Friday Update 10/12/12

New Classes Available – Let Your Students Know!
Microsoft Excel – 10/30-11/27, $75
Artistic Welding 10/23-11/13, $318

Academic Affairs

Business, Management & Administration
One of our Accounting Operations students, Ms. Laura Mustapha, interviewed recently for a job and upon returning to Lake Tech, she shared the experience with the class in order to help other students as they prepare for their interviews. Ms. Mustapha had created a portfolio which she proudly showed during the interview and in her presentation to the class. She identified questions that she was asked and shared the questions she asked the interviewer.

In keeping up with newer technology we recently added a new dictation app to our IPad. The Administration Office Specialist students use this software along with other recording methods to practice transcribing reports, memos and letters.

Both classes had an opportunity to listen in on a technical support call to resolve a problem with the “QuickBooks” application. Our class discussed it following the event and this real world issue became a great learning lesson for all of us.

sharing info A 400x299 Friday Update 10/12/12

Arts, AV Technology, & Communication
Five of the 10 new Digital Design 1 students finished OCP A (Information Technology Assistant) this week! One more graduated from Digital Design 2. That leaves only one more student remaining in the first Lake Tech Digital Design 2 class, who is soon to be graduating as well! The Digital Design 1 students designed flyers and applied their new skills in MS Word and Excel.

To show off their creative savvy, a NASCAR theme was incorporated. Quite impressive for their very first design projects combining software skills with a theme…

flyr lytJO 309x400 Friday Update 10/12/12flyer lytMS 309x400 Friday Update 10/12/12flyer lytBH 309x400 Friday Update 10/12/12flyer lytSD 309x400 Friday Update 10/12/12flyer lytAH 309x400 Friday Update 10/12/12

Health Science
A recent article in The Daily Commercial was entitled “Forty under 40.” In the article, the community’s recommendations of “the 40 best and brightest young leaders in Lake and Sumter counties” were identified. The criteria were based on “community involvement, leadership abilities, an insatiable work ethic and a desire to help others, a track record of success and a history of giving back to the community.” One of 40 young leaders was Crystal Waters, a graduate of the Evening Practical Nursing Program at Lake Tech. She is currently employed as an LPN at North Campus Rehab & Nursing Center. One of the comments in the article about her was “she …goes above and beyond the call of duty to care for the patients under her watchful eye each day on the job.” Lake Tech is very proud of her.

Ms. Michelle Clark, a former graduate of LTC’s LPN program, gave a wonderful presentation to the Evening LPN class on Open Heart Surgery. She is currently working at Leesburg Regional Acute Rehabilitation Hospital or North Campus. Thank you, Michelle, for giving back to our program!

2012 10 05 15.18.59 400x300 Friday Update 10/12/12

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month, the Paramedic students will be wearing pink shirts as part of their classroom uniform throughout the month of October. Wearing pink shirts on the front row from left to right is – Leanna Keith, Chris Clemmons, and Sergio Cabrera. On the second row from left to right is– Eric Harper, Instructor; Scott Scheider, Paul Padilla, Jay Ryon, Kris Pandorf, and Layne Hendrickson, Program Coordinator. On the back row from left to right is– Ken Wynn, Sean Coker, and Cody Rhoden. Thank you students for such a great show of support!!

clip image002 Friday Update 10/12/12

The EMT students have started the internship (ride time) component of their program. Students are required to ride 52 hours with the local EMS agency. During this time, the students will participate in basic life support patient care skills by applying theory to practice in the pre-hospital setting while under the supervision of paramedic preceptors.

Human Services
This week the Cosmetology, students learned finger waves. Although finger waves are not commonly used in everyday hairstyling, they are extremely important for the student to master. This skill helps to build dexterity in the fingers and teach molding/shaping of the hair. The pictures make it look very easy, but in reality, it is one of the most difficult skills to accomplish. Our students did an AWESOME job!

We also had a guest vendor in this week for the AM & PM class demonstrating haircutting techniques. The students learned two new haircuts and were able to show off their skills to a potential employer!

