Friday Update 4/1/16

In the Weeks Ahead at Lake Technical College

  • Teacher Workday, No Classes, April 8
  • Students of the Month Luncheon, April 14 at 11:30 am in Tech Dining Room
  • National Look Alike Day Competition, May 20
  • State SkillsUSA, Lakeland, FL, April 24-26, 2016
  • Partners for Success at Lake Receptions, April 19, 5 – 7:30 pm

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Academic Affairs

Architecture & Construction

HVAC-R – HVAC-R Instructor Steve Bagg was honored as Lake Tech’s Rookie Teacher of the Year in a ceremony held at Lake Sumter State College. Congrats Steve!

rookie teacher of the year 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16

Introduction to Construction – A new course will be offered this fall called Introduction to Construction. This 100-hour course will provide students the opportunity to earn their OSHA certification along with the construction industry basics in order to be employable in the field. Local contractors and construction company owners developed a competency list of skills and knowledge entry level workers need to have to be successful on the job.

Arts, AV & Technology

Digital Design – The Digital Design students are designing custom SALT LIFE-type stickers as our SkillsUSA fundraiser. The students will replace “Salt” with some term from your programs. We’re conceptualizing ideas today, and need to get these into production quickly because SkillsUSA State is approaching. Please respond to Kerrie Johnson at with any ideas that your students request.

The students will be around soon with samples and order forms. Thanks for your support! Hopefully this becomes a cool way to raise money for our Lake Tech contestants.

Three Digital Design students and instructor Kerrie Johnson spent the afternoon at Mt. Dora High School on March 30. The goal was to show the high school Digital Design students why their next step should be Lake Tech.

Business Management & Administration

Accounting Operations / Administrative Office Specialist – Two more Accounting students have been offered opportunities for employment this past week.  Amanda Crosby will be working 32 hours a week for Romac Lumber in Leesburg, and Christian Garcia will be working 21 hours weekly at the Eustis Chamber of Commerce. Both will be co-op students so they will be in class and on the job. These two Accounting students will be counting paychecks for many weeks to come!  Congratulations to both of them.

Jennifer Shiver did her first afternoon job shadowing this week at an accounting firm.   It’s so uplifting to hear the students after they’ve been on a job.  It’s really fun to hear their “tales” and “takes” and to have them relay their new found experience to the other students.  It’s very exciting and motivating for all.

The students are moving up the ladder!

Health Sciences

Medical Assisting – This week, the Medical Assisting students learned different techniques for the application of bandages and ace wraps.

MA 1 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 MA 2 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16

Susie Training – Health Science Department Chair Kathy Perfumo and Sim Lab Coordinator Linda Sturgeon attended a three-day training in Miami to learn more about our “Susie” and other simulators that we hope to add to our simulation lab one day. Some of the pictures show the simulators being made in the manufacturing facility.

 health 10 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 health 5 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 health 6 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 health 7 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 health 8 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 health 9 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 health 1 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 health 2 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16health 3 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 health 4 e1459777425447 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16

Hospitality & Tourism

Commercial Foods & Culinary Arts – Just another day in Culinary!

culinary 2 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 culinary 3 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 culinary 4 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 culinary 5 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 culinary 1 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16

On April 22, the Culinary students will be holding a Baked Ziti, salad and bread sticks fundraising meal for SkillsUSA. Mark your calendars now for this yummy event!

Human Services

Cosmetology / Facials Specialty / Nails Specialty – students practicing the technique of salt nails.

cosmetology 1 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 cosmetology 2 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 cosmetology 3 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 cosmetology 4 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 cosmetology 5 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 cosmetology 6 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 cosmetology 7 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 cosmetology 8 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 cosmetology 9 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 cosmetology 10 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 cosmetology 11 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16

Law & Public Safety

Law Enforcement Academy / Correctional Officer

New Day Law Class – This past Wednesday marked the end of the Firearms block for the Day Class. Between cleaning their semiautomatic handguns and meeting the passing requirements for both shotgun and nighttime qualifications, the class was able to organize itself into smaller study groups to study hard through Monday and Tuesday. Things panned out well for the group of twenty-six, who, once again, passed the block exam as a team.

law 1 150x126 Friday Update 4/1/16

Once the class wrapped things up on the shooting range, they all headed back to the main campus to begin “Interactions in a Diverse Community” with Instructor Eddie McConnell. As prospective law enforcement officers, the class learned that verbal and non-verbal communications are tools of great responsibility.

