Success Stories: Cindy Dotson

Cindy Dotson

Health Science
GED Prep / Medical Assisting

Graduation Date:
GED – August 2011 / Medical Assistant – Est. December 2012

Current Employer and Job Title:
Household Manager / Full Time Student

Former Job or Career:

Lake Technical Center is well known in our community and surrounding communities for graduating great leaders in the fields that they are studying

Why Lake Tech?

Lake Technical Center is well known in our community and surrounding communities for graduating great leaders in the fields that they are studying.

How was Lake Tech different from other schools you have attended?
Well, to tell you the truth, it is hard for me to compare Lake Tech with the schools I had previously attended. You see, I was a foster child for many years and during this time it was very hard for me to understand what was going on in my life. Foster care for me started when I was about three years old. I was in the fourth grade when I was reunited with my mother. I was in many foster homes (approximately 20). I went to school, but I was not worried about my studies. Instead, I was more worried if my social worker would pick me up from school to take me to a different foster family that day. This was not because I was a problem child; I was only in elementary school at the time. I quit school after I completed the seventh grade.

How long did it take you to complete your training?

It took me a good six months to earn my State of Florida High School Diploma. If it were up to me it would have taken me a lot longer. My instructors, Mrs. Netherton and Mrs. Avelli, kept telling me that I was ready to take my GED. I, on the other hand, completely disagreed with them. So, they stuck with me until I built up the confidence to take the test. Then the teachers had to give me another push to reassure me that I was prepared to pass the exam. I took my test in August 2011 and passed with flying colors.

With my diploma under my belt, I decided it was time for me to go back to school to make a place for myself in the medical field. I chose Lake Tech’s Medical Assisting program. This was the best choice for me since I have children, and this class is in session only 2 days a week (this is face to face time with your instructor) and the rest of the week is online. The best part of the training is you can work at your own pace. I have to add that the instructor is phenomenal. This is a challenging program, but I am enjoying every minute of it.

What did you learn in your program that prepared you for your job?

Earning my State of Florida Diploma has opened up many educational opportunities. So far in my program, I have been trained in CPR & First Aid. Currently, I am learning Phlebotomy; this is one of the courses that will help me in my future employment.

Describe your best experience while a student at Lake Tech. Everything! I am enjoying the hands-on training and the academic challenges.

What is one thing that future students should know about Lake Tech?

They have the best instructors and staff. Lake Tech has a variety of programs to choose from. The guidance counselors are there for you and are willing to help you every step of the way.

Do you have plans to continue your education?

I hope to attend Lake Tech’s P.M. Practical Nursing program next, so I can bridge over to the Registered Nursing program. With my Medical Assisting certificate, I will have the knowledge and skills to get a job in the medical field and further my education.