Friday Update 10/16/15

In the Weeks Ahead at Lake Technical College

  • Medical Assisting Week, October 19-24
  • Lake Sumter Academy touring on October 20
  • Interview Skills Workshop, October 19, 2:45 – 4 pm
  • PT Challenge, October 22 at 11 am
  • No Classes, October 23 and 26

Fall Festival – October 29 11 am until 1 pm

  • DJ Fred Jones will be on hand to play some music for us
  • Chili Cook Off
  • Eat Lunch on the Lawn
  • And check this out…. Are those Lake Tech corn hole boards???

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Academic Affairs

Health Science

Medical Assisting – Medical Assistants are at the heart of health care.  According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical Assisting continues to be projected as one of the fastest growing occupations in the United States. Lake Tech’s Medical Assisting is national accredited by the commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education programs.

This week is Medical Assisting Week. A variety of activities will take place this week including:

  1. Monday: Medical Assistants are Super Heroes (Students will dress as a super hero)
  2. Tuesday: Medical Assistants are Sweet (Candy Day); AAMA President Day – Wear uniform and look sharp
  3. Wednesday: Medical Assistants Need to Be Good at the Game of Medicine Day (Students will wear favorite sport shirt and/or hat)
  4. Thursday: Medical Assistants Work Hard and Get Tired (Students wear PJs,) Dr. Lindamood will make presentations, Ice Cream Social

Practical Nursing – Instructors Jordan Matthews and Patty Moyerman are proud of their nursing students who spent their weekend clinicals at South Lake Hospital in Clermont. These students had a chance to hear from the AirCare Team (Pretty cool that the helicopter is Lake Tech colors).

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Hospitality & Tourism

Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts – Four years ago, Travis Roy graduated from Lake Tech with his certificate in Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts. He then articulated to Valencia State for his AS degree in Pastries and then on to UCF where he earned a degree in Culinary Management. He is now the lead pastry chef at the Hyatt Regency in downtown New Orleans. Congrats to Travis!

culinary1 150x150 Friday Update 10/16/15 

Information Technology

Computer Systems & Information Technology – The new CSIT program is enrolling students now for an October 27 start date. Students will be prepared for A+, Net+ and Security+ certifications.

Public Safety

Corrections – On Monday, a new Corrections class, in partnership with the Department of Corrections, started. Thirty recruits are spending the next 420 hours learning topics including: communications, officer safety, intake and release, responding to incidents and emergencies, defensive tactics, and much more. On Thursday, the recruits were visited by the warden who spoke to them about their new careers.

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Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing – Student Christina Keith designed and student Phung Huynh painted two hoods for this year’s Turn Lake Tech Pink Month. The students were given only three days to design and complete the projects and they did an excellent job.

pinkpic2 150x150 Friday Update 10/16/15 pinkpic 150x150 Friday Update 10/16/15 auto collision1 150x150 Friday Update 10/16/15

Auto Service Technology

The Auto Service Technology students had a great week. They learned about the tools and skills needed to service cylinder heads. In addition, this week the program received a donation of a hybrid vehicle and the students are very excited to get their hands on it!

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Adult Education

GED Prep and ESOL – This week in the adult education classes it was all about health!  Mrs. Netherton had a science lesson on cancer, what it is, how it develops, and what measures to take to try to prevent and detect it early.  This sparked much discussion and interaction among the students.  Links to many good videos and resources were shared; one of them was the American Cancer Society.  Graphs and charts were used that involved math percent problems.  Finally, we discussed various careers in the health field and what kind of jobs there are in Lake County.  Of course, we had many students support the Breast Cancer Awareness event, donate to the cause, and wear pink!

Mr. Seidner has been helping math students all week; working out problems on fractions up to quadratic equations, using wipe boards and the giant calculator!

Mrs. Avelli shared, with her regular morning group, a science lesson about heat energy transfer and the difference between convection, conduction, and radiation.  Students as a group were encouraged to make predictions before they performed a heat energy transfer experiment, using hot water, ice cubes, a water bottle, and a balloon.  No fingers were burned in this experiment!

Mrs. Girard and Mrs. Stafford, evening instructors, had many of their students earn LCPs (Literacy Completion Points) this week, and students were awarded their certificates.  No matter how old you are, it is great to be recognized for accomplishments and hard work!  They also had many students get into the Cancer awareness event by spraying their hair pink (instructors included).

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Student Affairs

It was Turn Lake Tech Pink Day on October 15. Check out the pictures of all the Pink around campus!

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 Office of Student Success  

Dr. Lindamood also does presentations on stress management, communication skills, and personality type: understanding yourself and your interactions with others, and she works with academically challenged students individually. Our Student Success Counselor is here to help you help our students be successful.

Career Success Center Workshops Scheduled for the Fall:

  • Monday, October 19, 2:45-4:00 pm, Interview Skills Workshop
  • Thursday, October 15, 2:45-4:00 pm, Linkedin Workshop
  • Monday, November 9, 5:00-6:30 pm, Resume Workshop
  • Monday, December 14, 2:45-4:00 pm, Interview Skills Workshop

Please sign up by contacting Ms. Rosenglick via phone, email, or the Career Success Center sign in sheet (beside door)  (352) 589-2250, ext. 1855, Room 208A.

Professional Skills Seminars – Attend the four Professional Skills Seminars this year to find out what employers from our community say about skills needed in Lake County.  Did you know that employers in our community need skilled workers who also have soft skills?  This is what they said.  Come to the Professional Skills Seminars to learn exactly what these employers are saying and what skills you need to know to get hired here in Lake County….directly from them. There will be 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. sessions on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, December 8
  • Wednesday, March 9
  • Tuesday, May 10

Sign up via your instructor. 

The Lake Tech Financial Aid Office has a Facebook page! Tell your students and those interested in financial aid as well as scholarships to Like Lake Tech Financial Aid Office.

In the Community

During the next month, Kim Frazier and others will be representing Lake Tech at the following events:

  • October 21: Leesburg Headstart for a Presentation to Parents
  • October 22: Leesburg High School to Speak to Senior Class
  • November 2: Eustis High Lunch
  • November 3: Tavares High to Speak to Senior Class
  • November 4: East Ridge High to Speak to Senior Class
  • November 5: Lake Minneola High to Speak to Senior Class
  • November 5: Taste of South Lake
  • November 10: Eustis High to Speak to Senior Class
  • November 12: Mt. Dora High to Speak to Senior Class

Tech Tips

sonya Friday Update 10/16/15

Click the image to see the tip!

Tech Tuesdays are back! – If you are interested in attending a series of 10 workshops this year, please come to the initial meeting on Tuesday, October 27 at 3pm to hear how we will be flipping this workshop. You will be able to earn 20 MIP points.  Attendance is half online and half workshop attendance.  These face-to-face workshops will be held once per month in Sonya’s lab from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm. The online attendance will be via Schoology, a learning management system.

Please let me know ( if you plan on attending the workshop.  Come to the initial meeting on October 27 to see what this is all about!

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