Friday Update 2/7/14

 In the Weeks Ahead at Lake Tech….

  • February 10 – 12 Reaffirmation of Accreditation of Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts program by the American Culinary Federation (ACF)
  • February 11 – Lake Tech will participate in “CTE on the Hill” in the Rotunda of the Capitol in Tallahassee
  • February 18 & 19 – Lake County Legislative Days
  • February 20 – Program Shadow Day at Lake Tech
  • February 27 & 28 – Regional SkillsUSA Competition at Lake Tech
  • March 1 – GeorgeFest Parade
  • Career Fair – April 30 in the Lake Tech Lobby

Academic Affairs

Business Management & Administration
Accounting Operations and Administrative Office Specialist –
One of the highlights of our Accounting Operations program is our partnership the United Way’s VITA program. Here our students complete three days of IRS (Internal Revenue Service) training and then complete an IRS certification test. Once our students pass this exam they become IRS certified. In this volunteer program, they will help prepare income tax returns for residents in Lake County who meet specific requirements. The training was led by Ms. Mariah Delgado who is the program’s manager of the United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties. The class also included several community residents.

The following students completed the training and earned their IRS certification: Kamia Manning, Mariah Delgado (from the United Way), Carolyn Shiflett, Cherry Doty, Brinda Ruehlen, Joey Williams, Brandon Goff, Cortney Donaldson and Marlene Satten. Missing is Caitlyn Lewis. Thanks to all for volunteering for this important program. We also welcomed back Stefanie Libreros, a recent Accounting Operations graduate, who also earned her IRS Certification. Congratulations to all and thanks for volunteering to help our community!

We will post information about when and where you could have your taxes completed as soon as the schedule is finalized.

VITA Tran 2 400x298 Friday Update 2/7/14 VITA Tran 1 400x298 Friday Update 2/7/14 VITA Our Teacher 400x298 Friday Update 2/7/14 VITA Grads 400x298 Friday Update 2/7/14

Hospitality & Tourism
Commercial Foods & Culinary Arts –
The reaffirmation of accreditation by the American Culinary Federation (ACF) will take place this week. Monday evening there will be a reception for the team members. We look forward to showing the team the good work done by the Culinary students and faculty.

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Human Services
Cosmetology –
The Cosmetology students continue to stay very busy. The new students are already doing manicures and pedicures.

cosmet4 400x300 Friday Update 2/7/14 cosmet3 400x300 Friday Update 2/7/14 cosmet2 400x300 Friday Update 2/7/14 cosmet1 400x300 Friday Update 2/7/14

Law and Public Safety
Fire Fighting – 
On February 10, the next Minimum Standards Class of 35 students will begin. We are excited to welcome them to Lake Tech!

On February 21, we will test applicants for a Fire Fighter/Paramedic position with the Tavares Fire Department.

At the end of February, we will be giving an Engineer’s/Driver’s promotional test for the Tavares Fire Department.

Law Enforcement – The Night Law Enforcement Recruits are continuing in the cold and wet Firearms block of instruction. We congratulated the Recruit of the Month. On February 10, we welcome the new recruits for Law and Corrections.

We would like to congratulate Chris DeLibro on his promotion to Captain with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and to Sergeant Russ Edwards on his promotion to the new Criminal Justice Academy Director. We wish both of you well in your new positions.

IMG 20140206 174953 419 225x400 Friday Update 2/7/14

The Welding program had a visitor this week all the way from Brazil! Professor Werner from the Instituto Federal Santa Clara came to visit and tour the program. He was quite impressed with George’s Tig and Stick Cap welds.

Welding 300x400 Friday Update 2/7/14

Transportation & Logistics
instructor Randy Yates and his students are one step closer to finishing the Logan Speers 700 Horse Power 7.3L Powestroke. In addition, check out the newly painted and striped floor in the shop.

diesel1 300x400 Friday Update 2/7/14
diesel2 400x123 Friday Update 2/7/14

Auto Collision Repair and Refinishing – We are excited to announce that Sherwin Williams Automotive Finishes, through The Collision Repair Education Foundation (I-CAR) donated many boxes of tape, paint, and supplies that the Lake Tech Auto Collision students will be able to use. A special thanks to instructors David Beliveau and James Brucker for their partnership with ICAR!

P1000269 400x300 Friday Update 2/7/14 P1000268 400x300 Friday Update 2/7/14 P1000267 400x300 Friday Update 2/7/14

Auto Service Technology – The Auto Service Technology program enjoyed a great week! We welcomed a new student and congratulated one who earned his industry certification. The engine repair students already finished building their engine and they’re just about done installing it. In the pictures the students are completing a brake job on a pick-up truck.

ast3 400x225 Friday Update 2/7/14 ast2 400x225 Friday Update 2/7/14 ast1 400x225 Friday Update 2/7/14


sonya Friday Update 2/7/14

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Student Affairs

The Career Center on our website has been undergoing a revitalization! We heard from many of our students that it needed to be a bit more user friendly. So, stay tuned. The new pages should be launched this week.

WORKSHOPS FOR SUCCESS – Available FREE to All Students
Dr. Lindamood will be presenting the following classes:

  • Feb 19 (W) Stress Management
  • Feb 20 (R) Study Strategies
  • March 12 (W) Study Strategies
  • March 20 (R) Stress Management

These classes will be offered from 3 – 5 pm

Stress Management
We tend to think of stress as a bad thing, but actually there is good stress too. Stress motivates us, enlivens us, and makes things happen. Understand the different between the negative and positive stress in your life, and learn how to manage negative stress so you can excel, enjoy, and thrive.

Study Strategies
The best students are not always the smartest ones; often they are the ones with the best study strategies. In this workshop you will learn how to read a textbook (it’s not like reading a novel), take effective notes, and move learned material from short term memory to long term memory. Students will also become acquainted with time management techniques that will help them make the most of study time.

Sonya Rosenglick will be presenting the following classes:
Resume Creating
Students will learn the best practices of creating resumes. They will learn which items should go on a resume and which items should not. Students will learn proper wording, procedures, elements, style, and how to input a resume into Word 2010. Handouts and resume samples will be given. Students should be prepared to take notes by bringing pen and paper.

Students will learn how to prepare for an interview, how to dress, and how to answer some of the tough questions during an interview. Post interview tips will also be discussed. Handouts and supplemental information will be given. Students should be prepared to take notes by bringing pen and paper.

The following schedule is for students desiring to attend the Resume Creating and Interviewing workshops. These workshops will be 1-hour sessions from 3 – 4 pm and will be held in the A building in Room 01-210A.

Resume Creating
February 19
March 11
April 22

February 20
March 12
April 23



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