. Kassie will be formally recognized this Tuesday by the Eustis Ultimate Leads Group at a luncheon to be held here at Lake Tech. $100 will be donated to the Digital Design program for her website design.

Bradlee Wilson (graduated from Lake Tech last June) now a graphic designer for the Daily Commercial, just won his second Honorable Mention for another ad design he recently submitted in a professional-level contest.

Health Science
The Paramedic students recently received certification in the AHA Advanced Life Support (ACLS) and the AHA Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Courses. Paramedic students have to show completion of the ACLS when they apply for the state exam.

The Sumter County Paramedic programs will be completing the first of May and the students are entering into the cumulative review phase of the program. This review phase is heavily scenario- based with the students “putting it all together.” Students are required to successfully pass a program final practical and written evaluation.

The Medical Assisting class had a guest presenter last week, former Director Terry Miller. He provided the Myer Briggs assessment for the students and was very well received!

Hospitality & Tourism
Several critters have been spotted in the Culinary classroom…

bread art2 400x300 Friday Update 3/30/12bread art 22 400x300 Friday Update 3/30/12

Human Services
We are proud to say that five Cosmetology students have taken their state board examination in the last month, and ALL have passed and are now licensed, working cosmetologists. Our senior students are currently learning about chemical texture services and hair color, and our freshmen students are learning haircutting. At the same time, 12 students are in diligent preparation for the SkillsUSA State contest.

Also, we have been reviewing data as we prepare for the upcoming year, and we are excited to share that we have had a part in helping 132 students work on their career goals this school year! That is the number of students that have been enrolled in our programs so far this year….. WOWIE!!

Law, Public Safety & Security

The Corrections Recruit class orientation took place last Thursday and the class is due to begin next Monday at 0700 hours. They will be in session for 420 hours and graduate on June 12.

Day Law finished on the Firearms Range this week and we are still waiting on the final results to be tallied. On a more electrifying note, yesterday was Taser day for the Day Law Enforcement class and I think, if you ask the class as a whole, they would say this block of instruction was very shocking to say the least.

Night Law is in the middle of the Criminal Investigations block and doing well, but you don’t need Sherlock Holmes to figure that out!

The Medium & Heavy Duty Truck and Bus (Diesel) students built a 4BT Cummins Diesel Engine and painted it Florida Gator colors! It looks great.

Cummins 4BT Diesel Engine Video

Adult Education
New signage is beginning to appear in the Adult Education building. Stay tuned for more!

sign for GED 400x266 Friday Update 3/30/12

The GED classroom is busy as ever, serving over 100 students! We have had 16 of our students receive their GED thus far. During the last two weeks of class, we had three students get their TABE scores for the LPN program, and we also assisted them in studying for the TEAS test. We are hopeful that they will get into the program! This week, two students got the TABE scores needed to get into the Administrative Assistant program and the Auto Body Collision and Repair program. Lastly, students are busy getting ready to take the GED by May so they can walk at this year’ graduation ceremony at Lake Receptions.

In funding news, two grants were completed this week for Adult Education. Both grants are requesting scholarship moneys for adult education students. Also, both of the grants will help us improve our ability to serve students in south Lake County – a vital and growing part of our community. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for some good news!

What does our ESOL classes look like?

ESOL 400x298 Friday Update 3/30/12

Student Affairs

The Admissions staff, especially Bill Hermann and Yvonne Pruett, have been very busy with GED testing during February and March. 116 people were tested! There were eight orientation and registration sessions held on Monday evenings or Friday mornings.

Scholarship Opportunities for your Dual Enrollment Students
If you have a dual enrolled student from Eustis High School, please let him/her know that the Woman’s Club of Eustis is offering a $500 scholarship to an EHS student who wants to enroll at Lake Tech upon graduation. The application is posted on the high school’s website.

Fundraising is underway for the SkillsUSA State Contest, and so far over $6,700 has been raised!! The funds have come through a variety of ways including: Operation Teamwork, selling ads for the Firefighter Challenge, Spa Day, Donation jars, cosmetology customer service, and individual sponsors. We are also holding another Spa Day on April 14 and we will be selling water at the Firefighter Challenge that same weekend. We are continuing to accept donations right up until the time we leave for the state contest on 4/29. If you or anyone you know would like to contribute, please see DeAnna Thomas. It costs about $575 per student to attend so we are working hard.

We have also contacted several restaurants in the area, and donations for meal vouchers to help the contestants pay for their meals have already been coming in! A big thanks to Chick-Fil-A and McDonalds so far for helping feed our contestants!!

Congratulations to DeAnna Thomas who has been invited by National SkillsUSA to sit on the education team and master judge’s panel for the 2012 National Championships in Kansas City, Missouri. To receive this invitation is an elite privilege and honor.

Admissions celebrated Russell Darst’s birthday.

Russell Darst Bday.032812 009 400x263 Friday Update 3/30/12

In the Community

Several students represented Lake Tech at Triangle Elementary on Thursday evening each sharing the way they use measurement in their career field.

Over spring break, Kerrie Johnson and Diane Culpepper had the opportunity to represent Lake Tech and the Digital Design program as speakers at the Leesburg Chamber Breakfast. The response was great and many were enlightened to our high standards, program offerings and instructor expertise.

On March 27, Diane Culpepper was the luncheon speaker at the Clermont Kiwanis meeting. On March 28, she attended the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission Board Reception held at the Redtail Golf Club. Charter Board Member James Spencer was also in attendance.


The following letter was receieved from Richard D. Keith regarding a recent Tavares/Mount Dora Chamber event held at lake Receptions: 

Good morning, Dr. Culpepper:
I had meant to send this to you some time ago…

As you know, Trudy represented Lake Tech at a joint Tavares/Mount Dora After Hours event on March 14. At this event, Trudy won the “Best Booth Display”! It’s easy to see why! (There were many nice looking booth displays there, so Lake Tech had some stiff competition.)

The bottom two photos were taken after the winning booth was announced. Trudy was texting you to let you know our/her booth had won!

I believe Trudy did the entire display, including toting the entire thing to and from Lake Receptions by herself!

I was very proud!

A BIG pat-on-the-back to Trudy!

Richard D. Keith
Fire Chief
City of Tavares, Florida
office: 352-742-6391
fax: 352-742-6190

 clip image001 400x300 Friday Update 3/30/12clip image002 400x300 Friday Update 3/30/12clip image003 400x300 Friday Update 3/30/12clip image004 400x300 Friday Update 3/30/12

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