FWave2 400x299 Friday Update 10/12/12FWave 400x299 Friday Update 10/12/12CuttingClass Friday Update 10/12/12

Law, Public Safety & Security
On October 23, the PT Challenge will once again be held between the Fire and Law students. Mark this day on your calendar – it is a fun event for everyone.

A Lake Tech fire engine (and instructor) participated in the Astatula Elementary School Transportation Day on Friday.

The Corrections recruits successfully completed the First Aid block of training this week without issues, maybe just a few elevated heart rates.

The Law Enforcement successfully completed Firearms this week and they also completed Taser day on Thursday which was a very shocking experience for them.

Transportation and Logistics
The Medium and Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Technician (Diesel) students had the opportunity to pull an engine on a new Holland TC55DA this week. All we can say is WOW!!

clip image diesel 400x160 Friday Update 10/12/12

The Auto Collision program entered a nationwide car hood design contest sponsored by LKQ. The Lake Tech hood was selected as one of the top five! Our hood will be displayed at the SEMA Automotive Show in Las Vegas in November of this year. A couple of weeks ago, the sketch was pictured in the Friday Update. Now – check out the final product!

DSC0020 400x264 Friday Update 10/12/12

Career Pathways
Students attending the Career Pathways Orientation were buzzing about what they learned about Lake Tech. Eleven students toured the campus and loved seeing the hands-on affordable training and the caring attitude of the instructors. Thank you for all your patience when we visit your programs since seeing career training in person is very motivational. Students also participated in Choices, Learning Styles Inventories, and Goal Setting.

GED…it’s just the beginning!

What is 26 + 22?

If you said 48, you would only be partially correct. Instead, 26 + 22 represents the total number of computers in our GED classroom. This means that (1) every student can work on a computer, (2) we can serve our students more efficiently, and (3) our GED classroom is GED 2014 ready.

classroom 400x299 Friday Update 10/12/12

The GED/AAAE students and teachers have had a hectic week going back and forth to another classroom so our new computers, desks, and electrical could be set up. We commend the students for being so flexible and patient with us during this tumultuous time. A special thanks to Bob Zehner, Mark Prescott, and the electrician for all the hard work in getting everything ready.

Did you know that the GED test is changing in 2014? That’s right, it is changing. Students who have not completed the GED test, must complete it by the end of 2013, or they must completely start-over. Please, please, please, help get the word out. Be a part of the Lake Tech team, and educate your circle of influence about these changes.

The ESOL students worked on a special project this week making presentations about their own country or another foreign country. Their work is displayed in the lobby for all to see!

ESOL 400x299 Friday Update 10/12/12


Staff Development

Professional Development Institute
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The Perkins Professional Development Institute (PDI) is once again offering postsecondary training opportunities for Administrators and Teacher/Instructors. The training format for both programs is self-paced, non-facilitated, asynchronous training and is OFFERED FREE to administrators, teachers, or districts. Registration is ongoing through March 1, 2013.

Go to for applications and information on training objectives and outcomes. If you have any questions, contact Maraci Hahn at 352-854-2322 ext. 1283, or at

Industry Certification Mini-grants – Visit the PDI website to watch a short, informative video on what’s new this year and to learn about self-study options to prepare for exams.

Tech Tip of the Week – (click on the picture)

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Out In the Community

Betty Jones attended the South Lake Chamber Education Committee meeting on October 9.

Lake Tech will be participating in the school district’s “Education Innovations” which will be held at Leesburg High School on October 16 from 5:30 until 8 pm.

The Lake Eustis Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn Seminar “Go with the Flow – Stress Reduction Workshop” will be held at Lake Tech on October 17 in the Tech Dining Room.

On October 19th, Lake Tech will have a display at the Community Resource and Job Fair to be held at Venetian Gardens on Friday, October 19th. Also, please notify Trudy Dailey about interesting things happening in your program and she’ll help get the word out!

New Classes:
Forklift Operator – The last Friday of every month — $125
Class “D” Security Guard – Contact Lt. Chris DeLibro at 352.742.6463 for schedule — $199

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