Academic Affairs 02/15/19


Accounting Operations

Administrative Office Specialist

This was another busy week for the Accounting and Administrative Office Specialist students. The week started with Ms. Hayes giving a presentation on Customer Service to prep the students participating in the Customer Service contest at SkillsUSA next week. Tuesday, the class student leaders gave a fun and engaging presentation on “Nonverbal Communications.” Everyone loved this presentation; they were able to play charades in order to practice their new skills! Wednesday, the students participated in another presentation offered by the United Way on “Managing Your Credit.” Finally, Thursday the students organized a Valentine’s Day party to wind down from the week.

Accounting5 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Accounting 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Accounting2 021519 e1550527855353 Academic Affairs 02/15/19  Accounting4 021519 e1550527800163 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Accounting3 021519 e1550528250489 Academic Affairs 02/15/19



Practical Nursing

The Health Science Department is proud to announce that 19 Practical Nursing students from the Clermont LSSC campus completed the program and participated in their capping and pinning ceremony on February 14.

Nursing6 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Nursing7 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Nursing4 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Nursing 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Nursing2 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Nursing3 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Nursing5 021519 e1550529856910 Academic Affairs 02/15/19


Medical Assisting

The Medical Assisting students spent this week with presentations on scope of practice (Florida versus other states) and what professional appearance as a Medical Assistant should look like. In addition, senior students were practicing their EKG skills.

Do you know what a Medical Assistant in Florida is allowed to do? According to the 2018 Florida Statutes, Medical Assistants are, under the direct supervision and responsibility of a licensed physician, may do the following:

  1. Perform aseptic procedures.
  2. Take vital signs.
  3. Prepare patients for physician’s care.
  4. Perform venipunctures and nonintravenous injections.
  5. Observe and report patient’s signs or symptoms
  6. Administer basic first aid.
  7. Assist with patient exams or treatments.
  8. Operate office medical equipment
  9. Collect routine lab specimens as directed by the physician.
  10. Administer medication as direction by the physician.
  11. Perform basic lab procedures.
  12. Perform office procedures.
  13. Perform dialysis procedures, including home dialysis.

medical Assisting3 021819 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Medical Assisting 021819 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 medical Assisting2 021819 Academic Affairs 02/15/19


Pharmacy Technician

Our Pharmacy Tech II students learned how to navigate a med station. Students learned how to create medication profiles and configure inventory of the most essential drugs needed for easy access of nurses and health care providers. Pharmacy technicians must closely monitor inventory and restock the items when they run below par level.

 Pharmacy Tech2 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Pharmacy Tech 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19



Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality

Baking and Pastry Arts

Students from the Professional Culinary Arts and the Baking programs researched, created, cooked, and baked in preparation for a wine pairing class held after hours on the Lake Technical College campus. Food has to taste good of course, but it is often said that we “eat with our eyes first!”

Culinary4 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Culinary 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Culinary2 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Culinary3 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19




Cosmetology students learned the cap wig extension method. They really enjoyed this lesson.

Cosmo2 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Cosmo3 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Cosmo4 021519 e1550530593159 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Cosmo 021519 e1550530649569 Academic Affairs 02/15/19



Enterprise Desktop and Mobile Support Technology/Applied Cybersecurity

It’s been an eventful week in the Enterprise/Applied Cybersecurity programs. Some students have been studying and completing assignments. The class assembled a new equipment that they will be able to use for hands-on labs. (Picture attached) Also, we have had even more students earn industry certifications. Since August, we have had seven students earn their CompTIA A+, and one earn his Security+ industry certification. Congratulations to these students!

CompTIA A+:

  • Stephan Turner
  • Logan Robards
  • Nicholas Buzard
  • Michael Richardson
  • Timothy Hayes
  • Max Majerus (not pictured)
  • Dax Campbell (not pictured)

CompTIA Security+:

  •  Martian Hubany

Enterprise 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Enterprise2 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Enterprise3 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 



Firefighting/EMT Combo

On February 15, a ceremony was held for 24 students who completed the Firefighting portion of the Combo class. For three of the students, they have already completed EMT as well, so they are on the hunt for their first job in the field. The other 21 will be attending the EMT class on the Eustis campus over the next couple of months! Congrats to the new brothers and sisters in the Fire Service.

Fire1 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Fire2 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 fire3 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 fire4 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 fire5 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19



Adult Basic Education (GED prep and ABE)

Mrs. Ross’ Adult Education students have really been focusing on punctuation this week (oh, the drama of the comma). We’ve covered a lot of ground on fragments and run-on sentences, as well as delving into misplaced modifiers and parallel structure. We had some sweet gains this week with four of our students moving forward to the next level in their GED journey!  Congratulations, all!

Adult ED LR 021819 Academic Affairs 02/15/19


Other Adult Ed students went to visit their career program of interest – Culinary!  All the chefs and students gave them a great experience.  Students learned a lot, had fun, and got a “taste” of what to expect in the culinary program. Thank you Chef Koenig and crew!

Adult Ed Culinary 021819 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 Adult Ed Culinary2 021819 Academic Affairs 02/15/19


ESOL students had a blast incorporating Valentine’s Day into their learning activities this week! One of the things our advanced students did was to write their own soap operas. These skits had ingenious plot twists, compelling characters and dialogue, and loads of laughs to be had by both our audience and the actors. Creating these storylines was a wonderful group exercise in coordinating ideas and in communication. Our students did an amazing job! Bravo!

ESOL 021819 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 esol4 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 esol2 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19 ESOL3 021519 Academic Affairs 02/15/19

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