law 2 150x126 Friday Update 4/1/16

On Thursday, the instructor fondly known as Ms. Barb carried on with the continuation of the block. She organized several opportunities for each recruit to be able to participate in role-playing. While never losing sight of the objective of the class exercise, the recruits were able to enjoy themselves as a few were able to play despondent loiterers, intrusive on-lookers, and grumpy grandmothers.

law 3 126x150 Friday Update 4/1/16

Before the week ended, the recruits of the Day Class were able to meet two recruiters; one of these recruiters was Sgt. Moe Endara from Tallahassee. The class was also privileged to have met a friend of Sgt. Endara’s, a former officer for the same department who now works at the federal level. Great opportunities like this one allows for the class to be introduced to other agencies that they maybe hadn’t considered beforehand for lack of knowing.

law 4 150x126 Friday Update 4/1/16

To end the day, Ms. Barb took the class outside- books, highlighters, and all. The fresh air was very much welcomed because it allowed for a different learning environment that everyone responded to positively. All in all, every academic objective set out for this week was accomplished.

law 5 150x126 Friday Update 4/1/16

Night Corrections Class – The recruits finished up another good week with all of them passing their latest exam in Facilities & Equipment.

Fire Fighter – Advanced Specialized Training / VMR Spring 2016 Class

VMR Spring 2016 Class 2 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 VMR Spring 2016 Class 3 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 VMR Spring 2016 Class 4 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 VMR Spring 2016 Class 5 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 VMR Spring 2016 Class 6 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 VMR Spring 2016 Class 7 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 VMR Spring 2016 Class 8 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 VMR Spring 2016 Class 9 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 VMR Spring 2016 Class 1 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16

Trench Operations and Technician Spring 2016 Class

Trench Ops 4 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 Trench Ops 5 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 Trench Ops 6 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 Trench Ops 7 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 Trench Ops 8 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 Trench Ops 1 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 Trench Ops 2 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 Trench Ops 3 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16


The Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM) at Lake Tech will become a reality! We received the legislative appropriation of $2.8 million necessary to start construction and complete the project. According to Robert Chandler and other Lake County officials, the CAM is critical to the county’s manufacturing industry which makes up 6.6% of the workforce in Lake County. “It is a game changer in the Lake County economy,” Commissioner Leslie Campione believes. “In addition to providing much needed training opportunities, it is a way to market Lake County to prospective manufacturers and employers.”

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Auto Service Technology – Students have been working on their electrical skills this week. They started by learning to read an electrical diagram and then practiced troubleshooting as well as wire identification and repair, stereo installation and removal. They sure enjoyed this week and put their skills to the test when they had to troubleshoot a no front light nor turn signal operation on a vehicle and they figured it out and fixed it. In the picture there is a diagram they had laid out on a few tables just for the light’s circuit in order to fix the vehicle with no lights; just a taste of what they have to go through when doing electrical troubleshooting in the field.

AST 2 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 AST 3 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 AST 1 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16random pics 3 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16random pics 2 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16

Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing – Chelsea Bonds, a student in the Auto Collision Repair and Refinishing program has been awarded the prestigious “Women’s Industry Network (WIN)” scholarship. This scholarship is awarded each year to only five recipients from across the nation. Chelsea will receive a $1,000 scholarship, a one-year WIN membership, and registration and travel expenses to the 2016 WIN Conference which will be held in Tampa on May 2. In addition, she will be paired up with a successful woman in the auto collision industry who will serve as Chelsea’s mentor.

auto collision 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16

Diesel Technology – The Diesel program is raising money for SkillsUSA by selling a lamp made by instructor Randy Yates. If you are interested in bidding on it, please see Etta in the front kiosk.

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Adult Education

GED Prep and Adult Basic Education – The GED students have been on fire this week!  Two students completed their fourth GED Ready test.  One student scheduled his 4 subject area tests and the other filled out the underage waiver and is awaiting its return.  Another student passed 3 subject area GED tests and two others passed the one they took this week.  Three students’ underage waivers were approved this week and they have started scheduling the actual GED subject areas tests.  They have worked hard and, as indicated on the Ready tests, should do great!

We had lessons on geometry, continuing with two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes with circles.  Students worked formulas using Pi.  There are usually many ways to solve problems and students analyzed the word problems to find ways to get the correct answers.  Our social studies lesson, this week, was about political parties, campaigns, and elections.  This timely topic prompted much discussion about donkeys and elephants, third-party candidates, hanging chads, popular vote vs Electoral College, and much more.  The final lesson on the Electoral College, was led by our wonderful Adult Education volunteer, Mr. England.  He talked about the history of democracy, the Electoral College, and voting in Florida.  The students had many questions and learned a lot; so did the instructor.

