How to tile a kitchen backsplash

Any kitchen can be much more vibrant with a great tile backsplash. This guide will help you install one with beautiful results, like our example kitchen seen here.

Estimated Cost

USD 100


  • tiles
  • thin-set mortar


  • otched trowel
  • bucket

Prepare the surfaces

  • Turn off the power to the kitchen and then remove everything that is on the wall, such as outlet covers, switchplates, and any other item in the area that is to be tiled.
  • Then clean the surface thoroughly to remove any grease or other debris and tape off the area.

Plan your layout

  • The creases created up until this point will be guiding lines for creating the four walls of your planter box.
  • Lift one side at a 90-degree angle, and fold it in place so that the point on the paper matches the other two points already in the center.