Need to write a resume?

The resume is an important marketing tool for a successful job search. The content, format, accurateness and overall appearance will open doors and generate interest for employers to interview you. In less than 45 seconds you have the opportunity to make a lasting impression. Your challenge is to ask the question “Does this resume represent me well?” Below are tips that will assist you in adding value to your resume.

Resume Tips
  • Present yourself accurately and positively. Never exaggerate or lie.
  • Keep the type size 11 or 12 point. Below 11 point is small and difficult to read.
  • Use a one- or two-page resume depending on the number of years worked, positions held, accomplishments and educational background.
  • Don’t include references on your resume or the statement “References Furnished Upon Request.”
  • Have your resume proofread by others for spelling and grammatical errors. The resume must be perfect.
  • Use an objective statement to tell the reader the position and industry you’re seeking or to identify the position for which you are applying. An objective statement is optional.
  • Use a summary statement to provide the reader with key information about you. It describes what you do, years of experience, industry experience, skills and abilities, areas of expertise, business characteristics and any other information about you feel will capture the reader’s attention and encourage them to read further.
  • Locate education after your work history unless you are a recent college graduate and your work history is limited, you are applying for a job in an academic environment, your degree is specialized or you earned an MBA or masters degree that separates you from the rest of your competitors.
  • Use accomplishment statements to tell the reader what you did, how you did it and the result of your effort. Always start with an action verb. For example: Saved $50,000 annually for packaging material by obtaining competitive bids from other suppliers.
  • Don’t include salary requirements.
  • Select a resume that represents you the best. Below are three types to choose from. They are:
    • Chronological Resume
      A chronological resume focuses on past company names, positions held, employment dates, responsibilities and accomplishments. These items are all listed in chronological order.
    • Functional Resume
      A functional resume focuses on providing information on skills and accomplishments rather than work experience. The highlights of this resume are built around those skills you’ve developed at previous jobs. Your employment history is noted in a separate section.
    • Combination
      This type uses elements from the functional and the chronological. Written in chronological order, experiences are coupled with skill areas to relay both work history and function.

Read more tips and Check out the Resource Room at WORKFORCE CENTRAL FLORIDA for resume samples.

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