Correctional Officer (BRTP)

The purpose of the Correctional Officer (BRTP) program is to produce the most professionally prepared and proactive officers for the future of the criminal justice profession throughout the State of Florida. Click here for additional program information.opens in a new window


420 hours, approximately 4 months (15 weeks)

testing requirements

Required to pass the FDLE Basic Abilities Test (BAT)opens in a new window.


LTC’s Institute of Public Safety

Starting Salaries

Vary, averaging from $51,473 to $55,267*
*Based on local industry information

Recent Employers of Graduates:

  • Florida Depart. of Corrections (FLDOC)
  • Lake Correctional Institute
  • Lake County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO)
  • Lake County Detention Center

Starting Salaries

What you’ll learn

Correctional Officer (Basic Recruit Class) Occupational Completion Points (OCP)

Criminal Justice Master Plan of Instruction – (PDFopens in a new windowopens in a new window & HTMLopens in a new windowopens in a new window)

  • Care, custody, and control of pretrial detainees and sentenced inmates
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Firearms training
  • Defense tactics training
  • First responder medical training
  • Physical training

Course TitleCourse Length
Introduction to Corrections32 Hrs
Communications40 Hrs
Officer Safety16 Hrs
Facility & Equipment8 Hrs
Intake & Release18 Hrs
Supervising in a Correctional Facility40 Hrs
Supervising Special Populations20 Hrs
Responding to Incidents & Emergencies16 Hrs
CMS First Aid for Criminal Justice Officers40 Hrs
CMS Criminal Justice Firearms80 Hrs
CMS Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics80 Hrs
Officer Wellness & Physical Abilities30 Hrs

Our numbers

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Completion Rate*


Placement Rate*



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Data as reported to COE and is updated annually in December of each calendar year.
Placement calculation may exclude (if applicable) program completers that are awaiting exam results,
refused employment, continued post-secondary education, or may be otherwise unavailable for employment.

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Correctional Officer Training Orlando

Located near Orlando, FL, the Correctional Officer School at Lake Technical College prepares candidates for correctional officer jobs in Florida. As of 2020, the starting correctional officer salary was $26,000 to $58,900, depending on location. Lake Tech boasts an extremely high completion rate and job placement rate for students of the corrections academy.

If you are searching for Correctional Officer Certification or Correctional Officer Programs near me, Lake Tech is the right place to gain the hands-on experience you need for CJSTC certification and immediate placement in corrections jobs. Call us at (352) 589-2250 or apply online to get started today.

Instructor / contact


Lyndi Donaldson (Contact)


Phone Number: 352.742.6463

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