Take charge of your learning…

My name is Pam Netherton, and I teach Applied Academics for Adult Education and GED classes on the main campus of Lake Technical Center in Eustis, Fl. Actually, I help people achieve their goals! Whether you want to raise TABE scores for one of our Career Technical programs or learn academic skills to obtain a State of Florida High School Diploma, I am here to help.  I have over 20 years experience as a guidance counselor and adult education instructor. In addition, I was an educator at a zoo and a teaching garden, and worked in an employment agency helping people find work. In all of my jobs, I have helped people learn, and with my experience I hope to help you discover and achieve your goals.

Pam Netherton, GED Instructor

When I was in high school, many years ago, teachers lectured, I took notes, memorized information, took a test, then went on to the next lesson. I never really knew how to study or how to learn.  Not until I was in college, earning my Masters in Education, did I finally learn how to learn! I don’t want you to wait that long, so during our Career Pathways Orientation, you will discover your own learning style and strategies to help in class and on the job.

You may have been out of school for quite some time or have overcome obstacles to get back to school and may even be a little nervous.  Hopefully, that anxiety will be gone once you get into our classroom. Our learning environment is not a typical classroom. You are an active participant in your learning; you work at your own pace; you get instant feedback. We will work together to help maximize your production in the classroom. Group learning activities are planned for academics, test-taking strategies, goal-setting, and other career related skills.

So, take charge of your learning and:

  • Participate in our Career Pathways Orientation
  • Find out your learning style
  • Set goals for yourself
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Collaborate with your instructor to determine your individual academic plan
  • Seek help from our counselors and career specialists
  • Don’t just use class time to learn – study at home too
  • Use our on-line resources
  • Help classmates – teaching someone else helps you learn

At Lake Technical Center, we want you to learn life and career skills as well as the academic skills, because learning doesn’t stop when you get your diploma or certification.  GED . . . It’s just the Beginning!


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