Friday Update 10/30/15

In the Weeks Ahead at Lake Technical College

  • Eustis High during Lunch, November 2 – speaking to interested students
  • Tavares High, November 3 – speaking to Senior Class
  • East Ridge High, November 4 – speaking to Senior Class
  • Lake Minneola High, November 5 – speaking to Senior Class
  • Taste of South Lake, November 5
  • Leesburg Business Expo, November 5
  • Manufacturing Summit, November 5
  • Veteran’s Day, November 11

Academic Affairs

Architecture & Construction 

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration/Heating Technology Experts from the construction industry will meet at Lake Tech on November 13 at 8:30 am to discuss what is needed for an entry level employee in the construction industry. Anyone in the industry who is interested in attending, please contact Christina Grain at grainc@lake.k12.fl.usopens in a new window

Hospitality & Tourism

Commercial Foods & Culinary Arts – A Lake Tech Culinary Arts Alum was on campus as a guest cake decorator on October 20. The students were very impressed with her designs as well as the speed in which she could decorate a cake.

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Each year, students learn how to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween. They are nothing short of spectacular!

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Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Auto Collision Repair and Refinishing – Auto Collision student Christina Keith presented Chef Koenig with a mini hood with their new logo on it. The process began when Christina took a photo from Chef Koenig, made a computer generated drawing, transferred it to a plotter, laid it out on the hood and then air brushed it.

On Thursday during the Fall Festival the Auto Collision class joined in the fun by dressing up. They won first place in the Chili Cook Off too!

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Adult Education

ESOL – ESOL students had a lesson in using maps and giving directions. Students spent the morning planning a make believe town. They had to decide as teams what kind of businesses they wanted to have in their town and then make a map of their town. It was great fun and helped students use the language they are learning.

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GED – It’s been a busy two weeks in Adult Education!  Aramis Martinez came to speak with our class about the new Computer Systems and Information Technology (CSIT) program.  He discussed all the courses within his program and what types of jobs students would qualify for upon completion.  This lead to a more in-depth discussion about soft skills and what employers are looking for in their employees.  College and Career Readiness skills are part of the Adult Education program.

Kathy Roberts, Kathy Girard, Pam Netherton, and Art Seidner went on their Educators in Industry field trip.  They visited Marion County Community Technical and Adult Education Center in Ocala.  They have a larger Adult Education program and run classes differently than LTC.  However, there are many similar issues that we deal with.  It was good to see another program and take away some ideas and reaffirm great things we do here.

We celebrated many things this week:  LCPs earned, GED subjects passed, GED Ready scores high, and Mrs. Avelli’s birthday!  We also enjoyed the Fall Festival activities.

Of course, lots of learning was going on too.  Small group instruction in math, language, reading, and science took place.  There was a GED science lesson about weather systems and how they are interconnected, a comparison of hurricanes and tornadoes, hurricane safety plans, and students even made a tornado in a bottle!

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Student Affairs

National Adult Education Honor Society – The National Adult Education Honor Society induction ceremony will take place on December 2 at 3 pm in the Board Room. If you have students you wish to nominate, please contact Kathy Roberts by November 5. If you would like further information about NAEHS, please check them out on the web at

National Technical Honor Society – Any students you wish to nominate for NTHS must turn in their applications, along with the $30 NTHS membership fees, to the Business Office by November 18 at 3:30 pm. The induction ceremony will take place in the EMS Building on Thursday, December 17 at 2 pm.

Fall Festival a Big Hit! Close to $700 was raised for SkillsUSA during the Fall Festival. Thanks to all the students and programs that participated.

  • Chili Cook-Off Winner: “Total Wreck Chili” from Auto Collision
  • Best Costume Dance-off Champion: Olivia Neal from Cosmetology
  • Corn Hole Champions: Diesel – undefeated for the day.

Pumpkin Carving Winners:

  • 1st placeMichelle Sharpe – “Captain Jack” pumpkin
  • 2nd place – Marcela Costilla – “Wolves” pumpkin
  • 3rd place – Amy Fischer – “Wicked” pumpkin

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Office of Student Success  

Dr. Lindamood also does presentations on stress management, communication skills, and personality type: understanding yourself and your interactions with others, and she works with academically challenged students individually. Our Student Success Counselor is here to help you help our students be successful.

Career Success Center Workshops Scheduled for the Fall:

  • Monday, November 9, 5:00-6:30 pm, Resume Workshop
  • Monday, December 14, 2:45-4:00 pm, Interview Skills Workshop

Please sign up by contacting Ms. Rosenglick via phone, email, or the Career Success Center sign in sheet (beside door)  (352) 589-2250, ext. 1855, Room 208A.

Professional Skills Seminars – Attend the four Professional Skills Seminars this year to find out what employers from our community say about skills needed in Lake County.  Did you know that employers in our community need skilled workers who also have soft skills?  This is what they said.  Come to the Professional Skills Seminars to learn exactly what these employers are saying and what skills you need to know to get hired here in Lake County….directly from them. There will be 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. sessions on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, December 8
  • Wednesday, March 9
  • Tuesday, May 10

Sign up via your instructor. 

The Lake Tech Financial Aid Office has a Facebook page! Tell your students and those interested in financial aid as well as scholarships to Like Lake Tech Financial Aid Office.

Professional Development Day

Anatomy in Clay class.

IMG 0141 150x150 Friday Update 10/30/15

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