Friday Update 1/17/14

In the Weeks Ahead at Lake Tech….

January 22 – 25 – Fire Rescue – East in Daytona Beach
February 7 – Community Resources/Job Fair in Clermont
February 27 & 28 – Regional SkillsUSA Competition at Lake Tech
March 1
– GeorgeFest Parade
Career Fair – April 30, 2014 in the Lake Tech Lobby

Academic Affairs

Arts, AV Technology & Communication
The Digital Design program held its SkillsUSA Regional “Qualifier” on Thursday. The assignment was for the students to create a full-page magazine advertisement to promote non-theme park tourism in Florida. Finals will be announced next week.

Andrew 300x400 Friday Update 1/17/14 Shawnee 300x400 Friday Update 1/17/14 Melany 300x400 Friday Update 1/17/14 Larry 300x400 Friday Update 1/17/14 Elia 300x400 Friday Update 1/17/14 Dustin 300x400 Friday Update 1/17/14 Devin 300x400 Friday Update 1/17/14Deirdre 300x400 Friday Update 1/17/14

Last week Digital Design 1 students learned measuring in fractions and after their lesson were challenged to beat an educational computer game. These are students who “beat the game” with 3 days of their lesson. Next step… memorizing fraction conversions to decimals against the clock!

ruler1 300x400 Friday Update 1/17/14 Ruler6 400x300 Friday Update 1/17/14 Ruler5 400x300 Friday Update 1/17/14 ruler4 400x300 Friday Update 1/17/14 Ruler3 400x300 Friday Update 1/17/14 Ruler2 400x300 Friday Update 1/17/14

Business Management & Administration
As we approach the start of the new semester, we took time to recognize members of our classes that have completed OCPs. Here we see Brandon Goff and Joey Williams who have just completed OCP A.

Brandon and Joey 400x298 Friday Update 1/17/14

We also recognized Joyce Williams and Bradley Bryant who have completed their Administrative Office Specialist programs with Lake Tech.

Joyce 400x298 Friday Update 1/17/14

Health Science
There were many family and friends present and the Child Care room served as the perfect backdrop for the Patient Care Technician graduation ceremony!!! One of the students shared a heartfelt and very moving tribute to Mrs. Girard and to her classmates during the ceremony. There were light refreshments afterward and it was a memorable experience for all. Family and friends were taking pictures galore!!

PCT 01 16 2014 400x264 Friday Update 1/17/14

Law and Public Safety
The Night Law Enforcement Recruits are continuing their Patrol 1 block this week and are getting ready to go to the range in another week.

Adult Education
Trudy Dailey celebrated this week with 17 out of 17 students earning their needed TABE exit scores. Great job to all involved!

Student Affairs


Resume Creating

Students will learn the best practices of creating resumes. They will learn which items should go on a resume and which items should not. Students will learn proper wording, procedures, elements, style, and how to input a resume into Word 2010. Handouts and resume samples will be given. Students should be prepared to take notes by bringing pen and paper.



Students will learn how to prepare for an interview, how to dress, and how to answer some of the tough questions during an interview. Post interview tips will also be discussed. Handouts and supplemental information will be given. Students should be prepared to take notes by bringing pen and paper.

The following schedule is for students desiring to attend the Resume Creating and Interviewing workshops. These workshops will be 1-hour sessions from 3 – 4 pm and will be held in the A building in Room 01-210A.

Resume Creating
February 19
March 11
April 22

February 20
March 12
April 23


Professional Development
If you missed the iPad for Teachers workshop with Sonya on Friday, there will be another two-day session on the next two Wednesdays. These workshop sessions will be held in Sonya’s Classroom: 01-208 in the A building of the main campus.

Wednesday, January 22, 3 – 4 pm
Wednesday, January 29, 3 – 4 pm

sonya Friday Update 1/17/14

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 In the Community

Lake Tech participated in “Sweet Treats for a Cause” on Saturday at Lake Receptions. DeAnna Thomas, Dean of Enrollment, modeled an outfit and our Culinary students prepared appetizers for all to enjoy. This fundraiser benefited the arts in the high schools including Culinary Arts.

SweetTreats 400x264 Friday Update 1/17/14 SweetTReats2 264x400 Friday Update 1/17/14

There is a new George Washington in town this year! Mr. James Brucker will serve as the Prez this year. The parade is Saturday, March 1st at 10 am. Any students or LTC employees who want to participate must be on campus by 8 am.

George Washington Brucker 001 298x400 Friday Update 1/17/14 Georgefest Parade TOY Dinner Cooper S.022512 004 300x400 Friday Update 1/17/14 February 2013 event 006 298x400 Friday Update 1/17/14

The Eustis Chamber’s Ultimate Connection Group meets every Tuesday at Lake Tech for lunch.

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