Friday Update 10/26/12

Interesting Lake Tech Statistics…

  • Retention is 93% for the students who have participated in the Career Pathways Orientation.
  • A record 72 people tested on Thursday. Diane Hutchinson said the testing lab was hopping!
  • Three Digital Design students earned their Ready to Work Credential on Friday.

Academic Affairs

Business, Management & Administration
The students in the Business classes gathered to congratulate Ms. Ana Elentri, our Student of the Month. Ana, who is from Peru, is an Accounting Operations major. When she is not working on accounting problems, she volunteers in her community. Congratulations Ana!!

photo SOM Group 121026 400x298 Friday Update 10/26/12

Students in the Administrative Office Specialist (AOS) program have to be prepared to perform any type of office functions or duties including working on the main switchboard and reception area. This is the opportunity that Ms. Mary Joyce Williams experienced. She helped out at the main reception area answering phones and greeting and directing guests and prospective students.

photo Front Desk 121026 400x298 Friday Update 10/26/12

Health Science
The Paramedic students completed the first semester (P1) of the program and will begin the Cardiology Module with a beef heart dissection lab. The gross anatomy of the human heart is the same as the beef hearts the students dissected, so the lab will provide the students a better understanding of the anatomy and function of the human heart. With over 200 objectives that the Paramedic student must meet during the module, from anatomy and physiology, to rhythm interpretation, to formulating patient treatment with electrical and drug therapy, this is an intense part of the Paramedic program.

clip image0021 Friday Update 10/26/12

Heart Trivia

The heart does the most physical work of any muscle during a lifetime. The power output of the heart ranges from 1-5 watts. While the quadriceps can produce 100 watts for a few minutes, an output of one watt for 80 years is equal to 2.5 gigajoules.

The evening Practical Nursing class is fund-raising for graduation and selling Yankee Candle!!! Please contact Mrs. Tindall at ext. 211 or Ashley 459-8614, if interested.

2012 10 26 09.47.57 300x400 Friday Update 10/26/12

The day and evening Practical Nursing classes are doing their part to protect their patients. The two groups were vaccinated to help prevent the spread of the Influenza Virus. Do no harm is always at the forefront for these students. Thank you to Leesburg Regional Medical Center, for providing the vaccination. The vaccination was given by Tammi Huntt, BSN; thank you for your time, kisses, and stickers. Tammi was also a graduate from the Lake Tech LPN program!

2012 10 23 16.01.49 400x300 Friday Update 10/26/12

Hospitality & Tourism
It’s that time of year again – Pumpkin Carving!

pumpkin 298x400 Friday Update 10/26/12pumpkin2 298x400 Friday Update 10/26/12pumpkin3 298x400 Friday Update 10/26/12pumpkin4 298x400 Friday Update 10/26/12pumpkin5 298x400 Friday Update 10/26/12pumpkin6 322x400 Friday Update 10/26/12pumpkin7 298x400 Friday Update 10/26/12pumpkin carving 298x400 Friday Update 10/26/12

View the pumpkin carving movies below:




Law, Public Safety & Security
On October 23, the PT Challenge was once again held between the Fire and Law students. For the first time in Lake Tech history, there was an all-female team of fire fighters. The winner this year was the male Fire Fighter team. After the event, hot dogs were grilled and everyone brought a dish to share.

ff challenge 400x300 Friday Update 10/26/12ff challenge1 400x300 Friday Update 10/26/12ff challenge2 300x400 Friday Update 10/26/12ff challenge3 400x300 Friday Update 10/26/12

View the movie below:


The Corrections recruits have concluded the Firearms block of training this week. We did not find any snipers in the group, but all gave it a good shot. The Law Enforcement recruits completed the Patrol 1 block of training this week and started their driving block on Wednesday. This block always proves to be a fun ride.

Transportation & Logistics
The new Executive Director of the Collision Repair Education Foundation was on campus on Thursday touring the Auto Collision program. Mr. Clark Plucinski was impressed with what he saw and we look forward to continuing our strong and lasting partnership with the Foundation.

Staff Development

Professional Development Instituteopens in a new window 
The Perkins Professional Development Institute (PDI) is once again offering postsecondary training opportunities for Administrators and Teacher/Instructors. The training format for both programs is self-paced, non-facilitated, asynchronous training and is OFFERED FREE to administrators, teachers, or districts. Registration is ongoing through March 1, 2013.

Go to for applications and information on training objectives and outcomes. If you have any questions contact Maraci Hahn at 352-854-2322, x1283, or at

Industry Certification Mini-grants – Visit the PDI website to watch a short informative video on what’s new this year and to learn about self-study options to prepare for exams.

Tech Tip of the Week (click on the picture)

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Out In the Community

Burke Flooring in Lake County has an endless supply of cardboard drums with lids and rings. They hold 250 lbs. They are clean and in excellent shape. Normally they crush them and throw them away. They are free to anyone who wants to come pick them up. Call Jerald at 352.357.4119, x1020, if interested.

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