Enterprise Desktop and Mobile Support Technology

The Enterprise Desktop and Mobile Support Technology program covers enterprise information systems; enterprise-class/computer/devices. It includes installation, configuration, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance of operating systems and networks. Click here for additional program information.opens in a new window


1050 hours, approximately 35 weeks

testing requirements

Basic Skills Assessment


LTC Main Campus

Starting Salaries

Vary, averaging from $37,440 to $48,249*

*Based on location and experience

Recent Employers of Graduates:

  • Access Diagnostic Institute
  • Advent Health
  • Asurion
  • Lake County Government
  • Support Dot Com
  • Town of Lady lake


Starting Salaries

What you’ll learn

Enterprise Desktop and Mobile Support Technology Occupational Completion Points (OCP)

Enterprise Desktop and Mobile Support Technology Master Plan of Instruction – (PDFopens in a new windowopens in a new window & HTMLopens in a new windowopens in a new window)

  • Personal computer hardware & troubleshoot operating systems
  • Troubleshoot, repair, & implement maintenance of PCs
  • Implement a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
  • Implement an IP addressing scheme systems and their components
  • Install & configure basic network devices
  • Network management tasks and methodologies

OCPCourse NumberCourse TitleCourse Length
Computer Hardware Fundamentals
Operating System Fundamentals
150 hrs
150 hrs
Advanced Operating Systems
Mobile-Security-Domain Environment Fundamentals
150 hrs
150 hrs
CCTS0005Desktop Support Technician150 hrs
Network Fundamentals
Network Technician
150 hrs
150 hrs

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For employment, visit opens in a new windowwww.onetonline.org
Data as reported to COE and is updated annually in December of each calendar year.
Placement calculation may exclude (if applicable) program completers that are awaiting exam results,
refused employment, continued post-secondary education, or may be otherwise unavailable for employment.

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Instructor / contact


Tom Wagenhauser

Email: WagenhauserT@lake.k12.fl.us

Phone Number: 352.589.2250, x1884

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