English grammar, at times, requires serious “head scratching” to figure out. Lessons on the construction of complete sentences help students to see the flaws not only in their writing, but they also see them in their speaking skills. Mr. Seidner continued with a follow up lesson on practicing the editing of fragmented sentences and turning them into complete sentences. Further lecture and individual exercises were used to help students understand the concepts of the subject and predicate within the structure of a sentence.

adult ed 2 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 adult ed 3 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 adult ed 4 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 adult ed 5 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 adult ed 6 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16 adult ed 1 150x150 Friday Update 4/1/16

Student Affairs

The next Student Ambassador meeting will be held Monday at 9:15 am in the Board Room. Three new Ambassadors will be joining the team – Tore from Culinary, Pierce from Auto Service, and Brandi from Cosmo. Contact Kim Frazier at extension 1835 with any questions.

Career Boot Camp will be held April 4-7 and April 11-14. Students must attend one 20-minute session each day for the two-week period. This boot camp will prepare them to land that dream job. Students can win movie tickets and be eligible for a Kindle Fire or a Laptop if they attend all eight sessions.

boot camp 400x222 Friday Update 4/1/16

Graduation Regalia goes on sale beginning March 7 through April 29. Graduation will be held June 23 at Lake Receptions.

Graduation Regalia Purchase Ad 400x172 Friday Update 4/1/16 

National Technical Honor Society – The NTHS Induction Ceremony will be held on May 25 at 2 pm in Room 302 at the Institute of Public Safety campus. Applications are due by April 22 to the Main Campus Business Office.  Each inductee must:

  • Be enrolled in a Lake Tech Career Program and has completed 50% or more of that program.
  • Have maintained an attendance rate of 90% or higher; and those students in Law Enforcement and Practical Nursing have met a 95% attendance rate requirement.
  • Have earned a cumulative course grade average of 93% or higher.
  • Have demonstrated high moral character, a positive attitude in the classroom and in the community, and is a role model for his or her peers and has been recommended for membership in NTHS by a program faculty member.

Contact Kim Frazier at extension 1835 if you have questions.

Career Success Center Room 208A – The Career Success Center is open on Mondays (11 am until 6:30 pm), Wednesdays and Fridays (8:30 am until 4 pm). Services offered include developing and refining resumes, cover letters, and portfolios, interviewing techniques, job search assistance, and much more. Please share this information with students and graduates. The Career Success Center is located in Room A-208.

Upcoming Workshops – Remaining Workshops Scheduled for Spring 2016:

  • April 4-7 (M-TH), Lunches, CAREER BOOT CAMP
  • April 11-14 (M-TH), Lunches, CAREER BOOT CAMP
  • Monday, April 18, 2:45-4:00 pm, Resume Workshop
  • Monday, May 9, 2:45-4:00 pm,  Job Interview Skills Workshop
  • Wednesday, May 25,  2:45-4:00 pm, Professional Skills in the Workplace

Please sign up by contacting Ms. Rosenglick via phone or email,  (352) 589-2250, ext. 1855 or

Office of Student Success – If you would like to schedule a study skills, test taking, or stress management workshop for your students any time during the semester, contact Dr. Lindamood. Or, you might like to invite Dr. Lindamood to make a brief appearance in your classroom to introduce herself to your students and explain her role as Student Success Counselor.  She can assist your students with anything that may compromise their success: academic challenges, personal problems, and/or financial issues. Dr. Lindamood is a great resource for instructors and students.

Tech Tip

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In the Community


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Sharing Our Story…

  • Kim Frazier represented Lake Tech at the CareerSource Central Florida Training Vendor Fair April 1 in Leesburg.
  • Bob Tweedie, Economic Development Director for the City of Tavares, will tour Lake Tech on April 4 at 1:30 pm.
  • Diane Culpepper and Aramis Martinez will represent Lake Tech at the Lake County Tech Committee meeting on April 6 in Clermont.
  • Diane Culpepper and Kim Frazier will represent Lake Tech at the Lake County Workforce Taskforce meeting on April 12 at 8:30 am.
  • Ally Stewart, owner of Azure Water Company in Leesburg, will tour Lake Tech on April 15 at 2 pm.

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