Friday Update 10/31/14

 In the Weeks Ahead at Lake Technical College

  • PT Challenge at the Institute of Public Safety, November 3
  • Law and Corrections Advisory Committee Meeting, November 4
  • 911 Dispatcher Graduation, November 4
  • Campus Showcase, November 6 and 7, Main Campus and Institute of Public Safety
  • Veteran’s Day, November 11 (Holiday)
  • Career Night, November 12, Main Campus and Institute of Public Safety
  • Practical Nursing Graduation, November 14 (Part-time Main Campus Class)
  • Partners for Success, November 18th at the Clermont Community Center

Academic Affairs

Architecture & Construction
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating Technology – This week, the students were focused on basic electricity. In addition, they had a chance to decorate their door for the Fall Festival and tied for First Place.

ACphoto1 400x225 Friday Update 10/31/14ACphoto2 400x225 Friday Update 10/31/14ACphoto3 400x225 Friday Update 10/31/14ACphoto4 400x225 Friday Update 10/31/14

Arts, Technology & Communication
Digital Design – Digital Design students used paint chips cut into leaves, and magazine pages of text to form a huge tree to decorate our door for the contest. A great plug for Behr and Valspar paints in every fall color from Home Depot and Lowes! We’re thrilled as we won 2nd place!

Alysa Rocker, Robin Kessler, Jacob Porter, Steven Peterson, Caroline Mullen and Zack Ritz all completed Adobe InDesign and are now able to create basic page layouts. They have also learned nearly 100 keyboard shortcuts, giving them more time for creativity against tight deadlines as well as an enviable level of coolness in any graphic design arena. Now they are ready to progress to layouts with folds, bleeds and multiple pages – the fun just never stops!

Students practiced making phone calls to get job shadow appointments. One group played the student (themselves) and another group played “Receptionist & Art Director”. They are required to visit five different companies over the course of their program to see an assortment of working environments in their industry.

In honor of Breast-Cancer Awareness month, students were given an assignment to design a flyer that “sells” the color PINK. They were limited to a minimum of one and a maximum of six images and required to construct a headline and tagline, then create a composition with those elements.

DDdoor3 225x400 Friday Update 10/31/14dd1 Friday Update 10/31/14dd5 Friday Update 10/31/14dd6 Friday Update 10/31/14dd2 Friday Update 10/31/14dd4 Friday Update 10/31/14

Business Management & Administration
Accounting Operations / Administrative Office Specialist – One of the ongoing activities that our students are participating in is SkillsUSA.  This year Samantha Combee was elected as a regional officer and she attended the State Leadership Training Workshop at the Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center this week. The picture below shows Samantha presenting the information that she learned and sharing her experience.

During class, we often talk about life in the business environment including communication skills. To illustrate this we showed the Abbot and Costello video “Who’s on First.”  Since communication is a universal skill and to make this activity even better, we invited the Practical Nursing students to join in on the viewing and discussion of the video. A member of the nursing class won the trivia question:  “What is the only baseball position NOT mentioned in “Who’s on First.”   If you think you know the answer, send it to me in an e-mail.  The first correct answer will pick a prize from our “SWAG” bag!  Write me at

On Friday, we took time to celebrate Halloween and the Fall Festival.  We also welcomed back Antonio Loredo!

admin asst1 400x298 Friday Update 10/31/14 admin asst2 400x298 Friday Update 10/31/14 admin asst3 400x298 Friday Update 10/31/14 admin ast 400x298 Friday Update 10/31/14

Hospitality & Tourism
Commercial Foods & Culinary Arts – The Culinary faculty and students outdid themselves this week. They prepared very special hors d’oeuvres for the Groundbreaking Ceremony on Thursday and then cooked hamburgers, hotdogs, and all the fixings for the students during the Fall Festival. In addition, their annual pumpkin carving contest was another big hit.

Audience for groundbreaking1 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14Audience for groundbreaking2 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14pumpkin carving 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 pumpkin carving2 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 pumpkin 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 pumpkin2 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 pumpkin3 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 pumpkin4 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 pumpkin5 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 pumpkin6 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 pumpkin7 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 pumpkin8 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 pumpkin9 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 pumpkin10 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 pumpkin11 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 pumpkin12 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 pumpkin13 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 pumpkin14 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14

Human Services
Cosmetology, Facials Specialty, Nails Specialty – Cosmo has been very busy with outside classes this past month. We finished the month with our Third outside class, this one on Relaxers and Product from Design Essentials. We had a fabulous speaker and very insightful class. She used LeMac Blount from AM and Leona Forehand from our PM Program. All the students (myself Included) were quite impressed with the presentation and the facilitator.

We had lots of fun at the Career Day held at Triangle Elementary. Denice Almon and Monica Cox along with Ms. Jackson went out brought some of our Mannequin Heads along with some tools, Perm Rods, and various other aspects of our field. The students had fun as Monica demonstrated how to put the Boomerang Rods into place they then got to take turns trying it out. Who knows, they may be some future Lake Tech Cosmo Students??

Everyone got into the Fall Spirit as we turned our doors and lab into a Spider web infestation! We did not win the door contest, but had fun anyways. The students were very excited about the Fall Festival and our PM students held a costume night on Thursday, while AM got in on the fun for Friday. Brooke Shaffer eagerly volunteered to make her traditional chili for the contest, while Ms. Jackson went a different route with “White Zombie Chili”. Ms. Jackson did get the win for the Cosmo team, so watch out next year, we will see if we can keep the Coveted Pumpkin Award!

