Academic Affairs 05/10/19


Accounting Operations
Administrative Office Specialist

The Accounting Operations and Administrative Office Specialist students participated in Lake Tech’s Career Fair last week. All the students were excited about the new contacts they made and their future possibilities. Numerous students were asked to interview on the spot and many others have since been contacted from the companies. In addition, The AOS students completed their intensive records management course and moved on to the final assignments for the program.

Congratulations to Latrece Taylor and Misty Wheat on the completion of the program! We wish them continued success for the years that lie ahead.



Medical Assisting

Two Medical Assisting students completed the practicum portion of their program and are ready to graduate. During their 200 hour supervised practicum, students have the opportunity to utilize both administrative and clinical skills learned in the Medical Assistant classroom and clinical environment in a local clinic, physician’s office, or other health care facility.
050319 Medical Assistant1 Allyra and Laney Practium Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 Medical Assistant2 Academic Affairs 05/10/19



Baking and Pastry Arts

These cakes are amazing! Students are not only creative and enthusiastic about their work, but the cakes are tasty too.
051019 Baking1 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 Baking2 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 Baking3 Academic Affairs 05/10/19


Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality

This week, students completed their Supervision and Management class. As part of this class, they worked on food costs and menu pricing and even had a guest taste tester.
051019 Culinary6 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 Culinary7 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 Culinary2 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 Culinary3 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 Culinary4 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 Culinary5 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 Culinary1 Academic Affairs 05/10/19



Enterprise & Applied Cybersecurity

Over the last couple weeks, Enterprise students have had the opportunity to job shadow and assist the IT department one of our advisory board members, Vicky Pyle, with the installation of PC’s and other equipment within the new construction at Advent Health – Waterman. This has been a great experience for the students and Ms. Pyle has been very pleased with our students’ performance! We are working on continuing this relationship in the future after the completion of the new tower.

050319 IT1 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 050319 IT2 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 050319 IT3 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 050319 IT4 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 050319 IT5 e1557752735483 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 050319 IT6 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 050919 enterprise1 Academic Affairs 05/10/19



Welding Technology

For the past six months, lead instructor John Dahler along with Melissa Stephan have been working to take the necessary steps so that the welding portion of the Center for Advanced Manufacturing will be accredited as an AWS Accredited Test Facility (ATF). On Thursday and Friday of last week, the audit inspector was on campus to review manuals, processes, procedures, and the equipment.

As an ATF, we will be able to test welders to the nationally recognized AWS standards. Not only will our students benefit from this accreditation, but the welding community in Lake County and our region will as well.

CNC Production Specialist

On Wednesday, Lake Technical College and NASA signed an agreement so our students will be able to machine parts for the Single Stowage Lockers that help improve the lives of the crews on board. The NASA Kennedy Space Center will provide the design drawings, engineer consultations, and raw materials. Our students will utilize the skills they learn at Lake Tech to model, program, and machine the parts. These parts will go through an inspection, in conjunction with one of our local manufacturing business partners, to ensure the parts meet the strict NASA quality requirements. As part of the students’ learning process, they will review the results of the inspections and hone their own skills even more.
051019 CNC1 e1557753299130 Academic Affairs 05/10/19


Fire Fighter/EMT Combo

These students are preparing for their state test which will take place in a couple of weeks.
051019 Firefighter2 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 Firefighter3 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 Firefighter1 Academic Affairs 05/10/19



Automotive Collision Technology Technician

Two Automotive Colli  sion students were awarded a scholarship for WIN (Women’s Industry Network). Heather Hawkins and Tamara Meyers attended the WIN conference which was held May 6-8, 2019 in Ft. Lauderdale. Instructor Andre Gardin attended with them. WIN is a not-for-profit organization which is driving the future of collision repair by attracting, developing, and advancing women in the industry.
051019 Auto Collision2 tamara meyers Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 Auto Collision1 win conference heather hawkins Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 Auto Collision3 win conference Academic Affairs 05/10/19



Adult Education


Adult Education students were recognized this week during the National Adult Education Honor Society induction ceremony. Laurie Bryant, Corporate and Community Training Coordinator, was the keynote speaker at the ceremony.
051019 honor1 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 honor2 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 honor4 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 honor5 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 honor6 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 honor3 Academic Affairs 05/10/19

Our advanced ESOL students have begun the process of their spring interviews. They’ve each been assigned a faculty member and are required to get in touch with them via the telephone to schedule an appointment. Each student comes prepared with a list of pre-printed questions, which they created together through a prior brainstorming process. All of the interviews end with selfie, and then our students come back and present their information to the class. Again, I want to thank our faculty members for being willing to take the time to sit and talk with these students. Each student feels very nervous at the outset, but returns with a buoyant sense of success from having had the experience, and more importantly, in making a new and friendly campus connection.
051019 ESOL1 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 ESOL2 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 ESOL3 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 ESOL4 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 ESOL6 Academic Affairs 05/10/19 051019 ESOL5 Academic Affairs 05/10/19

Our classes continue to be large and busy. Our students are wonderful about helping one another and participating in our learning activities. Our beginning students are working closely on present tense verbs and prepositions. They’ve even used lyrics from popular songs to identify various parts of speech. Our advanced and intermediate students have been reviewing all verb tenses and have been involved in some fun interactive games and conversations as practice. We look forward to more special projects in the coming weeks.
051019 ESOL7 Academic Affairs 05/10/19

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