Staff Directory

Administration: 352.589.2250
Diane Culpepper, Executive Director, x1815
Jack Miller, Director of Facilities, x1852
Megan Bateman, Assistant to Jack Miller & Deanna Thomas, x1852
Melissa Stephan, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, x1868
Lana Payne, Senior Executive Assistant, x1815
DeAnna Thomas, Assistant Director, x1852
Debra Zaharis, Curriculum Department, x1868

Admissions: 352.589.2250
Tina Brucker, Clerical Assistant, x1819
Susan Clemons, Testing, x1837
Russell Darst
, Career Advisor, x1823
Lilliana Guardiola, Career Advisor, x1820
Diane Hutchinson, Testing & Admissions, x1857
Sherie Lindamood, Student Success Counselor, x1824
Barbara Szasz,  Data Entry, x1833
Pam Teegardin, Admissions Office Assistant, x1819
Elise Veremakis, Dean of Enrollment Management & Students with Disabilities Coordinator, x1842
Etta Woodruff, Clerical Assistant, x1800

Campus Life Coordinator: 352.589.2250
Kim Frazier, Campus Life Coordinator, x1835

Career and Technology Specialist: 352.589.2250
Sonya Rosenglick, Career and Technology Specialist, x1855

Financial Aid: 352.589.2250
Ila Knight, Financial Aid Office Assistant, x1830
Beverly Larry, Financial Aid Coordinator, x1834
Mai Yang, Financial Aid Office Assistant, x1831

Business Office: 352.589.2250
Geenie Figuereo-Alburquerque, Business Office Assistant, x1818
Lorraine Foster, Business Office Manager, x1814
Karen Gordon, Business Office Assistantx x1827
Sandra Belinski, Business Office Assistant, x1828

Students with Disabilities: 352.589.2250
Elise Veremakis, Students with Disabilities Coordinator, x1842

MIS Department: 352.589.2250
Bill Johnson, MIS Department, x1850
Tom Netherton, MIS Department, x1849
Bob Zehner, MIS Department, x1851 

Faculty/Staff: 352.589.2250

Adult Education:
Kathy Girard, Instructor – Adult Ed Department, x1845
Marvina Hooper, Instructor – ESOL, x1876
Pam Netherton, Instructor – Adult Ed Department, x1877
Kathy Roberts, Instructor – Adult Ed Department, x1835
Art Seidner, Instructor – Adult Ed Department,  x1877

Architecture & Construction:
Steve Bagg, Instructor – Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, & Heating Technology, x1872

Business Management and Administration:
Samantha Hayes, Instructor – Accounting/Admin. Office Specialist, x1826

Health Science:
Sue DeMoss, Health Science Department Assistant, x1841
Korrina Green, Instructor – Pharmacy Tech, x1865
Carol Hawk, Instructor – Practical Nursing, x1848
Layne Hendrickson, EMS Department, x1881
JoAnn Nieves, Instructor – Nursing Assistant, x1845
Kathy Perfumo, Health Science Coordinator, x1843
Chuck Srock, Instructor – Practical Nursing, x1844
Linda Sturgeon, Industrial Assistant, x1822
Beth Thornton, Instructor – Medical Assisting, x1858
Karen Tindall, Instructor – Practical Nursing, x1859
Jennifer Baxter-Trotter, Instructor – Practical Nursing, x1860

Hospitality and Tourism:
Stanley (Chip) Cooper, Instructor – Culinary Arts, x1867
Lynette Evans, Instructor – Culinary Arts, x1867
Debbie Guercio, Culinary Arts Department Assistant, x1867
Ken Koenig, Department Chairperson – Culinary Arts, x1866

Human Services:
Lucy Ancona, Instructor – Cosmetology, x1835
Bonnie Holcomb, Instructor – Cosmetology, x1838
Tonia Whalen, Cosmetology Department Chairperson, x1839

Information Technology:
Aramis Martinez, Instructor – Applied Cybersecurity & Computer Systems & Information Technology, x1884

Law, Public Safety, and Security (Public Safety Campus): 352.742.6463
Russ Edwards, LCSO, x1917
Tammy Ryan, Assistant, x1910
Kitty Whigham, Assistant, x1909
Ron Williams, Fire Fighter Academy Coordinator, x1925

John Dahler, Instructor – Applied Welding Technologies, x1864
Robert Sherwood, Instructor – Applied Welding Technologies, x1864

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics:
David Beliveau, Instructor – Automotive Collision Repair/Refinishing, x1873
James Brucker, Instructor – Automotive Collision Repair/Refinishing, x1874
Susan Clemons, Industrial Assistant, x1887
Evelio Lora, Industrial Assistant AST, x1862
Mark McKinney, Instructor – Auto Service Technology, x1862
Randy Yates, Instructor – Heavy Duty Truck & Bus Technician, x1863