Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Industry Certifications:

Correctional Officer, Law Enforcement, Florida Bureau of Firefighting Standards for Firefighting 1 and Firefighting 2

Additional Requirement: Emergency Medical Technician Certification required for Fire Fighter positions with most agencies


Bailiff, Correctional Officer and Jailer, Court Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Detention Officer, Fire Fighter, Highway Patrol Trooper, Marshal, Police Officer, Police Detective, Supervisors/Managers of Correctional Officers, Fire Fighters, Police Officers or Deputy Sheriffs, and more

Transfer College Credits:

Statewide articulations between technical centers and community colleges allow students to earn

credits based on similar programs of study. Associate Degree: Certified Correctional Officer to Criminal Justice – 12 transfer credits; Certified Firefighter to Fire Science – 3 transfer credits; Certified Law Enforcement Officer to Criminal Justice – 15 transfer credits

in a College Program

A.A. /A.S./A.A.S. Degree: Criminal Justice prerequisites, Criminal Justice Technology, Fire Science Prerequisites, Fire Science, Fire Prevention, and more

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Bailiff, Correctional/Police Officer, Department,

Administrator, Deputy Sheriff, Emergency Service Administrator, Fire Fighter, Fire Inspector, Fire Officer, Sales Representative, Hazardous Materials Specialist, Highway Patrol Trooper, Insurance Investigator, Police Detective, Safety Technician, and more

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University Program

B.A./B.S. Degree: Administration of Justice, Criminal Justice – Homeland Security/Law Enforcement, Fire Engineers, Fire Science, Fire and Emergency Management, Fire Service Administration, Police Science, Public Administration, and more

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Administrator/Chief, Air Marshals, Border Patrol/Secret Service Agents, Correctional/Police Officer, Customs /Immigration Inspectors, Deputy Sheriff, Fire Fighter, Highway Patrol Trooper, Insurance Investigator, Marshalls and Deputy Marshalls, Police Detective, and more

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