But, it wasn’t just fun and games, our students also worked very hard on perfecting their skills, Sydney Glenn was able to recreate a color look from a picture on her mannequin. Others were busy learning makeup Naomi Phillips Watson and Neva Mitchell from PM Cosmo and facial Specialty learned from Mrs. Davis Pettaway. While still others kept busy keeping our guests happy.

eddie design 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 happy guest 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 lemac design 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 lemac wash 400x300 Friday Update 10/31/14 lemac wash2 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 naomi neva 400x300 Friday Update 10/31/14 neva make up 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 pm design 400x300 Friday Update 10/31/14 pm halloween 400x300 Friday Update 10/31/14 sydney color 1 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 sydney color 2 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 bacon and eggs 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 design 1 400x300 Friday Update 10/31/14 design 2 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14

Law and Public Safety
Correctional Officer / Day Law Enforcement is currently in the Investigations block of instruction.  Night Law is in Defensive Tactics and taking a steady dose of pain killers.

The Groundbreaking Ceremony for Lake County’s Center for Advanced Manufacturing at Lake Technical College took place on October 30.

  Charter Board Members Copy Copy 400x289 Friday Update 10/31/14Audience for groundbreaking3 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 Audience for groundbreaking4 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 Audience for groundbreaking5 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14  Diane awarded 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 Diane awarded2 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 Heading out to the zone1 400x300 Friday Update 10/31/14 Heading out to the zone3 400x300 Friday Update 10/31/14 Heading out to the zone4 400x300 Friday Update 10/31/14 Lining up for the dig1 400x300 Friday Update 10/31/14 Lining up for the dig2 400x300 Friday Update 10/31/14 Lining up for the dig3 400x300 Friday Update 10/31/14 Lining up for the dig4 400x300 Friday Update 10/31/14 Lining up for the dig5 400x300 Friday Update 10/31/14Speakers elected4 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 Speaker for Groundbreaking Chief Cobb 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 Speaker for Groundbreaking MACF 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 Speakers elected1 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 Speakers elected2 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 Speakers elected3 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 Speakers elected5 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14

Transportation & Logistics
Automotive Service Technology – The students spent this week practicing their electrical system techniques using one of the electrical training boards. These boards are designed to simulate the automobile electrical systems. Faults can be programmed in by the instructor so students have the opportunity to troubleshoot.

In addition, the students had a chance to enjoy the Fall Festival on Friday.

auto service 298x400 Friday Update 10/31/14

Diesel Technology – Instructor Randy Yates has recycled a variety of parts and created a light board so his students can take schematics and apply them to the board. Congratulations Randy for being Lake Tech’s “Green Program of the Week!”

%name Friday Update 10/31/14

Adult Education – Kathy Roberts and Art Seidner represented Lake Tech at the Families in Transition Resource Fair on Saturday. This event was by invitation for the families and children who are enrolled in K-12 in Lake County Schools and who may be living in shelters, motels, campgrounds, cars, or are doubled up with others due to a loss of housing or economic hardship. There was great interest in GED prep and career prep classes by many of the families. Ms. Roberts indicated there will be another event like this soon which will be open to the public.

adulted 400x225 Friday Update 10/31/14

Student Affairs

The Fall Festival was a big success. In addition to all the fun, $253 was raised for the Lake Tech Chapter of SkillsUSA.

Door Decorating Contest: 1st Place Tie: HVAC and Practical Nursing. 2nd Place: Digital Design. 3rd Place: Admissions

1st door 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14 1st door2 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14DDdoor done Friday Update 10/31/14 3rd door 300x400 Friday Update 10/31/14

The Career Success Center is open on Mondays (11 am until 6:30 pm), Wednesdays and Fridays (8:30 am until 4 pm). Services offered include developing and refining resumes, cover letters, and portfolios, interviewing techniques, job search assistance, and much more. Please share this information with students and graduates. The Career Success Center is located in Room A-208.

Job Search Workshop, Room 208A

  • Monday, November 10, 3:00  4:30
  • Monday, December 15, 3:00 – 4:30

Using Social Media to get a Job, Room 208A

  • Monday, November 17    3:00-4:00 pm

Please sign up by contacting Ms. Rosenglick via phone or email.

Dr. Sherie Lindamood is serving as the Student Success Counselor this year. Please invite her to speak to your classes about stress management, study skills, and test taking strategies. She will be spending Tuesdays at the Institute of Public Safety to students on that campus will have the opportunity to utilize her services.

It’s Showtime

Several hundred high school seniors will be on the campus of Lake Tech on November 6 and 7 learning about the fantastic career training opportunities that await them upon graduation. On Thursday, students from Leesburg, Mt. Dora, Eustis and Umatilla High Schools will be on campus. On Friday, students from East Ridge, Lake Minneola, South Lake, and Tavares High Schools will be on campus. We are excited to show them why “choosing Lake Tech” as their first option after graduation makes sense!

In the Community

Diane Culpepper toured Hallmark Nameplate on October 28. This 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Mt. Dora creates custom designed products for the medical, computer, telecommunications, OEM and other industries in the United States and around the world. Check them out at

Partners For Success 618x800 Friday Update 10/31/14opens in a new window

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